OG-73i Mysterious Powers Explained: Dragon Ball Super


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from The Galactic Patrol Arc and Granolah the Survivor Arc of Dragon Ball Super Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

The Galactic Patrol arc introduced a formidable opponent known as Moro. He and his gang caused great disturbance to our heroes by wiping out the Namekians and almost destroying the galaxy. Goku, with his Mastered Ultra Instinct, was able to kill the goat monster once and for all.

Amongst the Moro corps, there’s a particular creature whose existence is still relevant in the “Granolah the Survivor” arc. OG73-i or Seven-Three played an important role in Moro becoming stronger to overcome Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission technique and even Goku’s Ultra Instinct Sign. Amongst the Galactic Bandit Brigade (Sangabo and his men), Seven-Three is the strongest. He holds a secret ability that baffled the likes of Piccolo and Ultimate Gohan.

He’s such an interesting character it even piqued the interest of the Heeters. Therefore, it’s time to go deep into the character and figure out why his presence is still relevant even now.

Who is OG73-i or Seven-Three?

Seven-Three is an artificially created humanoid created as a killing machine to obey his allies’ orders. This indicates that he has no free will. He was created on a planet with advanced science and technology along with the other OG Androids. They are originally under the command of Goichi, who wants to rule the 7th Universe. During one of their exploits, the Galactic Bandit Brigade stumbled upon Goichi and stole Seven-Three from him. Since then, he followed them and did whatever they told him.

Seven-Three was empty initially, but as time went on, they filled him with data and turned him into a powerhouse. This data includes all sorts of Intel such as locations, coordinates, and the ability to learn new techniques. Jaco says Seven-Three is already really strong.

Agent Merus and the other Galactic Patrol troops ambushed and arrested them, including Seven-Three. Later on, by using the Namekian Dragon Balls, Moro helped them to escape the Galactic Prison. Thenceforth, he became a loyal subordinate to Moro and gained useful abilities for him.

His planet of origin is still unknown.

Powers and Abilities

He has the usual abilities of fighters like flying and Ki-based attacks and skills. Apart from those, his key ability is the power to copy his target’s abilities and powers.

Copy Ability


Jaco on Seven-Three's key ability
Chapter 53 – Jaco explains Seven-Three’s ability

His body structure depends on data fed to him. Hence, Seven-Three has the ability to copy all the techniques and powers of people by grabbing the back of their necks. The word ‘power’ basically refers to the entire capabilities, abilities and physical strength of the person. In this case, it does not include Ki.

Piccolo's techniques stolen by Seven-Three
Seven-Three using Piccolo’s techniques

So when Seven-Three touched Piccolo’s neck, he was able to use his techniques like the Special Beam Cannon, arms extension, gigantification and also regeneration.

Copies the person as they are

Seven-Three copies the person as a whole
Chapter 56 – Shimorekka gives more details about Seven-Three’s copying ability

As explained by Shimorekka (one of Sangabo’s men) here, Seven-Three copies the person exactly the way he is at that moment. This means he copies the person’s physical strength and all his techniques & skills. While copying, the data about that person is stored in Seven-Three’s database as long as he lives.

Can use the copied techniques as accurate as the original user

The moves and abilities of the target are copied in totality by Seven-Three
Chapter 53 – Seven Three’s copied moves are just as accurate as the owner of the move

Jaco here explains that Seven-Three can use the copied abilities as efficiently as the original user. Piccolo did a lot of hard work and training to perfect and sharpen his special beam cannon. Even so, Seven-Three can use that move in the exact same strength and accuracy as Piccolo.

Can store up to three abilities at a time

Seven-Three can stock up to 3 abilities at a time
Chapter 54 – Seven-Three can store up to three abilities at a time

Whenever Seven-Three copies a person’s powers, that person’s image will appear in one of Seven-Three’s forehead crystals. Since he has three crystals in his forehead, he can store up to three people’s copied abilities at a time. If he wants to add another person’s abilities even after all three crystals are occupied, he either has to remove an ability that is already stored up or wait till he uses a stored up ability for 30 minutes before adding another one.

