Kento Nanami’s Ratio Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

Kento Nanami may look like your average (but extremely handsome) salaryman, but he's quite far from it. This grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer is not someone you can mess with. Though being a sorcerer is still a job, he lets his cursed technique do the talking for him, even in overtime. In this article, let's explore Kento Nanami's "Ratio Technique" and how it's tailored to his taste!


Kento Nanami may look like your average (but extremely handsome) salaryman, but he’s quite far from it. This grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer is not someone you can mess with. Though being a sorcerer is still a job, he lets his cursed technique do the talking for him, even in overtime. In this article, let’s explore Kento Nanami’s “Ratio Technique” and how it’s tailored to his taste!

What is the Ratio Technique?

The ratio technique is a cursed technique that allows the user to make a weak spot on the opponent with force. Subsequently, the user is able to divide the area of the target into tenths. This is where the “ratio” part comes to play; the weak point on this scale of division is 7:3. As seen in the manga panel below, the weak point for the target is always a point that divides the area in the aforementioned ratio.

The best part about the ratio technique is that it can cause significant damage to adversaries who are much stronger, if the user manages to land a hit.

jujutsu kaisen manga, chapter 20
Nanami explains the Ratio Technique.

Furthermore, it needn’t be concentrated on the whole body, meaning it can be used on certain parts of body such as the arms. Another thing to point out is that the technique doesn’t always need a weapon, as Nanami uses his bare hands to execute the technique to perfection.

For the most part, we see Nanami use it in calculated, smaller parts of the transfigured humans. To increase its blow and use it on inanimate objects with an impact, he would need to let go of his binding vow.

Nanami’s binding vow explained

Nanami truly loves his salary man background, doesn’t he? Nanami’s binding vow is what is fittingly known as “overtime”. This means that during his times working as a sorcerer under Jujutsu High, his cursed energy remains stable at a certain level. This is the level at which he fights the transfigured humans with Yuji at Kinema Cinema, and for most of his fight with Mahito in the sewer.

Nanami going over his binding vow to unleash even more cursed energy.

Once, he’s over his “time limit”, the vow breaks, allowing him to release an even greater level of cursed energy. Not to forget, he even loosens his tie (and looks even more handsome doing it), a nod to how workers loosen their tie once their shifts are over.

This level of cursed energy then allows him to put to use his extended technique; Ratio Technique: Collapse.

What is Ratio Technique: Collapse?

This is an extension of the original Ratio Technique, and quite opposite to how Nanami usually uses it. The Collapse technique allows him to hit at a bigger target, giving off even more damage than before. This is a stark contrast to Nanami’s usually clean and calculated moves. Also, it makes for an insane uno reverse in fights!

jujutsu kaisen manga,chapter 23
The extent of the impact of a single punch is made visible with how such a big structure is dismantled.

Let’s now take instances where he used the technique and its extension.

How does it work? Ratio Technique in action:

Nanami vs transfigured humans

Nanami’s technique works extremely well on transfigured humans, allowing him to easily slash through them with no difficulty. In fact, its so easy that he could get rid of them with even a dull-edged blade. We see that Nanami is extremely fast with the technique, not allowing the opponent to fathom what has happened. However, there are some consequences, which we will delve into later on!

Nanami vs Mahito

Nanami’s fight against Mahito allows viewers to understand his technique in more depth. With Mahito, we see Nanami struggle to end him because of Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration technique. Despite so, Nanami manages to escape with an upper hand in the fight by using Ratio Technique Collapse.

This is the first time we see Nanami use his hands to exert the technique. He punches the wall of the underground structure with extreme force. The technique here made significant damage to the surrounding area of the “weak point” of the structure, making it fall onto Mahito. This is opposite to how Ratio Technique only damages the exact point of the target.

Nanami vs Haruta Shigemo

Warning: this certain section consists of spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

jujutsu kaisen manga, chapter 100
Nanami manages to seriously injure Shigemo with just his hands.

During the Shibuya Incident, Nanami is once again seen using the extended technique. This is based on the fact that his punches on Shigemo seem extremely fierce. Here, we can assume that when his cursed energy is enhanced, the technique gels well with his body. Usually, he concentrates on using his blade to target, but with extreme cursed energy he manages to control it with his fists quite well.

How strong is the Ratio Technique?


Firstly, as mentioned before, the technique is flexible. There are three ways how this technique expresses as flexible

  • Usage: The technique can be used on living things, as well as non living things. This gives Nanami the advantage of fighting in any sort of terrain.
  • Wielding: It can be used with both a blade or bare hands.
  • Attacking Area: From a small area to a big one that results in damage to the surrounding area, the technique gives Nanami the ability to fight an opponent of whatever size.

Secondly, the technique seems to be extremely fast. Not much to say here other than the fact that when against the transfigured humans and Shigemo, he doesn’t leave much space for counterattacks.

Lastly, it is extremely strong. The fact that he can cut through with dull blades is an alibi to not only Nanami’s physical strength but that of the technique as well. Nanami, due to his extreme physical strength and durability, makes for an ideal candidate for drawn out battles. That, along with his “overtime” allowed him to carefully wait out time against Mahito so he could strike him with his extension technique. This ultimately proves the Ratio Technique to be extremely durable as well, as it is proportional to how much cursed energy Nanami himself houses.

Hence, its not hard to agree that his technique is not one to be taken lightly. However, the technique also has some drawbacks.


This technique can be a deterrent in long-range attacks. Since the most crucial point is slashing on the opponent, if the latter is a long-range attacker, Nanami would have difficulty in closing in and striking at the 7:3 point. Despite that, if he were to use the Collapse extension, maybe he could come up with a way to finish off a long-range user.

It is canonically weak against Mahito’s idle transfiguration. This is due to the latter’s complex technique of the soul being reshaped, which means a single blow will not do anything unless the soul itself is attacked. This is why Nanami could not fight Mahito who was the center of soul manipulation. Rather, he found it easier to attack the transfigured humans who were the byproduct of Mahito’s technique.

Jujutsu kaisen anime, episode 13
Nanami gets cornered by Mahito.

While this certain point may not directly be a weakness, it is something to consider. Nanami’s technique remains somewhat stagnant throughout the story. Other than the collapse extension, there is no other extension, or special moves that we see. We don’t know the real potential of the technique. However, Nanami makes it up with his tactical skills and fast decision making. Despite it all, watching Nanami in action is always thrilling.

We can always rely on our Nanamin to finish his job. If he works overtime? Even better. What do you think of his technique? Let us know in the comments!

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