Is Shinra’s Mom Alive In Fire Force? Where Is She?

Shinra's mother with Shinra and Sho Kusakabe

Though he was constantly blamed, Shinra Kusakabe lived his life believing that a demon infernal was behind the fire accident which took place at his home when he was young. He was informed that his mom and little brother, Sho Kusakabe, perished in the fire. Shinra got through all the years of being labelled as a devil and a mother killer with only one aim, to seek out and take revenge on the demon infernal that destroyed his family and prove that he was speaking the truth all along. 

However, the climax of Fire Force season one revealed a huge twist regarding the fire accident and Shinra’s mother, which shook his very beliefs to the core. After his encounter with the Evangelist’s henchmen, Captain Burns reveals to Shinra that it was his Sho who was responsible for the fire accident. He also suggests that Shinra’s mother could possibly be alive.

What happened to Shinra’s mother in Fire Force?

Shinra’s mother turned into a demon infernal on the night of the fire-accident, as she underwent Spontaneous Human Combustion thanks to Sho awakening his Adolla Burst. She took on a peculiar shape with two curly white horns, a skeletal spine that also connected to her long spiky tail.

A confused Shinra, who woke up to find the house on fire, mistakes this horned infernal to be responsible for the fire attack, without realising it was his mother.

Shinra's mother cradling Sho after she turned into a demon infernal

But even after being turned into an infernal, Shinra’s mother instinctively moves to protect Sho, showing that she cared deeply for her children. When Captain Burns entered the house to search for survivors, he finds Shinra’s mom, now a demon infernal, cradling Sho in her arms (a truly heartwrenching scene).

Haumea and her guardian Charon were already lurking nearby on the orders of the Evangelist, who sensed that Sho would be activating his ability. Haumea then controls Shinra’s mother using her powers and gets her to deliver a young Sho to the white-clads.

Is Shinra’s Mom alive?

From what we saw in the climax of Fire Force Season 1, Shinra’s mom is definitely alive, albeit as a demon infernal. However, according to Captain Burns she was not spotted anywhere after the fire accident and so he couldn’t comment on her status for sure.

Where could Shinra’s mom be?

Shinra's mother reaches out to him in Adolla

It is possible that Shinra’s mom is currently in the alternate dimension Adolla. When Shinra formed an Adolla Link with Sho during their face-off, he sees a horned infernal which looked very similar to his mother. The demon infernal reaches out to him and cups his face, a act of caring which is usually not expected from an infernal.

In addition to suggesting that this was indeed his mother, it could also point to the fact that Shinra’s mom still retains her consciousness (or atleast a part of it) and her memories.

Can Shinra save his mom?

Shinra has vowed that he will find out a way to turn an infernal back into human, and this has set the tone for Season 2 of Fire Force. However, till now, Shinra has not made any further progress in locating his mother and finding out where she is.

While he was being controlled by the First Pillar Hitohashira-me to go berserk at the Third Company’s premises, the former offers to tell him where is mother currently was. However, this could also have been a trap to lure Shinra, because he too is now a target for the Evangelist’s white clads.

Well, whether Shinra succeeds or not will be revealed slowly in the anime and it would be interesting to watch how he achieves his target of turning his mother back into a human. This would also involve uncovering some much needed details regarding the Adolla and the Spontaneous Human Combustions that have afflicted nothing but pain on humanity for quite sometime now.

Do you think Shinra can turn his mother, who is now an infernal demon, back into a human? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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