Will Vegeta Become A God Of Destruction In Dragon Ball Super?

Vegeta is on the verge of surpassing his old rival. But will the Prince's new form elevate him to the status of a God of Destruction?

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Vegeta is one of Dragon Ball’s most beloved characters. Toriyama’s introduction of the proud prince in Dragon Ball Z resulted in some of the franchise’s most iconic scenes (not ‘those’ kinda scenes).

His character development is nothing short of greatness. Ruthlessly killing many Namekians, crying in his death bed on Namek, becoming a Super Saiyan for the first time, sacrificing himself for his loved ones, redeeming himself by Saving Namekians. Vegeta might not be the oldest character in Dragon Ball but he is just as revered as Goku. The whole Goku vs Vegeta thing is a culmination of that fact.

Toriyama might have disliked him initially, but as the series progressed, he grew to like him more and more. So much so that he pretty much made him the main character alongside Goku.

Vegeta was a nasty guy at first in the serialization, and I had thought about bringing an end to [his story] as just a villain, but as I was writing, I felt that his villainous sort of warped straightforwardness was unexpectedly interesting. I couldn’t imagine that a guy with this kind of hairstyle would become popular; and yet he’d get more votes than Goku in favorite-character polls, and even I consciously began to actively have him appear. He has a well-defined character, as a resentful presence with both a strong pride and a desire to get even stronger, so I could draw him without difficulty; the character would sort of move on his own, so to speak.

Akira Toriyama x Shōko Nakagawa Interview

After seeing Goku attain Ultra Instinct, a power that even the G.O.Ds struggle to master, Vegeta was exasperated. He couldn’t take the number of times Goku surpassed him (Funnily enough, he admitted that Kakarrot is better than him in the Kid Buu saga). No matter how many breakthroughs the Prince of all Saiyans achieves, Goku is still one step ahead. Even after surpassing him for a brief period during the Moro arc, MUI Goku bested him once again. It’s becoming a recurring trait again and again. Will this ever change…?

Going down a different path

Recent developments in the latest chapter show a promising sign. In the beginning, Vegeta stands in the shadow of Goku, growing stronger in the same direction. Things could change as Vegeta takes a different path altogether.

It all started with Vegeta deciding not to go on the same route as Goku with Ultra Instinct and find a path of his own.

Vegeta ain't following behind Kakarrot anymore
Chapter 40 – This is where Vegeta first decides to change his path

During the Moro arc, he suddenly chooses to leave and go to Yardrat. This is when he takes that bold step and goes in search of a way other than just training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The Saiyan Prince finally recognizes the value of techniques and spirit control over relying solely on physical might. He later returns to the battlefield with new moves and a different mindset. Yes, he did surpass UI Sign Goku for a little while, until Moro absorbed Seven-Three, forcing Goku to unleash his Perfected Ultra Instinct (the silver-haired form).

At the start of the Granolah arc, Vegeta reaffirms that Ultra Instinct won’t be suitable for him and that he’ll surpass Kakarrot another way. This is where things really start shifting gears as the Prince gets intrigued about the signature technique of the G.O.Ds – Hakai. For more info about Hakai and its variants, click here!

Embracing his heritage

The Saiyans’ way of livelihood was simple – conquer planets and sell them to the highest bidder. This, in Vegeta’s words, is their way of racking up sin after sin. Unlike Granolah, he didn’t blame the destruction of his race on Frieza. He thinks the Saiyans were destined to be wiped out. The word “destiny” or “fate” refers to events that are beyond one’s control or in other words, predetermined by a supernatural entity. Beerus is a God of Destruction, who comes under the category of “Supernatural entity” so Vegeta is actually not wrong here. But the problem is, he believes he shares his ancestors’ sins. Guilt engulfs his mind.

The Saiyans and the G.O.Ds have one thing in common – Destruction without any remorse. Destroying stuff for the sake of it. Beerus threatened to destroy Earth because Buu refused to share a pudding cup. He destroyed a ton of decorative planets near his world and even suggested Frieza to destroy the Saiyans. All this without any sense of resentment. Beerus just takes it as his job and nothing more. Similarly, the Saiyans are a warrior race. Fighting was their only way of life. They CHOSE to have a profession of exterminating civilizations while working (as slaves) for the Frieza force.

King Vegeta was a ruthless King. He didn’t hesitate to kill his own men for failing in their duties. Like his father, Vegeta the IV couldn’t care less about Nappa, killing him in cold blood. Heck, he didn’t give a damn about his family being murdered when he heard about Planet Vegeta’s destruction. “Aaargh, I never got to be King Vegeta” were his words after hearing the news. All of this shows that “Destruction” was written into the Saiyans’ DNA. Of course, this only applies to Universe 7 Saiyans.

