Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 9: Mahito & Kento Nanami Are Finally Here!

Mahito Jujutsu Kaisen

Well, I expect the “this episode was better than the last one” streak to be back! This week’s episode takes us to Junpei Yoshino, a normal high school student. While I say this, his bullying has made him have concerning thoughts about people who hate him.

We see him at a cinema hall, trying to watch a movie as three other high school students are just having the time of their lives. Well, as they throw their mannerisms in the dump, Mahito turns them into curses. Well yeah, curses.

I have higher expectations from Mahito if compared to some of the other characters in the series so far.

He is a “human” form of cursed spirit, born from the hate and negative feelings that people keep locked inside of them. It foreshadows more about how curses come into existence and how spirits can attract people with heavy negative emotions, like Junpei, who got framed for “oogling” at a female student, beaten severely and also burnt by cigarettes.

I think that Mahito is a half-curse half-human, someone who can either switch between being a human or a curse or be both at the same time, in a sense.

We also meet Ex-Salaryman Kento Nanami, a first-grade sorcerer at Tokyo Jujutsu High. He’s a normal guy in our world, who now exists in the Jujutsu world. What do you get? An oddball! He left Jujutsu because it is “shit” in his opinion and joined the corporate world; which is “shit” too! So he just picked the job he’s more suited for.


This sums up almost all of us average people I’m not going to lie. He has clearly stated his lack of respect for Gojo-sensei and also the fact that he does not acknowledge Itadori as a sorcerer just yet.

There’s a fair bit of world-building as well in this episode, we learn about the traces that cursed energy leave behind as Nanami and Itadori form a duo to investigate this incident. Now that we’ve covered the surface part, let us take a moment to appreciate Itadori and Gojo-sensei’s bond, so wholesome. Love to see it.


Let’s talk a little more about Nanami, his technique forcibly creates three to seven weak points in his opponent. It is a great asset as he can inflict a fair amount of damage to spirits above his level. He uses a blunt blade with cursed energy infused in it.

While these fights were pretty simple, we can expect him to be strong enough to deal with a special-grade cursed spirit well.

I’d also like to appreciate MAPPA (they definitely didn’t sponsor me, please trust me) for how they managed to make this simple fight look so cool. “Divergent Fist”, Itatdori’s new move is pretty cool as well, I’d be amazing to see him blend martial arts and his cursed energy while fighting, which is bound to happen.

I just hope that they can somehow manage to maintain this after Attack on Titan: The Final Season starts airing.

The episode ends with Itadori going to investigate about Junpei as Nanami wants to keep him away from danger and handle Mahito by himself as he knows that they’re being lured in.

This comes from his sense of responsibility as he is an adult, which I understand however we know that Itadori will come in clutch during the fight. Him being underestimated or treated as a kid shows how the higher-ups looked at him as well, as they tried to finish him off against the special-grade spirit as well; they expected the spirit to be strong enough to take out the Sukuna, which clearly was not enough.

It was a solid episode overall, which did a good job of building up the enigmatic Mahito. We also saw how the sorcerers entered the crime scene before the police and no one dared to stop them, which might mean that the higher-ups of the Jujutsu society have at least a decent amount of political influence.

Jujutsu Kaisen seems to move at a very consistent and a “slow” pace as MAPPA is taking their time with the series. Be sure to check out our other articles on JJK so far and in the future as well!

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