JJK Chapter 156: Megumi Figures Out Kirara!

This week JJK chapter 156 goes into the details of Megumi and Panda's showdown against Kirara, the new character with an amazing technique!

Well, well. I had speculated that in last week’s review that JJK chapter 156 will tell us about Hakari’s technique. But I forgot that points like these are where Akutami loves cutting to different scenes to build excitement. We, sadly, did not get to see Hakari in action.

The silver lining, however, was that we got to see another cursed technique! JJK chapter 156 detailed Kirara’s Love Rendezvous technique, but let’s talk about the overall events too.

Megumi’s growth

From the introduction itself, we noticed that Kirara is a strange person. While figuring out this person’s role was not very easy, fans pretty quickly pieced the hints to their technique together. Another person who could make sense of Kirara’s technique is none other than our pretty boy Megumi. It helps that we are readers, let’s give some credit to Megumi here.

Megumi 156

It was pretty surprising to see Megumi call forth Rabbit Escape in the midst of a stalemate with Kirara. If you forgot, what the situation was, let me remind you!

The room with Hakari in it, Megumi & Divine Dog, and Panda were all marked with stars by Kirara. This marking made it so that the three shamans (Megumi and Divine Dog were one unit) could not get closer to each other. Additionally, Megumi or Panda could not go to the door either.

Megumi has become extremely capable of thinking on his feet. It was incredible to witness him figure out Kirara’s complicated technique so promptly. Why do I feel so proud? Oh right, that is because his sensei is locked up in a box God knows where. 🙂

His use of the Rabbit Escape to figure out the range of movements was very smart. The overwhelming hoard of rabbits and Kirara saying Megumi will be crushed did startle me a little; I have trauma from Re:Zero about rabbits. Also, a small feature by Tsumiki, aka the smarter Fushiguro, in this chapter, although only in name. It looks like someone pounded helpful knowledge into her brother’s brain for sure.

Thanks to Tsumiki and a little slip-up by Kirara, Megumi figured out that there are five stars Kirara has marked for her technique. Their technique essentially created a relay between points, so Megumi had to find the fifth star in order to tackle Kirara directly. Panda’s searching for the star mark on his body was so funny. A senpai should not be this kawaii, but then again Panda wa Panda desu. xD

Panda 156

The way Megumi handled the situation and his critical thinking really show he has come a long way. Rather than relying on it for basic things, Megumi has also started to use his Ten Shadows Technique in flexible ways. He is growing step-by-step, but growing for sure.

Akutami could have explained Kirara’s technique directly but he chose to put it through Megumi to illustrate exactly that. Plus, we got to see the ups and downs of the technique in action too. Well, we will discuss more about Kirara’s technique on a different day but focus on the following for now:

Kirara’s cooperation secured?

Using the fact that Divine Dog had the same marking as himself to his advantage, Megumi took Kirara by a surprise. Kirara’s reaction to Divine Dog really reminded me of the cursed womb’s reaction to it in the Death Painting arc.

Megumi pretty swiftly secured Kirara, and it was pretty crucial to do so. If Kirara had somehow reached the door, it would have been impossible for Megumi and Panda to go closer and somehow try to help Itadori.

Megumi Kirara 156

After getting all serious, Megumi really just wanted Kirara to listen to what they had to say. *Gets flashbacks to Noe’s plan in this week’s Vanitas no Carte episode* So, I suppose we can expect that Panda and Megumi will convince Kirara to convince Hakari to help them? They will have to come up with something creative, though.

That was it for JJK chapter 156! Will we finally get to see Hakari’s cursed technique next? Or will we see Megumi and Panda use talk no jutsu on Kirara? To be honest, both of them sound equally enticing! Had you figured out Kirara’s technique too? Let us know your thoughts on the chapter below!

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