During the Moro arc, his regret for his past actions and those of his ancestors grew, and this carried over into the current arc. Unless he destroys any stray thoughts (removes the guilt) and recreates himself (embraces his destructive nature) from scratch, he’ll never be able to move on and learn the Hakai, said Beerus. In chapters 73 and 74, he begins to do just that. Goku is trying to embrace the mindset of an Angel to perfect his UI, while Vegeta is slowly embracing the mindset of a destroyer. Two Saiyans… on two different paths… to become the strongest.

Vegeta is behaving similar to Beerus
Like teacher, like student.
Editing Credits: baka_amv_cuts

Right now, he isn’t bothered by his past – the Saiyans annihilating the Cerealians. In fact, the Prince, like the badass he is, tells Granolah to join them by dying at his hands. He isn’t worried about saving the planet or a bunch of people. He can finally unleash his destructive potential and go all out!

Post-reading Chapter 74, people have started to wonder if he’s on his way towards becoming a God of Destruction.

Can Vegeta become a God of Destruction?

Theoretically, Vegeta can become a God of Destruction. There’s nothing stopping him from asking Beerus to train him like Toppo. But the question is, does Vegeta want to be a God of Destruction? That’s a slightly tricky question to answer.

Both Goku and Vegeta have been asked whether they wanted to become a G.O.D a couple of times. When Vegeta pleaded Whis to train him, Whis said yes but only if he agreed to the following condition:

Will Vegeta become a god of destruction? - Vegeta hesitates when Whis asks him
Dragon Ball Super Episode 16 – Vegeta ain’t happy with Whis’ condition

As you can see here, Vegeta isn’t happy with the condition put forth to him. He didn’t openly reject it but the expression says it all.

Vegeta has evolved dramatically since the Saiyan Saga. At that time, he was a selfish egomaniac, fighting for himself and followed the philosophy of “The strongest will survive and the weak shall perish”. Then he got married and now has two adorable children. He loves his family but, his tsundere nature would not allow him to express this openly. Generally speaking, a Prince takes pride in not only himself but also in those who stand by his side. Ever since the Buu Saga, his goal in life has changed – Aim to become the best while fighting for his loved ones.

Vegeta's family and his love towards them
Vegeta describing to Jiren what it’s like to fight for others (These moments were so cute I shed tears when he recalled them)

After fighting Goku in the Babidi Saga, he knew how strong Majin Buu became and decided to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Nobody will ever forget this touching moment or the words he spoke before taking his own life. In the Tournament of Power, he was getting pummeled by Jiren. Yet he strived to hang on with all he could. While hanging on the edge of a rock, he recalls all the moments mentioned above in the image. Try as he might, he couldn’t beat the powerhouse known as Jiren. As he falls from the ring, he starts shedding tears, apologizing to Bulma and Cabba for not fulfilling their respective promises.

Vegeta fighting for his loved ones
Top – DBZ Episode 237: Vegeta’s final atonement
Bottom – DBS Episode 128 – Vegeta cries for failing to keep his promise

If he becomes a God of Destruction, he might have to give up his family for good. Or worse, he would outlive them. Of course, even while being a Saiyan, he’d live on, seeing his wife dying but at least Trunks and Bulla/Bra will be there. G.O.Ds will exist for millions of years and that’s why they don’t have any attachments to anyone. I’m not sure Vegeta is willing to give up that.

In Episode 126, Toppo casts aside unnecessary emotions and called Vegeta’s resolve trivial. Vegeta was like “Screw that! I fight for Bulma, Trunks and Bulla. I fight for the oath I made with a fellow Saiyan (Cabba). They make me what I am, my pride. Unlike you (Toppo) I won’t abandon all that to play God” Even in the state that he is in Chapter 74, I still doubt he’d throw away his innermost feelings.

Having said that, he might agree to take the position only in a desperate situation. Comparatively, I think it’s safe to say that there are more chances for Vegeta to become a God of Destruction than Goku becoming an Angel. There are many fan fictions of “What if Vegeta became a God of Destruction?” One such story involves Vegeta accepting the role of a Destroyer God to save his beloved wife Bulma. That was a real tear-jerker. You should check it out!

Even if he wants to become a G.O.D, Universe 7 may not be the one for him.

Is Vegeta a candidate for a God of Destruction?

