Dragon Ball Super Just Erased This Character From Existence

Merus training Goku

Most of the deaths in the Dragon Ball Universe can be undone by wishing upon the dragon balls. However, some of these deaths hit us hard. This time around one such “erasure” of a character has made Goku really angry and on the verge of a rage transformation!

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super focuses on the fight post Merus interfering in the battle between Goku and Moro. He teleports all the Z fighters to secure location with Dende and continues fighting. However, the downside of an angel entering the fight is that they’re bound to get erased from existence.

Initially, Merus avoids fighting hand to hand with Moro. He uses a staff similar to Goku’s extending pole from Dragon Ball. It almost literally functions in the same way. He can also call the pole to himself with a wave of his hand, similar to Thor calling Mjolnir. Merus’s stand against Moro surprises Jaco. Jaco being unaware of Merus’ true identity and his winning stand against Moro gives him a faint hope that they could win. With Dende healing Goku partially, he informs the Saiyan that the angel Merus’ is fighting Moro. Being aware of the fact that any angel taking sides and fighting seriously is dangerous , Goku rushes to the battlefield.

But by the time he arrives on the battlefied, Merus had already begun fading away.

Goku pleads to the angel to stop fighting and jumps in to take on the villain. Moro once again simply punches Goku out on the other side. As Merus fades out, Moro tries to copy his abilities which are thwarted by Merus who cuts Moros hand and then breaks the copying crystal in both his hands.

Merus telling Goku why he chose to fight Moro

Merus then tells Goku the reason why he chose to sacrifice himself. Thanks to Goku and the galactic patrol, Merus had come to understand mortal beings and their innate ability to fight for what’s right even though they lack the power and strength to do so. They come together and fight with every ounce of their will and keep the galaxy safe. Both galactic patrol and Goku avoid taking life and try to rehabilitate the criminals. They try to bring out the good in all.

This has helped Merus to develop a sense of justice within him. That is why he can’t sit back and just be a watcher when he has the power to help people. And as Merus is talking to Goku and fighting Moro simultaneously, he manages to break the final copy crystal in Moros’ head. Merus also informs Goku that his training hasn’t been to waste. At his current strength, Goku can achieve the most stable form of Mastered Ultra Instinct. After that, there wouldn’t be anyone who could stand against him and then Merus finally vanishes out of existence. This makes Beerus a bit dejected and Whis to exclaim that Merus indeed was a troublesome little brother, all the while trying to keep a stoic expression.

Merus disappears after fighting with Moro, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63

The parting with his friend and teacher was indeed a very emotional moment for Goku. From the looks of it Goku is set to go berserk and break his limiters perfecting the UI mode. However, the fact that it comes at the cost of a character is a sad thing. What are your feelings after Merus disappeared helping the Z fighters stop Moro? Do you think we’ll be able to see him soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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