Boruto: Daemon’s Powers & Ways He Can Die Explained.

Ever since his introduction in the manga, Daemon’s broken abilities intrigued every Naruto & Boruto fan. With powers like him, one can simply take over any verse and rule it. In this article, we are gonna take a look at his powers and speculate on ways in which he can be defeated. Without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it.

What Are Daemon’s Powers In Boruto?

Up until now, we are yet to witness his full capacity. But according to the manga, Daemon can reflect the opponents intent to kill him back on them. The higher the intent to kill stronger the after effect.

In addition, he has excellent taijutsu skills and is stronger than Jigen in terms of battle power. This itself says more than enough about his capabilities.

As mentioned above, these are the extent of his powers which we know. However, even with these powers, he is pretty much the strongest in Narutoverse.

But, there is another question we have to address;

How Does Daemon’s Powers Work?

Before we explain how to kill Daemon we must understand the working of Daemon’s powers.

As mentioned above, Daemon reflects the intent-to-kill back to his opponents. But how exactly does he “reflect” the intent?

To which @Hidden Lief on Twitter says that Daemon’s powers are based on the Sanskrit word Karma. Not to be confused with the Karma in the series. For simplicity, I am gonna call it Karma and Boruto story Karma as Bo-Karma.

So Karma in Buddhism and Hinduism basically means your act or thought of doing any action will have a reaction. Simply put, you reap what you sow. It even says to not curse anyone in your mind as the vibrations leaving your body while cursing will once again come back to you. Hence, always keep your heart and mind pure.

According to Hidden Lief, it is exactly how Daemon’s powers work. And I too agree with him to some extent. Since Kishimoto is famous for getting inspired by Hinduism and Buddhism and including them in the story.

Eida explaining Daemon's powers
Eida explains Daemon’s powers

So going by this theory and Eida’s statement in the manga, Daemon doesn’t even need to be aware of his surrounding or even the distance between him and his enemies. A mere thought of strangling him will break your own neck.

Now, moving on to the main question.

How To Kill Daemon?

This part can get tricky and I am going to speculate a bit here. I believe that Daemon’s ability to reflect intent-to-kill is due to his Dojutsu.

Why I think so is because both Eida and Daemon are siblings. Eida’s abilities are also due to her Senreigan i.e her Dojutsu.

Eida's eyes contain a Crescent Moon pattern
Eida’s eyes contain a Crescent Moon pattern
Daemon's eyes contain a Half-moon pattern.
Daemon’s eyes contain a Half-moon pattern.

So one can say that her brother also derives his power through his eyes. This would mean Daemon either has a limit to his range just like Eida who can’t view things that happened before she was born.

Or Eida is the one who is amplifying his range by constantly feeding him info about the enemy, even if the enemy is out of Daemon’s range.

Or Daemon creates a field/room like that of Trafalgar Law in One Piece. And within this field, any attack on Daemon is reflected. Here the size of the room can vary depending on Daemon. Hence the info fed by Eida is very crucial to him.

This speculation makes more sense since Eida stopped Daemon from revealing more about his powers to Code. Though he was already under her spell.

Eida stops Daemon from Revealing his powers
Eida stops Daemon from Revealing his powers
Eida asked Code not to dig deep into Daemon's powers.
Eida asked Code not to dig deep into Daemon’s powers.

Thus, it is highly possible that Daemon and Eida’s abilities are linked to one another.

So if Daemon has a limit then we will have to wait and see what kind it is.

However, if Eida is the one amplifying his abilities then Kawaki and Boruto can easily take her down.

Especially Boruto, thanks to his vanishing Rasengan although it lacks in speed.

However, if Boruto learns to apply his vanishing Rasengan principle to his Rasen-dan i.e his Rasengan Bullets then he can fight Eida head-on. Also, Eida can’t mesmerize Boruto thanks to him being an Otsutsuki.

So he can outmatch Eida and beat her.

Consequently, once Eida is dead Boruto can ambush Daemon by staying out of his range and kill him using his vanishing Rasengan or Rasendan.


These are the ways Boruto can kill Daemon leaving only Kawaki as the main villain. As shown in the very first chapter of the manga.

Obviously, unless Amado decides to step in.

Do you have any alternate ideas on how Daemon can be killed? Let us know in the comments

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5 thoughts on “Boruto: Daemon’s Powers & Ways He Can Die Explained.”

  1. It is easy. (Sorry for grammatical errors. My native language is german)

    His powers are not like Accelerator. Daemon cannot reflect literally everything by manipulating vectors, Daemon can only reflect attacks with killing intent directed towards him. Thee need of killing intent is the restriction, that gives him a tricky, but giant weakness. SO also, Rasen-Dan and vanishing rasengan, won’t work on him, because of killing intent.

    To kill Daemon, you just need a big Attack. If he is caught in an attack, that isn’t directly directed at him, he cannot reflect it, since the killing intent is not directed to him.
    And he also can’t reflect, things that don’t have killing intent. So if Naruto or Sasuke destroy the mountain, where the Base is located, daemon would be killed by a landslide.

    To make it short, any attack, that don’t target him specially, can kill him. Like: filling a room with poisionous gas, or setting the base on fire with amaterasu.
    Or a more funny way: Let Rock Lee fight Daemon, but make him drunk beforehand. When Lee is drunk he can barely think straight and fights more out of instinct, so there is no killing intent. No killing intent, means the Daemon can’t reflect it.

    • Rasen-dan and vanishing Rasengan will work if Daemon has a limit to his range as speculated in the article. The rest of the things will work if Naruto and Sasuke have no idea that Daemon is in the base under the mountain. Because if they do then they are doing it knowingly hence it’ll reflect their intent to trap or kill him. Similarly filling the room with poisonous gas knowing that Daemon will step into that room or is already present in the room will also get reflected back to the assassin. Also, we don’t know whether Daemon can reflect only attacks targeted towards him or even collateral attacks. Since Eida stops him from revealing too much about his powers.

      Although, the Lee one can work since Lee is such a sweetheart. He won’t ever fight a kid with intent to kill.

  2. Beratung or Killing Daemon should bei easy for Boruto or Kawaki.

    It is stated, that they are immune to Eidas Charm.
    So they could usw their Karma for a Space-Time Jutsu.
    They could leave Daemon in an Dimension where He Aline and Take him Out of the Game.
    Or they could send him Info an active vulcano or the bottom of the sea.
    Dinge Space-Time Jutsu Work on him.

  3. The new villainy of Code is that with his will of the Otusuki he can now assume powers of Otusustki. He outsmarts Demon by using him as a sheiks which kills off Demon without he himself having a direct intent to kill Desmond. But Eida foresees this and casts out Deanon’s soul into Code thereby increasing Code’s powers and keeping his villainy.

  4. Daemons Power don’t make sense.
    In Ch 71, they said: “Only when he touches someone with his palms, he can reflect Attacks and killing intent”.

    Wait: What was when he was introduced? Or when Code used him as a shield?

    On these occasions, he didn’t touch anyone. But the Attacks got reflected.

    So it seems like, Kishimoto rewrote Daemons Power. Maybe Fans were asking how Daemons Power works, and he couldn’t answer, so he just rewrote them, so that he can give an halassed explanation, that doesn’t align, with the Information, that was already provided


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