[Exclusive] Muse Communication To Release Hindi & Regional Dubs Of Dandadan, Slime, Fairy Tail & Other Anime

Muse Communications

Indian fans who prefer watching anime in their regional language had an encouraging year thanks to Crunchyroll taking the initiative and rolling out localized content. 

And now, adding to the excitement, Muse Communication has unveiled plans to roll out localized anime content to expand its presence in the Indian market. 

This move comes as part of a larger strategy to solidify the company’s position in India and cater to the growing demand for anime in the region.

While the Hindi dub of Spy x Family season 1 is already available to stream on various platforms, Muse Communication’s Vice General Manager, Wallace, and Director, India, Julia Cheng, told Animehunch in a recent interview that Spy x Family season 2, Slime Season 3 and Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Cour 2 will also be getting dubbed in Hindi and other regional languages.

However, the biggest update was that Dandadan, a highly anticipated anime, will be getting a Hindi Dub in the latter half of 2024, along with Fairy Tail and other classic titles that are currently in the Muse library.

We are doing more dubbing, and more titles will be coming. Please stay tuned.

Wallace & Julia revealed that dubbing was one of the strategies of Muse Communication to penetrate into the Indian  market. 

They stated that they have started production of not just Hindi Dubs, but also Tamil and Telugu. According to them, it was important not just to enter the market and cater to their clients, but they also understood how important localized and regional languages are, especially in India

Muse Asia2

Muse Communication had previously revealed that they will be setting up an office in India soon

Combined with the fact that they already have a strategy planned out involving localized content for the Indian market, it seems that the anime giant from Asia is keenly looking to develop and capture the Indian market which has tons of potential.

Muse Communication also participated in Mumbai Comic Con 2024 as an exhibitor for the first time in order to make sure everyone knows “about Muse, what Muse is doing, and then what Muse has.” They planned to use the platform in order to communicate both with their fans and their collaborators.

Muse Communication is a prominent anime partner. It provides clients services in licensing, distribution, development, sales, and promotion to meet their distribution needs. 

The company currently works with over a hundred different fields, such as video streaming and broadcasting platforms and TV channels, consumer product bands, theaters and event organizers across the whole of Asia.

The company has its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan and offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangkok, & Ho Chi Minh City.

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