Isshiki vs Kaguya: Why Did Kaguya Betray Isshiki In Boruto?

Kaguya Ohtsutsuki

The fact that Isshiki vs Kaguya happened and Kaguya betrayed Isshiki and beat him was established in Boruto manga while exploring Jigen and Kara’s backstory. Though the exact reason for the betrayal is not yet known, fans have been speculating for some time as to what could have made her take the extreme step.

Kaguya and Isshiki had come together on Earth almost a millennium ago. They were supposed to cultivate the God Tree and harvest the chakra fruit for the Ohtsutsuki clan to evolve and gain more power. This is also how the clan managed to extend their lifespans. However, in case of Isshiki and Kaguya, the plan to cultivate the God Tree did not come to fruition due to the betrayal.

For some reason, Kaguya sprung a surprise attack on Isshiki, leaving the latter for dead. Some speculate this was because she wanted to have the Chakra Fruit for herself. While others say this was because Kaguya had committed some sins which she did not want her clan to find out. 

While the speculation still continues, Boruto chapter 51 points us in a new direction as far as the reason for betrayal is concerned. 

Isshiki vs Kaguya: Why did Kaguya betray Isshiki?

In Boruto chapter 51, we find out that the Ohtsutsuki always travelled in a pair of high ranking and low ranking members. In order to cultivate the God Tree, the low ranking member of the pair should be sacrificed and fed to the ten-tails sapling that acts as the seed for the God Tree. 

In Kaguya’s case, she was the low ranking member and would have ended up being the sacrifice for the God Tree.

From this reveal, we can assume that Kaguya betrayed Isshiki because she did not want to be the sacrifice for the cultivation of the God Tree. Maybe Kaguya had no intention of giving up her life in order for her clan to progress and evolve.

But wait a second.

Even though Kaguya would have been sacrificed, she would have resurrected later on with the help of a Karma Seal. Then why go to the extent of betraying Isshiki?

It could be because Isshiki and Kaguya were not able to find a suitable body to impart the karma seal to. And Isshiki might have forced her to go ahead with the plan of cultivating the God Tree without a vessel to resurrect.

Now, there’s a sound reason as to why we think this is possible. 

While imparting the Karma seal, the Ohtsutsuki need to make sure that the vessel they choose would be able to handle the member’s tremendous chakra reserves when they resurrect. If the body can’t handle all the chakra, then it will disintegrate in a couple of days after the resurrection takes place. Look no further than Isshiki’s resurrection in Jigen as an example.

Back when Isshiki and Kaguya came to Earth, humans did not have chakra in them. This meant it would have been really difficult for them to come up with a person whose body could handle her chakra. 

Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to resurrect could have pushed her to betray Isshiki and halt the plan of cultivating the God Tree. However, we do see her eating a chakra fruit in Naruto Shippuden. Where did this chakra fruit come from? Well, this is explained in a different blog that we wrote some time ago (click this to read that blog).

There are also other prominent theories that suggest that Kaguya fell in love with the Earth and had no mind to destroy it. If the God Tree were to be cultivated, then it would drain the planet of its life and eventually lead to its destruction. That could have led her to betray her partner and halt the plan of cultivating the God Tree.

It is also hinted that Kaguya could have had some personal enmity with Isshiki or the Ohtsutsuki clan as a whole. She may even have feared the other Ohtsutsuki making landfall on Earth, which made her paranoid.

What do you think could be Kaguyas reason for betraying Isshiki? Could there be any other possible reason that we are missing out on? Let us know in the comments section!

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