Naruto vs Kaguya: Is Naruto Stronger Than Kaguya Ohtsutsuki?

This is a question that has been running wild since the inception of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Is Naruto stronger than Kaguya now that he’s the Hokage? Join us as we dig deep into the series and compare Hokage Naruto, Kaguya and relevant characters.

TLDR; at his current state, especially while using the Baryon Mode, Naruto is stronger than Kaguya and will be able to defeat her in a battle!

Understanding Naruto’s power:

His natural chakra reserves are no joke, Kakashi stated that Naruto’s natural chakra reserves are at least 2x to 4x larger than his and also has complete Kurama’s chakra to top that off.

His Uzumaki lineage and the fact that he’s the reincarnation of Asura gives him a massive life force, which might not even be comparable to other mortals in the series.

Hokage Naruto has mastered all chakra natures, Yin, Yang release and Senjutsu. On top of that, his variations of the Rasenshuriken; with the use of tailed beast chakra is quite strong. He fought Six Paths Madara and Kaguya after receiving the Six Paths Sage Mode; his strongest mode from Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki; which gave him the truthseeker orbs and a small portion of chakra from all the tailed beasts. Even though Naruto lost his truthseeker orbs while fighting Sasuke, he still has the Six Paths mode.

People have always said that Hokage Naruto is weaker than Fourth War Naruto; which is completely wrong. Remember, he had 14 years to master this mode while the Fourth War Naruto didn’t even have the time to understand his powers.

Naruto is also a taijutsu master, as seen in the Momoshiki Arc, he and Sasuke fought a lot of the fight relying on taijutsu, as ninjutsu would not work on Momoshiki. We also saw the power of the massive Rasengan shown at the end of the arc, which Naruto can spam casually.

This list doesn’t stop, still. He is essentially like a modded character in GTA, capable of casually dealing unimaginable level of damage.

His complete Kyuubi mode, chakra transfer and the all-new Baryon mode boost him even more. Oh, wait! I almost forgot the Jutsu which played a crucial role in defeating Kaguya: the Reverse Harem Jutsu.

Now let’s focus on Kaguya Ohtsutsuki:

No matter how bad of a villain she might be, she is extremely powerful. Her base chakra is said to be higher than Ten-tails Madara and is immortal (she does not age).

Let’s dig deeper into Kaguya’s strength by understanding all the aspects:

Kekkei Genkai:

Kaguya’s visual prowess is one of the major keys to her insane strength, with a pair of byakugan which are leagues above the Hyuga Clan’s best, which not only provide her with the standard benefits like near 360 vision and x-ray vision but also highlight chakra types and natures.

Being one of the strongest wielders of the Rinne-Sharingan, her abilities are monstrous. The dojutsu is located at the centre of her forehead, red in colour and has 9 tomoes; representing the nine tailed-beasts. The Rinne-Sharingan also enables Kaguya to cast the Infinite Tsukiyomi, have a heightened sense of perception and use the “Dimensional shifting” technique.

The ability mentioned above allows the goddess to transfer herself and others in a range to another dimension and erase all the presence of their chakra in the specific location.

The goddess can also use Space-time Ninjutsu, allowing to her teleport instantaneously at will; like Obito Uchiha. Her dojutsu also provides the ability to dodge/counter attacks from multiple directions at an unparalleled level in battle.

The Shikotsumyaku is a Kekkei Genkai which allows its wielder to manipulate and extend their bone structure of their body. This ability was also seen in Kimmimaro; however, Kaguya’s “All Killing Ash Bones” ability is outright unstoppable, turning whatever it touches into ash on a molecular level. It can be shot as a projectile or used to impale a target directly.

Physical Prowess:

While Kaguya may not seem like an outstanding physical fighter, she does have some unique abilities, like halting an enemy and absorbing their chakra during physical contact.

In the anime, just a simple release of her chakra could create massive shock-waves capable of subduing Hamura.

On top of that, She has a lot of physical bulk and speed, taking no serious damage from a Rasen Shuriken barrage, dodging a Rinne-Sharingan Sasuke’s chidori and can also use her hair as a weapon to capture someone to drain their chakra or to sweep them through the dimension.

Other Abilities:

The Goddess can also absorb ninjutsu, use the Ying, Yang and Ying-Yang release, all five chakra natures and regenerate her limbs at will; which her massive chakra reserves compliment.

Her Chakra needles can destroy a perfect Susanoo and her chakra fists can overpower Naruto’s and also shatter a complete perfect Susanoo easily.