Can swap between the stored abilities during battle

Seven-Three can swap abilities and choose which he wants to use in a particular time
Chapter 56 – Seven Three can switch between abilities

Seven-Three can deactivate and switch between the 3 stored up abilities to conserve time. Which person’s ability he’s using in a particular moment in time can be seen by looking at the center crystal in his forehead. Before, he had Piccolo’s face in the middle crystal (in the above image). That means he can use Piccolo’s abilities at that moment. When later on he wanted to switch to Gohan’s abilities, he swaps Piccolo’s face with Gohan’s in the middle crystal and as we can see, he can now use Gohan’s abilities at that moment.

Further clarification on the 30 minute time-limit

As mentioned before, the stolen powers last for only 30 minutes. What this means is, when he uses a particular stolen power for a full 30 minutes, then only the power wears off and he cannot use it anymore. It’s the usage that counts. The stored-up powers won’t go off even if he had copied them more than 30 minutes ago. Let’s take an example:

Seven-Three arrives on Earth to help Moro absorb more power
Chapter 53 – Seven Three and the others arrive on Earth

Before Seven-Three arrived on Earth, he was on the planet belonging to some hedgehog-like humanoid aliens. There, he stole the powers of one of them who had warping abilities. Using that and the data coordinates of Earth, he arrived on the lookout. As you can see in the above image, he has that alien’s face on the center crystal. After that, he copied Piccolo’s powers by grabbing his neck.

Seven-Three grabbed Piccolo's neck, copying his powers and techniques
Chapter 53 – Seven Three copied Piccolo’s abilities

Since then, he’s been using Piccolo’s abilities as default. After 30 minutes of continuous usage, Piccolo’s powers in Seven-Three wore off.

After 30 minutes of usage, Seven-Three cannot use Piccolo's techniques any longer
Chapter 54 – Piccolo’s ability in Seven-Three wore off

After this, Shimorekka orders him to switch to Moro’s powers, which he had copied much earlier.

The powers of the hedgehog-like alien within Seven-Three are still intact
Chapter 54 – Seven Three swaps Moro’s power to the center crystal. Notice that the hedgehog-like alien’s powers are still there

As you can see in the image above, the hedgehog-like alien’s powers are still there, even though he copied that creature’s powers earlier than Piccolo’s, whereas Piccolo’s powers are gone. This shows that, only when Seven-Three fully utilizes that person’s powers for a complete half an hour, the powers will wear off. The other stored up powers are deactivated and exists on stand-by.

During the fight, Seven-Three switches between Gohan’s and Piccolo’s powers back and forth.

Infinite Stamina

Seven-Three has infinite stamina
Chapter 53

Just like the Androids created by Dr. Gero, Seven-Three too has infinite stamina and can go on using the copied attacks without stoppage. With these traits in him, he was able to overpower Piccolo in the beginning. Even though his skills might be at the same level as Piccolo, with his infinite stamina, he can tire his opponent out. As long as the target is on his own, Seven-Three can defeat him.

Storing Data

Seven=Three's data storage in action
Chapter 53 – Seven Three uses the data stored in him to find out about Earth

After stealing him from Goichi, Sangabo’s men fed him with data which made him into a powerhouse. When he copies someone’s power and abilities, he stores the data about that person in his hard drive. That data will continue to exist even after he loses the ability to use those abilities after 30 minutes of usage. And by his learning capacity, he could even learn how to use a stolen technique on his own. He learned the invisibility technique through that.

Seven-Three uses the invisibility technique which he learnt through a data about an invisible race
Chapter 56 – Seven Three learnt how to become invisible

Using his high data storage capacity, Moro was able to store a complete back-up of himself in Seven-Three’s hard drive. Not just his magic but his Ki as well. This is different from his copying ability. Because of this back-up and by consuming Seven-Three, Moro was able to regain the energy which he lost due to Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission technique.

High Endurance

Seven Three barely survives after Moro's death
Chapter 67 – Seven Three still survives the huge explosion after Moro dies

Seven-Three is capable of remaining active (albeit barely) even when half of his head remains.

