JJK Chapter 151: It’s Finally Maki vs. Naoya!

Our opinions on JJK Chapter 151, which focuses on Naoya's admiration for Toji's strength and his long-awaited showdown with Maki!

Naoya vs. Maki

With intense adrenaline from the last chapter, we finally stood witness to an exciting showdown in this week’s JJK chapter 151. Don’t get me wrong; chapter 150 was everything we all wanted and more. Having Maki-senpai on her rampage under her sister’s “destroy everything” campaign flag was definitely a sight for sore eyes.

BUT JJK Chapter 151 came along with a fight we had been waiting to see for quite some time. We even saw two of our favorite characters in the chapter, however short their appearance might have been. So even though a particular fight might be the highlight of this chapter, but we have A LOT to unpack before we get to it.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Naoya’s admiration for Toji

See, I hate Naoya a lot. The times I enjoy his appearances the most are when someone successfully attacks him (Choso, our dear onii-chan!). But, but! Even though he frustratingly so makes the plot interesting, he surprised us even more in Chapter 151! Well, guess who is a Toji simp *cough* I mean admirer! This revelation was SOMETHING, not going to lie.

Chibi Naoya was cute, but only if he hadn’t grown to have a trash personality…ugh. Anyway, we see a glimpse into Naoya’s past, and I have to say it was a great setup. I have a phobia of children expecting & believing stuff from “everyone” ever since I saw Akito’s breakdown in Fruits Basket. Eek. Even I feel bad about drawing that parallel, poor Akito.

JJK chapter 151 gives a glimpse into Naoya's past

But Naoya got a huge shock there, as well. His young self probably fully believed in what the “adults” around him said to him. The Zen’ins always place incredible emphasis on cursed techniques and cursed energy. To them, Toji was a failure through and through. He had no cursed energy, and as for physical strength? We already saw that the Zen’ins have a special squad solely dedicated to martial arts training.

See, he, in some parts, felt blessed with his inherited Projection Technique. And when you hear that there is a failure out there, worse off than even you as a child, you’ll also think how defeated that man must be. However, what Naoya saw was the opposite. Naoya’s young self told us two crucial things: his absolute belief in strength and his reason to be strong. This point is where he began to believe in strength, but alas, only selectively. Let’s talk about Naoya’s vision a little more, though.

Toji and Gojo, the archetypes of two strengths

I found it quite interesting that Naoya placed Gojo and Toji on the same pedestal in his eyes. I always HAVE to appreciate how Akutami says a lot with a few words. The introductory panels were enough to take us by surprise, in my opinion! I must begrudgingly thank Naoya for letting us see Toji and Gojo again.

For someone labeled as a failure, Toji donned a look completely unmatched for it. A single panel told us that Toji was always the embodiment of fighting back until a landslide victory. Like, seriously! Look at the fierceness in his eyes that shocked even a small child who was (probably) blissfully unaware of Toji’s situation. This failure with unspeakable eyes would later become a sorcerer-killer, even influencing the very core of the Zen’in clan.

Toji's appearance was ever so fierce

Naoya was perhaps also a close spectator of Gojo’s radical growth and his rise to the apex. In contrast to Toji, this man was everything a shaman would have wanted to be. The steadfast command and immense cursed energy gave him the title of the strongest shaman. Even though it is pretty evident, I would point out here that Gojo’s birth itself shifted the balance of power in the jujutsu world.

Gojo and Toji’s clash was nothing short of two juggernauts clashing. Toji (who was also a Fushiguro by now) nearly killed Gojo through his meticulous plan. But even as potent as Gojo’s technique was, he still found a way not just to survive but also become almost invincible. As a bystander, Naoya (just like us) was reasonably spellbound by their fight.

Gojo and Toji from JJK chapter 151

And this came from a castaway and an erratic. However, he understood the true meaning of strength (especially Toji’s) that “small fry” can’t. So, more than ever he HAD to be the one standing with them at the end boasting a superlative to his name. LOL, keep wishing, Naoya! Is it just me or Naoya addressing Gojo and Toji with “-kun” threw you off as well? Moving on! :p

Maki’s (bitter)sweet VICTORY!

While Naoya’s way of addressing threw us off, Maki’s new player avatar had the man in shambles. After Toji’s brilliant live fast die young run (does the séance count?), he had probably never expected someone else to achieve anything close to it. And there she was! Maki Zen’in, another “failure” of the clan, standing in front of him.

Maki had finally tapped into her boundless potential of Heavenly Restriction and it threw Naoya into madness. She had already surpassed Naoya quite some time ago. In his anger, he called her a fake and “not Toji” but he forgot that it is precisely that. Maki is not Toji; she is Maki.


Naoya thought he could beat Maki with speed, cute. Well, Maki WAS pretty beaten up by this time, and I am not lying when I say I was worried for her when Naoya accelerated to his full speed! But, Maki saw through the rule of the Projection Technique, and that was a relief. At Naoya’s touch, she was also drawn into 24fps movements, but she could see Naoya moving through them now. So, she effectively (and like a boss) interrupted the flow and landed THE punch of this chapter! And the last line from her?! Go off!

All hail Maki! This fight was so fast-paced but satisfying even though it came at a very high cost of Mai’s life. We stan a one-punch wo-man. While we are cheering for this victory, it is important that this is only temporary! Naoya will surely not die from a punch to his face even if it is Maki who handed it to him. Will we see Maki wipe the floor with Naoya’s face again? OR OR will he turn into a new leaf? Who knows?

Well, what were your thoughts on JJK chapter 151? Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Comment below to let us know your reactions!

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