Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 8: Aoi Todo & Mai Zenin Debut!

Toudou Aoi Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 8

The “this episode was better than the last one” streak has been officially broken for the anime. I don’t mean that Jujutsu Kaisen episode 8 was bad, it’s just that there’s a change in the flow and it’s obviously not possible to maintain the momentum that Gojo-sensei’s fight built. Nevertheless, this is obviously a set-up for something better that will take place in the coming weeks.

The latest episode was the debut of the much-awaited Aoi Todo and Mai Zenin, third-year and second-year students at Kyoto Metropolitan College respectively. So far, it is obvious that they will play a good role in the Goodwill event arc.

Both of them have good character designs with Aoi being a huge bulky guy and Mai being a tall woman with the expressions and voice which scream that she’s manipulative. We see the debut duo getting heated up against our Megumi and Nobara and Aoi asks Megumin “What’s your type?”

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Yeah…….. Apparently, a guy’s choice in women defines if he’s boring or not (men work too apparently, representation!). Being the nice, good person he is, Megumi says that he’s fine with any woman who has an unshakable character. This is probably inspired by his sister (?) who we see frequently in the flashbacks. Awhh.

Our no brains and only muscle guy didn’t like this reply for obvious reasons and we get to feast our eyes on yet another beautiful fight.

While this fight had the most basic moves, there’s just something that’s so amazing about it; MAPPA certainly directs the fight scenes flawlessly, the camera angles are always dynamic, it keeps shifting according to the focus of the fight or move and great animation and osts to garnish our perfect main course.

Oh and I was flabbergasted when Toge senpai said “don’t move” to Aoi. I was starting to understand the ingredient language. This moment also broke the fight between Megumi and Aoi and our boy had just started to get serious.

images 1
Panda. Only panda.

Wait! You thought that our beloved Gojo-sensei was out of the spotlight? Oh hell no! He just walked into the Tokyo college, told the old man who runs the college that his old, conventional ways of controlling the power of sorcerers won’t work and leaves. He just doesn’t care.


A girl, Miwa, who is from Kyoto Jujutsu High was also fangirling over him, I mean I don’t blame her you know. She could be the president of the Satoru simp club for all I care. But these new characters that we see in Episode 8 will certainly play a huge role in the coming arcs of Jujtusu Kaisen.

The last segment works as a build-up, we see Mahito walk in a silent alley after using a wicked curse technique to deliver three high school students’ fate and Itadori has arrived at the scene. We know for sure that the next few episodes will get better and better as we’re currently in the buildup for the new arc which I expect will go on till the next episode or two.

Oh we also get a glimpse of Nanami! Tsk.

Overall, Jujutsu Kaisen has been very consistent so far and from what it seems, it’ll definitely become a series that people will look back to and say that JJK was a year-defining anime.

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