How Did Boruto Get The Karma Seal?

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Boruto Uzumaki received an insane power-up in the early stages of the series, raising the stakes immensely high. With the Vessel Arc reaching its climax, let’s dive deeper into the seal known as Karma; that has endangered the shinobi world.

NOTE: As the Kawaki Arc (Or Vessel Arc) has started in the anime; beware as this article contains heavy Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga spoilers. With that out of the way, let’s move straight to the question!

How did Boruto get the Karma Seal:

Boruto gets the Karma seal during the fight against Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki. The karma seal is planted on Boruto by Momoshiki before the latter dies.

During the final moments of their fight, Naruto, Sasuke and the other Kages let Boruto deal the finishing blow. Naruto and Boruto combined their chakra to create the Parent-Child Rasengan.

Parent-Child Rasengan

While Boruto charged ahead with this massive Rasengan, Sasuke destroyed Momoshiki’s chakra absorbing Rinnegan; leading to Momoshiki’s defeat. When they were approaching the chakra fruit, Momoshiki froze time for him and Boruto.

He told Boruto that he cannot live a normal life now, as he has killed a god and implanted the karma seal.

But, What exactly is a Karma Seal?

A Karma Seal is the compressed biological data of an Otsutuki, which can be transferred onto a person, converting them into a vessel. The Karma Seal slowly decodes the biological data of the Otsutsuki by rewriting it to replace the vessel’s biological data to create a perfect reincarnation of the Otsutuski.

This means that Boruto is currently the vessel of Momoshiki. After a fixed period of time, his genes and chakra will be overwritten and Momoshiki will reincarnate in him. We get an idea about Boruto’s condition during the fight against Boro, when the Karma inner calls him Momoshiki’s vessel. Mitsuki later mentions this to Sasuke. However, the full extent of what the Karma seal can do was only known after Amado reveals the information to everyone.

Boruto Uzumaki's Karma Seal
Boruto’s Karma Seal

When does an Otsutuski Implant the karma seal?

From what is known, Otsutuskis implant Karma seals when they’re nearing their death, commonly after receiving fatal injuries during a fight. Be sure to check out our article on the Karma seals to have a basic, overall understanding of it!

When did karma seal start manifesting in Boruto?

Boruto’s Karma was shown/hinted at multiple times after the Momoshiki Arc. While Boruto could not access the Karma seal’s power initially, spending time training and bonding with Kawaki; who is a vessel as well boosted his growth which allowed him to access the power of Momoshiki Otsutuski through the Karma Seal.

How Strong is Boruto then?

Both Momoshiki and Isshiki have acknowledged Boruto to be a potential threat for the Otsutuskis. It is said in the manga that Boruto could potentially surpass Naruto as well. Moreover, Isshiki stated that Boruto has rare compatibility with the seal; allowing it to develop at a rapid rate.

When Momoshiki first manifested properly in Boruto’s body, thanks to the karma seal, a horn protrudes from his forehead and Boruto’s right eye transforms into a Byakugan. Due to this Boruto gains tremendous strength. He easily overpowered Boro’s gigantic form during their fight.

Boruto Manifestation

A lot of this power also came from Momoshiki absorbing Naruto’s chakra; implying that a vessel can absorb chakra as well. Boruto was also able to open a dimension portal with Kawaki after Naruto was “abducted” by Jigen. When Momoshiki takes control (commonly referred to as Borushiki by the fandom) is also fast and stealthy enough to catch Sasuke off-guard.

Keep in mind that Momoshiki took over Boruto when he was unconscious so far. It is feared that if Momoshiki were to reincarnate inside Boruto’s body then he would be as strong as his state.

Moreover, Isshiki stated that Boruto can become an ideal sacrifice for the chakra fruit; meaning his compatibility with Momoshiki’s Karma would create a high-level chakra fruit, which will skyrocket Momoshiki’s power.

Now that we’ve cleared most of the basic doubts one may have about Boruto’s Karma Seal, be sure to read our other Boruto: Naruto Next Generations related articles and feel free to ask anything in the comments below!

  • Karma doesn’t make Sense.
    Physical contact between the Otsutsuki and the vessel to be, is required to place the Karma.

    I analyzed the fight. I watched the Fight 10 Times, even properly read the Manga.

    Momoshiki and Boruto did not make physical contact with each Other.

    Even this Timestop is more spiritual Nature, than physical. If Momoshiki did really had the ability to Stop time, even for a Split Moment, it would have been smarter to Dodge

    Momoshiki only touched the kage No bunshin. And it is confirmed, that the Karma cannot bei placed on a Shadow Clone (See the Dead of Isshiki)

    To summerize: Logically speaking, Boruto shouldnt have IT, because he and Momoshiki didn’t Made the necessary contact

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