Can Merus Get His Powers Back In Dragon Ball Super?

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Granolah The Survivor Arc. Read ahead at your own discretion!

The Moro Saga erased one of Dragon Ball Super’s adored characters and in the end, brought him back to life. Merus, initially, was a mysterious character. He was portrayed as just another Agent in the Galactic Patrol. Even Jaco had no idea who he really was. But when he started training Goku to help him activate Ultra Instinct at will and gave a square-up pose very similar to Whis’s, this gave a clue to the fans that Merus might be an Angel.

Whis and Merus's pose when they spar
Merus and Whis

It was later revealed that he is indeed an Angel and Whis’ brother. Merus was very close to violating the rule of the Angels so Whis took him back to the Angel realm and kept him under his watch. But Merus couldn’t keep his emotions in check. He came to the battlefield where the Z-Warriors were fighting against Moro and fought Moro using his Angel powers.

According to Angel’s code of law, Angels aren’t supposed to fight someone in serious combat. Also, they aren’t supposed to side with anyone in a battle. Merus violated both of these and therefore was erased from existence.

However, much to the delight of some and disappointment to the others, the Grand Priest brought Merus back into existence. Actually, he temporarily removed him from existence and brought him back as a mortal, stripping off his Angel powers. Maybe he and Whis expected all this to happen

So a fan-favorite Angel is back… at a cost. But recent developments in the “Granolah the Survivor” arc give the possibility that the Angel can get his Angelic powers back. Read on to find out how!

Seven-Three may have Merus’s powers

OG73-i or Seven-Three is still alive after Moro’s defeat. And it’s possible that he has Merus’s powers with him.

Seven-Three’s main ability is to copy a person’s abilities and powers and use them in the same way as the original user. We’ve described Seven-Three and his powers in great detail in another article.

Right before Moro consumed him, Seven-Three had the powers of Moro, Piccolo and Gohan. As the fight continued, Moro (post Seven-Three absorption) copied the abilities of Vegeta and Merus. He might have even absorbed some of their energies along with their abilities. After Moro perished with a bang at the hands of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, Seven-Three barely managed to survive.

The crystal on Moro’s forehead had Merus’s powers. Whis said that if Moro were to be vanquished, Goku has to shatter his forehead crystal, thereby releasing Merus’s power. Goku achieved this feat and managed to overpower the goat monster.

A powerful explosion followed Moro's death
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 – A volcanic explosion of fire took place after Moro died

And Seven-Three was later found in the crater. Bits of his body were lying around along with his half head. One of those pieces suddenly started moving and attached itself to Seven-Three’s head. After that, Seven-Three blinked.

Seven-Three activated himself after a piece of his body move towards his head
Chapter 67 – A body piece of Seven-Three joined his head which made him activate himself

Seven-Three had the 3 crystals intact so we suspect that he now has the powers of Moro, Merus, and Vegeta. If it is true, then there are some ways in which he could be of use in the future.

How can Seven-Three’s powers be utilized in the future?

Right now, Seven-Three is under the custody of the Heeters. They’re using him to get data on the location of Zuno. They also got to know about the Dragon Balls and the Saiyans, Goku, and Vegeta, who defeated Moro.

When the main battle between Granolah Vs Goku and Vegeta takes place, the Saiyan Duo will definitely encounter the Heeters and notice that Seven-Three is still alive. With this in mind, it raises a question can Vegeta fuse Merus back with his angelic powers? I believe he can:

Merus could get his Angel abilities and powers back from Seven-Three

When they find out that he holds Merus’s powers inside him, Vegeta can use his Forced Spirit Fission technique to separate Merus’s powers from Seven-Three and return them to Merus. If this happens, Merus can get his Angel abilities and powers back. He could even acquire more God Ki since his memories of his time as an Angel are still intact. Being a mortal with Angelic powers, he could join the fight with Goku and Vegeta and defeat the evildoers, bringing peace and justice to the Galaxy once again.

Granolah could get his hands on Seven-Three

Another possibility is that Granolah, seeking help to get his revenge against Frieza and the Saiyans, could potentially use Seven-Three to help achieve his objective.

As of this moment, Granolah is the strongest warrior in the Universe. The Cerealian Dragon condensed all the power he could have gained in the remaining 147 years of his life and gave it to him. But now, he has only three years left to live. Seven-Three’s body and the powers inside him might be very useful to him. Even though Granolah has incredible strength and techniques, his lack of training could be his downfall later on.

Right now, he has no idea who is Seven-Three and what he is capable of. Once he finds out, he could steal him from the Heeters. He could use the body parts of Seven-Three and fuse them with himself to prolong his life and gain the powers stored. If he does this, He has the powers of Moro, Merus and Vegeta.

With Moro’s abilities, he could absorb the energy of his opponents. Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission technique would render any attempt of Goku and Vegeta fusing together unsuccessful. Merus’s Angelic abilities would make him unbelievably strong and fast. By this, Granolah could be successful in his hopes of avenging his fallen brethren.

What do you think of the potential uses of Seven-Three? Does he have Merus’s powers? If so, will Merus get his powers back or will Granolah step in and steals them for himself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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