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What Is The Karma Seal In Boruto? Explained

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The karma seal in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been a huge topic of discussion among the fans of the anime and the manga as its powers and abilities remained a mystery. It gains prominence after Boruto Uzumaki receives the mark with the karma seal by Momoshiki Otsutsuki after defeating him in battle. 

The seal looks like a small tattoo in the shape of a pyramid. When activated, visible markings spread across the host’s body originating from the pyramid shaped bard, taking on various shapes. 

The last few Boruto manga chapters have revealed a lot of details about the karma seal which managed to answer many questions that have been bugging the fans. It also confirmed some of the fan theories which were prominent in online forums. We’ll try to present all that data here and explain it in detail.

The following article contains spoilers for the latest chapters of Boruto Manga, regarding the karma seal and the Ohtsutsuki members. Read at your own discretion!!

What is the Karma Seal in Boruto?

In Boruto Manga chapter 46, we get vital information about what exactly the karma seal is, putting to rest all the speculation surrounding it. According to Amado, the Karma seal is the compressed biological data of an Otsutsuki clan member which can be embedded into a host’s body. Whenever an Otsutsuki member sustains life-threatening injuries or is in a grave situation from which they can’t survive, they convert themselves into data, replicate themselves and plant it into a host body. In short, it is a compressed backup file of that Otsutsuki member. 

Boruto's growing Karma seal

The karma seal slowly extracts or spreads the data in the host’s body over time. This continues till the Otsutsuki data completely replaces the host’s data. In simpler terms, the Otsutsuki overtakes the host body effectively making them a vessel for resurrection.

Let’s take Boruto’s example, the karma seal he possesses is slowly transferring Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s genetic and biological data into his body constantly. This will continue till Boruto’s genetic identity no longer exists. Once this transformation is complete, Momoshiki can take over Boruto’s body and resurrect himself.

Thus the karma seal is just a means for Ohtsutsuki’s resurrection. Apparently, the only way to stop the dissipation of the Otsutsuki data is by killing the host. Otherwise, it is almost certain that a vessel with a karma seal will be taken over by the Otsutsuki.

Once the Otsutsuki member is reborn into the host vessel the karma seal disappears. This is because all the data that it once held has now completely dissipated into the host’s body. Also, if there are multiple vessels with the Karma seal of the same Otsutsuki then they too will lose their karma.

Currently, the following people have the Karma seal:

  • Code (Isshiki Otsutsuki’s Partial vessel)
  • Boruto Uzumaki (Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s vessel)

What Are The Powers Of The Karma Seal In Boruto?

By activating the Karma seal, the vessel can use some of the Otsutsuki powers and abilities. From what we have seen in the anime and manga so far, the seal grants its wielder the following powers:

Kawaki Boruto
Kawaki with his Karma seal activated
  • Extended physical lifespan as seen in Jigen, who is more than thousands of years old
  • Enhancement of jutsus and physical abilities
  • Ability to absorb chakra and chakra based ninjutsu (as displayed by Boruto & Kawaki)
  • Ability to maneuver through different space-time dimensions
  • Manifestation of Otsutsuki in the body (as seen in Jigen & Boruto)

Activation of the karma seal can cause a wielder to use up a lot of energy. This is evident by the exhaustion displayed by both Boruto and Kawaki after they employed their karma seal in battles. Also, an inexperienced user might be in pain while using the karma seal (which is true in the case of Boruto whenever he activates his karma seal).

Do you think Karma seal is useful and as strong as Naruto and Sasuke’s powers? Let us know in the comments

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