The massive truth-seeker orbs combined with all five changes in chakra nature and the Yin and Yang release can destroy a planet while also reshaping it according to her will. Yeah…THAT. It is also said that these orbs have no limit to their expansion.

How strong is Kaguya compared to others in Boruto?

Because of the goddess’ overwhelming abilities, it is quite common in the community for people to scale Kaguya above other Othtsutsukis like Momoshiki. However, Kaguya herself was so scared of base Momoshiki that she planned on making a Zetsu army for the time he arrived.

If this is not enough to make you believe, Momoshiki made his appearance in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, as someone who had arrived to clean up Kaguya’s work, meaning his strength is at least relative to Kaguya’s.

Sasuke also said that Momoshiki is a bigger threat than Kaguya and while most people just call it an assumption, we should remember that he has roamed around the planet, hunting for anything Ohtsutsuki and already knew their names; meaning that he is prepared to fight an Otsutsuki during his journey, at all times.

It can be assumed that Momoshiki underestimated Naruto and Sasuke quite a bit, as we saw what his karma seal can do in the Boru-Shiki vs Boro fight, which was only a part of his real power.

Another thing to note is how heavily underestimated Hokage Naruto and Sasuke, they had 15 years to master the Six Paths Mode and the Rinnegan; while the 4th war duo had received their powers recently. A good example would be Naruto’s fight with Toneri Ohtsutsuki, a direct descendant of Hamura and has the visual prowess of uncountable byakugan and his Tenseingan.

His chakra levels were stated to be similar to Kaguya’s; with abilities like being able to control people and move the moon.

During his fight with Naruto, one of his attacks sliced the moon in half, which Naruto tanked easily and proceeded to OHKO him. Naruto was 19 years old then; we can only assume how strong he has become now.

Now, let’s talk about Naruto’s all-new Baryon Mode:

Baryon mode could be Naruto’s biggest asset against a Kaguya-level threat or bigger; as not only does it allow him to reduce his opponent’s lifespan, he also gains otherworldly abilities.

He caught Isshiki Otsutsuki’s Chakra Rods and broke them with ease and proceeded to dominate the fight, reducing his lifespan to mere few minutes! These are very similar to the chakra needles that Kaguya used.

This is crucial as Isshiki is stated to be Kaguya’s original partner, who is leagues above Kaguya.

Final Verdict:

Naruto can handle Kaguya-level threats with ease, especially considering his recent performances against Toneri, Momoshiki and Isshiki Ohtsutsuki. His training for the past fourteen years or so has clearly paid off and has established himself as arguably the strongest and the greatest ninja to have ever lived.

What do you think? Did you miss some of these points before or have any other thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and read Boruto: Naruto Next Generations for free on Viz!

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2 thoughts on “Naruto vs Kaguya: Is Naruto Stronger Than Kaguya Ohtsutsuki?”