The Oracle fish stands by its prophecy that Goku and Vegeta will one day become Beerus’ rivals. Annoyed, the cat-like Destroyer God challenges the Prince for a duel. Beerus is impressed with Vegeta’s progress however; the latter has a long way to go to surpass him. But he makes an interesting statement that is worth noting:

Vegeta could become a candidate for a God of Destruction in another universe
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 27 – Beerus appreciating Vegeta’s increase in strength in a short span of time

This could mean two things:

  • The authors foreshadow Vegeta’s ascension to the throne of a Destroyer God. It could be Universe 7 after Beerus retires or in another Universe
  • In the future, we might see Beerus and Vegeta swap places in the above image. Beerus outclassed the Prince twice, so it’s only a matter of time before the latter can whoop his ass. I can envision Beerus being proud of his student someday.

All in all, Vegeta is definitely suited to become a candidate for a God of Destruction. But whether he actually wants to take the role is anybody’s guess.

However, the events in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 (for a chapter breakdown, click here!) edges him closer to the power of a Hakaishin.

Let’s talk about Vegeta’s new form

Whether you like Vegeta’s new look or not, it certainly caused a ripple on social media. People have mixed feelings about the new form, especially with the whole eyebrows thing. But that’s not our concern here. In this post, I’ll discuss the implications of this new form.

First off, we’ve got the name of the form – “Ultra Ego“. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 gives us a little something about the form (for a chapter analysis, Click Here!). It could be Vegeta joking about Ultra Instinct and comparing it with his new ability, or it could very well be the actual name of the form. We’ll have to see what Beerus and Whis think of it. The following are a few observations I’ve made about the form’s characteristics:

  • Goku comments that Vegeta’s God Ki is not just any ordinary God Ki. A type of God Ki they never had before. This means that energy of destruction is a distinct sub category under God Ki.
  • Granolah’s Ki blasts were nullified when they collided with the swirling wave of destructive energy that engulfed Vegeta. The sound effect “fshhh” denotes something that has been vaporized. The same kinda sound effect emitted in Chapter 28 when Belmod reduced a clown girl into a pile of dust. Vegeta’s aura could function as a shield, nullifying or erasing objects and Regular Ki blasts.
Vegeta's swirling energy of destruction canceled out Granolah's Ki blasts
Granolah’s blasts were vaporized by the energy of destruction
  • It is similar to Ultra Instinct in terms of reducing thought generation. The only difference is, UI users attempt to remove all thoughts to let their bodies act on their own while Hakaishins or Hakai users remove all thoughts except destruction and channeling destructive energy. Vegeta says that the power derived solely by instinct is unbounded. He’s referring to Beerus talking about his power.
    • The phrase “Always on Destruction and nothing else” is akin to Whis remaining in the Ultra Instinct state at all times. But, they are on opposite sides of the same coin.
    • This however, does not mean Ultra Instinct = Hakai. It depends on who wields the respective power.
Beerus's mind is always on destruction
Chapter 69 – Beerus’ mindset

When I first saw Vegeta’s new form, I noticed that it’s bulky. It’s similar to Super Saiyan Grade 2, but not quite as bulky. But a closer look at it made me think “it’s not bulky”. It has the same muscle mass as a Super Saiyan Blue I guess. A few observations based on Chapter 74 reveal:

  • This form could be in the stage of UI Omen. This implies that Vegeta has a long way to go in mastering this form. Even in his base form, Vegeta, like Goku, may need to work on maintaining this state of mind. 
  • Beerus observed Toppo’s Hakai in the T.O.P. and stated that it takes time for the latter to charge up and unleash his attack. This could apply to Vegeta as well, reducing the speed of his attacks.
  • Many fans are concerned about this, but the time limit issue may also apply here. Vegeta’s new form is still in the works. It may consume a lot of energy, so he can only stay in this form for a short period of time. The authors relied on using this limitation quite frequently. But still, one has to recognize its possibility as it kinda makes sense.
  • If the opponent’s attack is stronger, then Vegeta’s Hakai may not nullify that attack. This happened when SSBE Vegeta canceled out Toppo’s Hakai with his Ki engulfed punch. In Chapter 75, Granolah’s Ki blast (with an additional red eye) managed to destroy the destruction (pun intended) midair.

After reading the latest chapter, some fans thought of the Freudian logic to Vegeta’s Ultra Ego.

According to them, the power-up might be based off on Freud’s personality theory (1923) – Id, Ego and Super Ego. The psychiatrist explains each of them in detail in his theory but I’ll just touch upon them to give a sense of what each of them means.

The id, also known as the identity, is the primitive and instinctual part of the mind that contains aggressive drives and hidden memories. The Super-Ego functions as a moral conscience, and the Ego serves as a bridge between the desires of the id and the desires of the Super Ego. Check this link out for examples!

The Ego is a preconscious effort of making the desires of the id look more acceptable in society. The id is mostly driven by the unconscious mind based on instinct and the Super-Ego rides between the preconscious and unconscious states.

