Strongest Magic Knight Captains In Black Clover Ranked!

The magic squad captains are naturally adored by fans, so it is interesting to see how the strongest mages rank on magic and strength!

The Magic Squads' Captains in Black Clover

The Magic Knights who protect the Clover Kingdom in Black Clover have a unique stature of their own. They are divided into nine squads, are led by extraordinarily talented & powerful Magic Knight Squad Captains. Each of these nine captains has their own specialty in fighting skills using their magic. The people of the Clover kingdom adore them, and their sheer power and charisma have managed to win the hearts of many fans.

This has given way to discussions (or fights) about who could be the strongest among them. So, we decided to rank the Magic Knight Captains from the least to most powerful. Let’s go!

10. Kaiser Granvorka (Purple Orca)

Kaiser Granvorka, captain of Purple Orca

After the discovery of Gueldre as a traitor, Kaiser took over the role of captain of the Purple Orca squad. He uses Vortex Magic that helps him dissipate the magic of his opponent by generating magical whirlwinds. His magic is strong on the defensive.

9. Rill Boismortier (Azure Deer)

Rill Boismortier, captain of Azure Deer

Appointed as the captain of Azure Deer at the age of 19, Rill is the youngest captain of the magic knights. He uses Painting Magic that allows him to produce a palette and brush, using which his colors and illustrations come alive. He can manipulate the colors in any way desired to counter other magic attributes. However, the user’s state of mind heavily affects creativity, thereby also affecting the magic. Rill still has a long way to become strong, lying ahead of him. One hurdle that he must clear is that if he is restrained as soon as a battle starts, he will not be able to use his Painting Magic.

8. Jack the Ripper (Green Mantis)

Jack the Ripper, captain of Green Mantis

A user of Slash Magic, Jack can create sharp blades of mana on his forearms that are useful for both close- and long-range combats. The magic allows him to cut through anything, including magic. It also adapts to his opponent’s magic, making it strong enough to even cut through Spatial Magic. He can also enhance his abilities using Reinforcement Magic on his legs.

7. Charlotte Roselei (Blue Rose)

Charlotte Roselei, captain of Blue Rose

The leader of the squad that only allows women knights under it, Charlotte, uses the versatile Briar Magic with roses that turned blue from red due to a curse. Even though her blue roses magic is not as strong as that of red roses, it allows her to conjure briars and manipulate them. She can use them to restraint her opponents and use the thorns to damage them. The roses also emit a smell that can hinder the opponents’ senses.

6. Dorothy Unsworth (Coral Peacock)

Dorothy Unsworth, captain of Coral Peacock

The nearly always sleeping captain Dorothy is very strong when she actually wakes up. She uses Dream Magic to create a Glamour World where she can freely manipulate the objects with her imagination, the only exception being others’ magic. She can trap a person in this Glamour World, and the only way out of it is to defeat her. However, this spell also makes the captives sleepy with time, and they cannot ever wake up again if they don’t so before exiting the spell. Despite having such incredible magic, the scale of her spell and magic range is unknown. Since we practically know next to nothing about Dorothy’s powers, we can only rank her arbitrarily for the time being. There are high chances that she will climb higher up on the list once we do get to know more!

5. Nozel Silva (Silver Eagle)

Nozel Silva, captain of Silver Eagle

Nozel is the eldest son of the royal family, House Silva, and hence has immense mana and magic power. He uses Mercury Magic to generate and control mercury. He can use this ability to both offense and defense, as seen on multiple occasions. Along with this, he can also use it for restraining and the creation of objects. His innate large amount of mana allows him to use his magic for conjuring gigantic spells and for a long period of time. Not only that, but Nozel is also quite creative in using his spells. All of it makes him worthy of being a contender for the Wizard King position.

4. Fuegoleon Vermillion (Crimson Lion)

Fuegoleon Vermillion, captain of Crimson Lion

Another member of a royal family House Vermillion of the Clover Kingdom, Fuegoleon, is the user of Fire Magic. His magic permits him to produce and control fire. It can be molded for creation, restraining, and reinforcement. His biggest strength is his recently acquired Spirit Magic, which conjures up a mana beast called Salamander. It assists him in battle by way of fire magic, flight, and mana detection. Both Fuegoleon and Salamander have immense magic power.

While the Salamander gave him a huge power-up, it is safe to say that he still has not managed to get one over his sister Mereoleona in terms of strength. This makes Fuegoleon come below her in this magic knight captains list. However, since spirits only pick mages with compatible and powerful magic, we can say that Fuegoleon has fantastic potential!

3. William Vangeance (Golden Dawn)

William Vangeance, captain of Golden Dawn

The widely popular captain in the Clover Kingdom, William Vangeance, is more than deserving of the popularity. His immense magic power in the form of World Tree Magic helps him create and manipulate gigantic world trees as big as a city. This has resulted in William coming third in our list of strongest magic knight captains. World trees are an excellent method of trapping his opponents, rendering them unable to attack midair. In addition, his magic-draining roots, which are barely noticeable, suck all mana of his opponents over a large area and send it back to him. This increases his power multifold. His magic is also an arcane stage magic, as it connects to life.

2. Mereleona Vermillion (interim, Crimson Lion)

Mereleona Vermillion, interim captain of Crimson Lion

The eldest of the trio of the House Vermillion, Mereleona, stood in for Fuegoleon as the Crimson Lion’s captain while he was injured. She is known to be feared by many magic captains themselves and was supposed to be a captain. She also uses Fire Magic like Fuegoleon to create and manipulate fire. Due to her wandering the kingdom fighting off wild beasts, she has racked up brute strength and mastery in hand-to-hand combat. Her mana zone ability and high speed added to her already high mana make her a formidable opponent. She is also perceptive and quick-witted.

Even though her brother now possesses Salamander, the fire spirit, her natural talent far surpasses that of Fuegoleon. Thus, she ranks higher than our good ol’ Fueggy in the strongest magic knight captain list and can also safely be called a prospective leader of the magic knights after Julius.

1. Yami Sukehiro (Black Bulls)

Yami Sukehiro, captain of Black Bulls

Surpass your limits! Yep! At the top of the list is our all-time favorite, Yami! Yami uses Dark Magic to manipulate, well duh, darkness. He mainly uses this by channeling his magic into his sword. He is described as a terrific swordsman, with heightened reflexes due to his use of ki. His magic is very versatile, allowing him to attack, defend, reinforce, and restrain. His physical fortitude is extremely high, which, when combined with his speed, results in high destructive power.

He is also mastering the mana zone, and his magic prowess can be compared to Nozel and Fuegoleon, the royals. His most powerful spell is the Dimension Slash – Equinox, which can cut through any magic (including Dorothy’s Glamour World), and he can also manipulate the other world. He is also quite perceptive and knows well how to train his squad members. In short, Yami is the strongest Magic Knight Captain.

Do you agree with the list or have different rankings of the captains? If you’re looking for the strongest Black Clover characters, check out our list here! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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