Healing ability

Moro says Seven-Three has a healing ability
Chapter 65 – Moro said the Senzu beans were better than Seven-Three’s healing ability

Seven-Three must have copied a person who had healing abilities long back. Using the data about that person stored in his hard drive, I guess Seven-Three learned how to use the healing technique on his own. But he never got the chance to use it.


Even with such OP abilities, Seven-Three has shortcoming as well.

His copying ability will be useless against weak opponents

His main ability will be useless in this case. But, he doesn’t need to copy the abilities of a weaker opponent (he could just defeat him by himself).

He can’t absorb the power of artificial beings

Seven-Three cannot steal the energy of Androids
Chapter 56 – Seven Three can’t absorb the powers of Androids

Androids are artificial beings and they don’t have ordinary Ki.

Can only use one copied ability at a time

Seven-Three can only use one person's set of powers at a time
Chapter 56 – Seven Three can use one set of abilities at a time

Since he has to swap between abilities to use them, Seven-Three cannot use all three abilities simultaneously. If he wants to regenerate, he needs to swap to Piccolo’s abilities. In that time, the others can quickly attack him and rendered him motionless. That is why Gohan’s and Piccolo’s combo moves worked on him. Another disadvantage is that the opponent knows his abilities all too well (because it’s the same as the opponent’s abilities). So the opponent can easily maneuver through his attacks and hit on his weak spot.

Time Limit of 30 minutes

The time limit is an obvious disadvantage to Seven-Three. Once he used up the powers for 30 minutes, he cannot use them anymore. This gives the chance for the opponent to strike back. That’s why Jaco was saying to the others that keep him at bay for half an hour and then go on the offensive.

De-mobilization due to damaged crystals

OG Android rendered motion-less when Granolah shattered his crystal on the center of his forehead
Chapter 67 – an OG Android falls flat due to shattered crystal

No matter how strong Seven-Three or the OG Androids are; if the center crystal is shattered, they become useless. This is the same method that Goku used to defeat Moro once and for all. The crystal is where Seven-Three’s power lies. Even if the other side crystals are shattered, he’d still be standing. But if the center crystal is broken, he’s out.

Cannot contain Godly powers like the Angels’

Seven-Three is definitely weaker than Moro. If Moro cannot contain Merus’ powers inside his body, I doubt Seven-Three can.

Now that we’ve covered what is OG73-i and his abilities, let’s discuss what happened to him after the Moro arc and what could happen to him in the future.

What happened to Seven-Three after Moro died?

Surprisingly, after Moro passed on, Seven-Three somehow survived. Some particles of his body joined to his head and he started functioning.

Before Moro gobbled him up, Seven-Three had the powers of Piccolo, Gohan and Moro.

Before Moro absorbed him, Seven-Three had the abilities of Moro, Piccolo and Gohan
Chapter 56 – Seven Three had the powers of Moro, Piccolo and Gohan before Moro absorbed him

After the goat villain consumed him, his form changed. He had all the abilities of Seven-Three and more. He had three crystals – one on his head and two on each of his palms. Using the crystals on his palms, Moro copied the abilities of Vegeta and Merus.

Moro copied the powers of Vegeta and Merus
Left (Chapter 63) – Moro copied the powers of Merus
Right (Chapter 62) – Moro copied the powers of Vegeta

Unlike the OG Soldier, Moro didn’t have the time-limit problem. The abilities Seven-Three copied are forever with Moro as long as he lives. This could suggest that after Seven-Three survived, his copied abilities might be still intact.

The reasoning is, from the copied abilities’ point of view, no time had passed because Moro didn’t have the time-limit issue. So when Moro died and a huge explosion of energy took place, those powers were absorbed by Seven-Three (via his cells) because his three forehead crystals are intact.

We think that in the present moment, Seven-Three has the powers of Moro, Vegeta, and Merus. He hasn’t used any of them since Moro died so we believe they’re still intact and did not wear off yet. There’s still little time remaining for them to wear off. So this gives the opportunity for Merus or Granolah to get their hands on his powers. The Heeters can also analyze this data and use it to achieve their goals.

What do you think of OG73-i and how will his presence impact the Granolah arc? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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