What Happened To Merus In Dragon Ball Super?

Since the beginning of Tournament of Power it was mentioned that Angels are surprisingly more powerful than the Gods of Destruction themselves. As we dwell into the angel lore further we came to know that angels in Dragon Ball Super are not like angels we usually know. There are a certain set of rules they have to follow. The most important being that no angel is allowed to take sides in a battle and fight. And it does make sense. It would be a disaster if an angel decides to turn over the dark leaf. Like what happened with Zamasu.

But Zamasu was only a trainee God of Destruction. Angels on the other hand are born with powers beyond Gods. They are bound by rules so that they don’t interfere in the decisions the God of Destruction, which they are assigned to, makes. That way the Gods can balance the good and evil in the universe.

Merus was one such angel but he was still under training of the Grand Priest. He too was similarly bound to rules. Amidst his training the Grand Priest ordered him to gain some experience and insight about mortals and their way of life, so that he could learn to guide the next God of Destruction he’ll be assigned to. That’s why he was sent to join the Galactic Patrol. In the force, Merus quickly raised himself to the higher ranks with his skills.

Merus training Goku
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But doing all the detective work made him develop a sense of justice. He started thinking about right and wrong and differentiating between them. Though it was important, he was not to meddle in them as per the rules. Even though he held the Angel rules in high regard he was still ready to fight at full power to train Goku. If Whis hadn’t stopped the fight then the trainee angel would have faded away back then.

The Angel rules are also the reason why we never saw Whis raising his hands against Goku and Vegeta during their training. It was also partially because both of their powers combined were still not enough to even scratch the angel.

So when Merus decided to fight against Moro on earth due to his sense of justice. His fate was sealed. That was the reason why Beerus and Whis rushed to earth to save him but they were too late. He had already started to fade. Ultimately Merus fades out completely and gets erased from existence. So now unless the Grand Priest decides to bring Merus back to life it is highly unlikely that we will see the righteous angel again.

Merus disappears after fighting with Moro, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63

The thing which is bothers us in this entire scenario is that when Beerus saw Merus fading he wasn’t surprised. That could mean that this situation has happened before too. And that’s why there are only a limited number of angels. Could that also be the reason why there are a limited number of universes? Let us know what you think about this in the comment section.

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