  1. Thank goodness someone that make sense,I know it’s incredibly long but please read this.

    Hokage Naruto (even without Baryon Mode) can easily handle Kaguya level threats

    *The narrator in the Sasuke sunrise novel stated(i don’t know why people think it’s Sasuke since it wasn’t within a quote) that Sasuke can defend the peace by himself from someone that even scared Kaguya.
    * In the scans for the last movie it was stated that Toneri is the strongest enemy (an implication that he’s the strongest enemy Naruto faced to this point), also it was stated that his chakra and appearance are like Kaguya
    * Momoshiki knew Kaguya ate the fruit for 2 main reasons 1 Urashiki said her kids sealed her away, 2 her role was to provide the chakra not consumed it which is why she’s branded a traitor
    * Momoshiki was also sent to earth not decided on his own to do so
    * By saying he would’ve punished Kaguya he probably implied he would’ve done the same thing Urashiki did to Toneri which is to seal her to 10,000 years at the dark king palace bc according to clan laws an Otsutsuki doesn’t allowed to kill another Otsutsuki
    * Momoshiki was able to create dimension with visible stars within it and consume all the chakra in that dimension (a Universal size dimension while Kaguya can create small 1s/bring dimensions together also her dimensions not as big they’re plant size
    * Kaguya has limit to her Ninjutsu absorption/17 yo Naruto able to overcome her Ninjutsu absorption a Naruto with only half of Kurama and no extra Hashirama cells which we know can boost ones powers exponentially just look at Obito and Yamato
    * Naruto had 10 years of training (he actually trained more since Boruto was born it was stated)+had the other half of Kurama (the other half isn’t a 1+1 power up it’s exponential)+Hashirama cells arm so he’s exponentially stronger then 17 yo Naruto, also Sasuke stated to be equal to this Naruto so he’s stronger as well
    * Also another misconception is about Momoshiki getting pressed by the Kages that were literally preparing for them based on Sasuke hypothesis an hypothesis that was confirmed to be correct after they were able to decode the scroll
    * Kaguya scroll specifically warn about the invasion off the Momoshiki Kinshiki pair
    * also in the novel Momoshiki ate a star
    * Urashiki basically stole all the sage chakra off Mitsuki a Mitsuki that was stated by Boruto era Orochimaru to be stronger then him(Boruto era Orochimaru make Naruto being on high alert and was toying with Victor and could’ve 1 shot him with ease like Kashin Koji did also Victor was bodying Boruto era Konohamaru who is vaguely stronger then Base Boruto and base Kawaki…base Boruto>Cyborg Ao>Shinobi Ao so Konohamaru is strong(was able to beat Boruto era Jugo(a much much stronger Jugo) while he was very low on chakra) but he gets bodied by very powerful foes)
    * also people think Naruto is weaker because of Kurama saying his battle senses are dull which is saying Naruto is not battle ready since he didn’t fight for a long time this doesn’t say anything about strength also Kurama has habit of teasing Naruto
    * Also the fights in Boruto have less explosions and with less flair which is a reason why a lot of fans that nitpicking on Boruto saying Kaguya is stronger…those fights are tone down because the enemies can absorb those large scale jutsus and Naruto&Sasuke can control+contain their powers much much better
    * Urashiki stated that Kaguya feared the 3 Otsutsuki existence
    * Also Kaguya fans claim since the symbol off Kaguya is higher then Kinshiki on Isshiki’s monument it means she’s stronger which can be true but there isn’t an official statement it’s all assumptions, also Momoshiki symbol was bit higher
    * Also Momoshiki can counter the killing ash bones with rodes or absorb them since they’re energy based attacks(Karma can’t absorb physical matter but it can absorb all energy based attacks based on what Kawaki stated), Isshiki can counter it with Diakokuten
    * also every time they refer to Kaguya and their is an image shown it’s of post chakra fruit Kaguya
    * Also it was stated by Zetsu that Kaguya got exponentially stronger during the fight so she did fight seriously but also did absorbed the shinobi alliance chakra while fighting
    * In the Naruto franchise they’ve sometimes mental/psychological power ups examples Naruto vs Haku Naruto vs Gara Naruto Rasengan vs Juubito Naruto after Zetsu bashed Obito(post Obito’s death) Boruto after he got his Ninja way(when he used Vanishing Rasengan vs fused Momoshiki)

    So Naruto and Sasuke are much much stronger then what they were at 17(also the Buddah Kurama Avatar and indra arrow are more destructive attacks then everything from Kaguya’s arsenal) i can go on and add some more points but i think i wrote a lot,so this is my conclusion(power scaling) based on what I’ve said and more
    Baryon Mode Naruto>Isshiki Otsutsuki>Jigen Karma stage 2>Hokage Naruto SO6P+KCM2&6 tomoe Rinnegan+EMS Sasuke (don’t forget Naruto had a lot of chakra getting sucked from the rods Sasuke used space time Ninjutsu twice before the fight)>Jigen karma stage 1=fused Momoshiki=Hokage Naruto SO6P+KCM2>=6 tomoe Rinnegan+EMS adult Sasuke>base Jigen>base Naruto>base Momoshiki>transformed Urashiki=EMS Adult Sasuke=Momoshiki possessed Boruto (since Urashiki did body EMS Sasuke but Sasuke was fatigued and vs Momoshiki possessed Boruto both nerfed Momoshiki possessed Boruto couldn’t absorb chakra based attacks while Sasuke was tired and beat up)>Kinshiki=base Sharingan Adult Sasuke>base Urashiki>Buddah Kurama Avatar+indra arrow>Kaguya>=Toneri Tensigan Mode>base Toneri>initial SO6P+KCM2 Naruto & initial 6 tomoe Rinnegan EMS Sasuke>Juubi Madara Duel Rinnegan>1 Rinnegan God tree Juubi Madara>SO6P teen Naruto>1 Rinnegan Juubi Madara>8th gate Guy(who had few broken ribs)… I didn’t include inner kara members since we don’t know how supressed was Naruto and the only 1 we know his powers is Code without the limiter

    • Aha thanks! I read the whole thing and the only thing I’d disagree with is Baryon Mode Naruto> Isshiki. If we were to consider the true Isshiki (without any time bounds), then he’s the strongest being in the Naruto-Boruto verse.


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