Previously, Vegeta’s mind was dominated by the Super-Ego with the Ego backing it up (hence the guilty feelings). Beerus instructed him to destroy his earlier persona and recreate himself from scratch. Meaning, to destroy the Super-Ego or at least suppress it and make the id take the charge. This explains the Prince’s lack of mercy on Granolah or the guilt which he had earlier on. You can sort of say he created an alter ego. One that is like Majin Vegeta and at the same time, not.

With his primitive or innermost desires surfacing, i.e., to enjoy a fight and experience his “happy place”. Since this form is driven by Ego, Vegeta taking damage head-on instead of dodging boosts his self-esteem, which is what Ego is all about. Of course, he doesn’t go complete berserk as the Super-Ego within him prevents that from happening.

That’s why I think he trying to destroy planet Cereal using that Hakai Ball was just a way to get his opponent all riled up and didn’t mean it in a serious way. I mean, c’mon, he’s not that stupid to kill himself and Kakarrot along with the planet.

In Chapter 76, after accepting the fate of his race and his demise, Vegeta apologizes to Lord Beerus, saying that he couldn’t revert to his ruthless self he once was.

I think he misunderstood what Beerus meant by recreating himself from scratch. While connecting Hakai to the history of the Saiyans, Beerus emphasized on the destructive aspect of the Saiyans and nothing else.

What Vegeta needs to do, in my opinion, is to go beyond the dualities of good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong to remove the guilt from his heart once and for all. And the mention of Bardock could facilitate that change.

For further elaboration, read my article on Vegeta’s growth in the whole battle between Saiyans and the Cerealian.

Last but not least, Vegeta’s new form does not imply that he has become a God of Destruction or a Hakaishin. The position of a Destroyer God and the ability to wield the energy of destruction are different. Toppo has the said energy but he’s not yet the G.O.D of Universe 11. Until Belmod gives his authorization, Toppo won’t become a full-fledged G.O.D. The same goes for Vegeta as well.

We’ll update this article once we get more information about this new form so stay tuned!

Final Comments

Vegeta is the talk of the town at the moment. Everyone is keen to know how this new form will play out and whether the Prince will one day become a God of Destruction.

I was ecstatic when Beerus tossed the earring to Vegeta. It’s a symbol of those who can use destruction, so whoever wears it isn’t necessarily a G.O.D. I believe Beerus did this to encourage Vegeta. He takes pride in his student. This little competition between Beerus and Whis is hilarious. They, like their students, have something in common that makes them rivals: who is a better teacher and which technique is superior? Vegeta is certain that he will not disappoint Beerus, and Goku is certain that he will not disappoint Whis.

However, keep in mind that MUI Goku may still be greater than current Vegeta in terms of power. In extension, Granolah > current Vegeta, which the Prince admits. But the way he took Granolah’s attacks head-on, I don’t think MUI Goku would be able to do that.

In regards to Beerus, I don’t think Vegeta will surpass him anytime soon. The Manga clearly establishes the gap between Beerus and Goku/Vegeta. But the Prince has indeed taken one step further in closing the gap so, we’ll see. Speaking of Beerus’ strength, did you know he’s the strongest God of Destruction in the cosmos? The authors themselves have said it point-blank. Intrigued? Check out this article for more details!

Coming to Vegeta vs Granolah (I swear I’ll stop here), yes, he may have lost the fight but he won the war. He broke Granolah’s psyche, driving him to almost commit a Kamikaze. The Cerealian race would have become extinct, which is a goal Vegeta sought after before he exchanged blows. And Vegeta’s character development got a W, so I’m fine with that.

Of course, I want him to win but more than that, I want him to be in the spotlight. For example, Beerus easily took out Super Saiyan God Goku. But his new power stood out and earned him everyone’s respect. I’d like to see something similar happen to Vegeta.

He deserves to get the W here (but let’s not forget that beating Granolah isn’t the end of the story. The Heeters’ are the main threat) but I want his skills, actions and form to stand out and be recognized by everyone, including Beerus, Whis and the arc’s antagonists.

And like everyone else, I’d love him to give the final blow to Frieza. After all that history with the tyrant, he needs to personally dispatch him to hell. Goku stole the win last time, he needs this victory. I generally don’t like this habit of saying “Mangakas should do this and that”. But this would legit bring a strong sense of development for the Prince of all Saiyans. So I’m hoping Toriyama & Toyotarou shower mercy on the poor guy and make him shine in this arc…

But what do you think of Vegeta’s new form? Will he get the better of Granolah or lose his grip? Let us know in the comments below!

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