How Did Momoshiki Revive Boruto? The Karma Puzzle Explained!

The Boruto series, might have served its fans one of the biggest character deaths (episode 292, chapter 66), when the titular protagonist found himself on the receiving end of a brutal attack from Kawaki.

While he did turn out to be the new anime donut, it didn’t last very long. One chapter and one episode to be precise. Well, when you think about it, there is no way the protagonist of a show can end up dead halfway through the series, no matter how much hate he might get from others.

So, it should have come as no surprise that Boruto did eventually come back to life from death, and it was none other than the big bad Momoshiki Otsutsuki who helped revive him.

However, the whole revival process seemed too technical and the info dump can get hard to process. So, here I am breaking it down for you, and helping you understand the repercussions of Boruto’s revival at Momoshiki’s hands.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Boruto Revived by Momoshiki

How did Momoshiki revive Boruto?

Well, according to what Momoshiki said, Boruto had not died, technically. He had suffered injuries which destroyed part of his lungs and his heart. If he had not intervened at the right time though, Boruto would have been beyond saving for sure.

Momoshiki was able to resuscitate Boruto all thanks to the karma seal.

Momoshiki revived Boruto using Karma Seal
Momoshiki the benevolent?

We know that Karma is basically the compressed biological data of an Otsutsuki member which is embedded into a host. The karma seal, once bestowed, starts decompressing and replacing the hosts biological data with Otsutsuki data, eventually turning the host into an Otsutsuki member (a resurrection).

To put it in a better way, karma has the power alter the biological and to a certain extent the physical data of its host. This power of the karma seal was utilized by Momoshiki to revive Boruto.

About 82 percent of Momoshiki’s karma had already been extracted into Boruto’s body. However, due to the latter’s fatal injury, the Otsutsuki was forced to use the remaining 18 percent of the compressed date to rewrite the cells and tissues that Boruto lost.

So, instead of using the last 18 percent of the karma seal to further infuse Otsutsuki data into Boruto’s body in a way that he could take it over, he had to use the 18 percent to REPAIR THE DAMAGES caused and save his vessel.

How Momoshiki revived Boruto
Big brain move?

Too sciency? Here’s a simpler explanation.

Think of it like this – Momoshiki was building a comic book collection of his own. He just had enough money left to buy one last comic book in order to complete his collection. However, due to unforeseen circumstances he was forced to spend that money on fixing the shelf to store the comic books, instead of purchasing the last one. Now, he has run out of money, and he can’t finish his collection!

To answer in short, Momoshiki revived Boruto from apparent death by rewriting the Karma Seal in a way that it fixed the damaged internal organs of his body.

This left Momoshiki incapable to completely resurrect in Boruto’s body, which is kind of a huge price to pay!!

However, why would the villain, who has professed his hate for Boruto on multiple occasions, eventually revive him.

Why did Momoshiki save Boruto?

Well, the answer to this is simpler than the previous one. Momoshiki saved and resuscitated Boruto because he did not want his vessel to be destroyed.

Boruto’s body acted as an anchor for Momoshiki, who’s dead, to the world of the living. If Boruto had died there, Momoshiki’s soul would have ceased to exist too, just like what happened to Isshiki.

Momoshiki did not want that to happen. Even if he couldn’t revive, he chose to exist in some form in the mortal world rather than being completely extinguished.

Why Momoshiki revived Boruto
Just plain old selfish behavior!

And going by how cocky he sounded, it seems like he can still pull the strings even without being resurrected, or atleast influence or manipulate Boruto to work towards his end goal!

So, for his own selfish reasons, Momoshiki saved Boruto from his impending death. On the downside he would not be able to take over Boruto’s body anymore. He was happy just to converse with him from the astral plane (or wherever it is he existed now).

However, now that the entirety of Karma was done extracting, it meant that Boruto was a full-fledged Otsutsuki now.

No, his appearance wouldn’t change, nor would his mentality, it just meant that the young Uzumaki would now be able to use Otsutsuki powers without any restriction. Or to be more precise, he would be able to use Momoshiki’s powers freely!

But then, when you think about it, there are some issues with Boruto’s sudden death and his revival that don’t sit well with me.

Some nagging issues:

Narratively speaking, the whole death and revival of Boruto seemed like a convenient plot point which was hatched just to take Momoshiki out of the picture. Using the remaining 18 percent of the karma to fix the injuries! As*-pull? Anyone?

Think about it, the only substantial thing that Boruto’s death achieved was stopping Momoshiki’s resurrection!!

If not for this “contrived twist”, it was a given that Momoshiki would take over Boruto’s body in due time. Unlike what happened with Isshiki and Kawaki, there was no exit route that was in place for the young Uzumaki to take.

Once the surprise and the hype dies down, you can’t help but wonder if Kishimoto wrote himself into a corner.

If you remember, the first idea that Boruto and Kawaki chalk up to get rid of Momoshiki was to bestow the former’s karma on to Code. While the status of that plan remains unknown, the whole decision to entrust Kawaki with killing Boruto was hatched off-screen. And there weren’t even any major hints pointing to such a thing having gone down.

Boruto’s death and revival is very convenient for all parties involved. Not only does it take out a major problem (read Momoshiki) in a very easy manner, it did not have any long lasting effects other than that in retrospect. The whole point about the village turning on Kawaki for having murdered the hokage’s son fell flat on its face, in light of the recent events.

Unless those bad feelings lead to some sort of development, I will be dissatisfied with how it was handled or even ignored therein.

Taking Momoshiki out also lets the writers turn their attention to the dynamics between Kawaki and Boruto, which again is going through a forced evolution. If that’s not enough, there’s Code, Eida, Daemon and even Amado to a certain extent, whose roles in the main story still seem somewhat raw.

Boruto’s narrative has taken a dip for sure, and Momoshiki reviving the titular character is a prime example of that tumble down the stairs.

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4 thoughts on “How Did Momoshiki Revive Boruto? The Karma Puzzle Explained!”

  1. So, does Boruto Like Kawaki hast 2 separate Sets of genetic Data (His own and the Otsutsuki) Like Kawaki, or we’re they combined.

    I understood IT Like this: Momoshiki replaced the Data and activated the Karma to cause a ressurection. Now Borutos Genes are permanently 82% Otsutsuki.

    Could you explain IT in an even simpler way?

    Let’s say: Human Data IS water and Otsutsuki Data IS oil. Did Momoshiki use karmas Power AS an Emulgator to Mix them?

    • No, Boruto is 100 percent Otsutsuki. The only difference is, he used the last 18 percent of data to rebuild Boruto’s physical features, instead of working towards his own resurrection. Its really hard to wrap your head around sometimes. Boruto retained his conscience, but his body is Otsutsukified completely.

      Instead of using the last 18 percent to rewrite Boruto’s conscience with Momoshiki’s it was used to rewrite his physical data. That’s how it worked.

  2. One Thing still confuses me.

    The Karma needs physical contact between the Otsutsuki and the Vessel to be.

    But as far as i could See in the Fight (Anime and Manga), they don’t Had Said contact.

    Could you explain how and when Momoshiki placed it?


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