Can Naruto Use The Wood Release Jutsu?

Naruto can now use all 5 nature styles along with the Yin Yang release, thanks to him being the jinchuriki of tailed beasts. So technically Naruto can learn and use Wood Release by himself

Since the beginning of Naruto, Hashirama has always been a prominent figure in the shinobi world. His physical prowess and his medical ninjutsu are considered beyond legendary and are considered as myths in the Narutoverse itself. And one jutsu whose use is limited only to him is the legendary Wood Release. Hashirama’s wood release is such a complex and powerful jutsu that using it without Hashirama cells is nigh impossible.

As explained by Yamato, the base of the wood release jutsu is combining two nature style viz. Earth and Water. But Yamato’s wood style is still a far cry from Hashirama. If you’ve noticed Yamato is only able to create inanimate objects of wood like houses, shields, bridges etc. Only Hashirama was able to create living things using his wood style. Hashirama’s wood style was so amazing that he could create entire forests with varied flora with a simple weave of hand signs.

However, there is one more person in Narutoverse who can use the wood release technique. It is Naruto himself.

How Can Naruto the Wood Release Jutsu

Ever since Naruto received the Six Path Chakra he has shown the ability to use all nature styles along with Kekkei Genkai of magnet, boil and lava release. He can also use Yin, Yang and Yin-Yang release. However, his ability to use all these styles doesn’t come naturally to him. They are all byproducts of him being the jinchuriki of all tailed beasts and owner of Sage of Six Path chakra. 

Hashirama’s ability to use Wood Release to create life induced trees and objects such as wood golems leads us to believe that it was made up of more than two chakra natures. It was made up of Earth, Water, Yin and Yang Release. Hashirama was shown to possess the ability to use Yin Yang release as he was able to create live statues out of wood and also create living trees. This is only possible by using the Creation of All Things technique. The only being who was shown using this technique is none other than Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki. It seems that unknowingly Hashirama was also using this technique. 

Hashirama's wood release jutsu with golem

Naruto was also able to use the Creation of All Things jutsu. He used it when he saved Might Guy from disintegrating by reversing the effects of opening the Death Gate. He also healed Kakashis’ left eye and brought it back from literally nothing.

So in short, Naruto can now use all 5 nature styles along with the Yin Yang release, thanks to him being the jinchuriki of tailed beasts. So technically Naruto can learn and use Wood Release by himself and add the ultra-rare jutsu in his already vast arsenal of jutsus. Maybe we can see Naruto make Rasenshuriken out of Wood Release. He could also enhance Kuramas’ attacks by providing him with an armour of wood golem. This could make him too overpowered than he already is. This power would also come to Naruto without the expense of wasting his chakra on healing himself, unlike Hashirama. As Naruto’s healing ability is enhanced by Kuramas’ chakra. 

So without using Hashiramas’ sage jutsu and cell splitting technique to heal himself, Naruto can use Wood Release to an extent beyond what Hashirama could even think of. If Naruto enhances his Wood Release with his own Senjutsu and Kurama/tailed beast chakra, then the durability and offensive power of his wood style jutsu will be beyond comprehension. 

Downside of Naruto using the Wood Style Jutsu

While Naruto being able to use wood style jutsu is very much feasible, the possibility of it happening is very low. Though Naruto can use all styles. He is basically not smart enough to fuse the two chakra natures and yin yang release. Not to mention the amount of time Naruto will take to master it. Even with Shadow clones, it would take Naruto days to master it and more days to be able to use it at Hashirama level. Also, after becoming Hokage Naruto has literally no time to even have proper sleep. 

With Naruto at his current speed levels, it is best for him to use chakra styles individually. As they’ll take less time to knead chakra and form an offensive or defensive jutsu. Combining two nature styles and then kneading massive chakra to make a certain jutsu is too slow for Naruto. Especially since his latest opponents all have been lightning fast and could travel at light speed or could teleport instantly. 

Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands

Thus, Naruto learning Wood Style would instead put him at a disadvantage in terms of raw speed. Also, wood-style is best for someone like Hashirama who had nothing to counter Madara and his Susanoo. Whereas Naruto has tailed beasts in him which are more than enough to take down a Susanoo. As noticed from the fight between Naruto and Sasuke, where Sasuke needed chakra from all tailed beasts to counter Naruto and only Yang half of Kurama.

Thus Naruto learning Wood Style though impressive it’s also redundant for him. Which other Jutsu do you think Naruto could learn as he now has all chakra nature types and yin yang too. Let us know in the comments

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