Black Clover: Who Is Megicula?


The devils have been gaining quite some popularity lately in all the Black Clover universe’s kingdoms, and for no good reason. Riding on these devils’ powers, the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom is openly at war with the other kingdoms, even taking up most of the bases in the Diamond Kingdom. But, the most infamous entity that sent terrors across to the Clover Kingdom without even making an appearance is who we’re going to talk about today.

Megicula’s identity & powers

Megicula is a notorious devil known for cruel experimentation with magic on humans. It finds humans “interesting” because they come up with ways to surprise it. Like all other devils, Megicula also has immense magical powers and Curse-Warding Magic. It uses this magic to curse people and even spirits. It ruthlessly kills off the people it has cursed if they lose its interest. Megicula can also grant revival ability to people through its host.

All the devils need hosts to exist in the human realm, and so is the case with Megicula. So who is the host?

About Megicula’s host, Vanica

The cold-bloodedness of Megicula is something it has in common with Vanica. Vanica is a member of the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom. She, along with Dante and Zenon, possess the highest ranking devils. Currently, Vanica can draw 70% of Megicula’s power. She can also use the Curse-Warding Magic, or use the devil’s power to increase her own Blood Magic.

Megicula's host Vanica

Megicula’s appearances/mentions

So far, we have only heard of or seen Megicula at a handful of instances.

  • Noelle comes to know that her mother, Acier Silva, fought Megicula years ago after the devil had taken a child hostage. This fight led to her being cursed. She eventually died of the same after giving birth to Noelle. Only a few people knew the real reason behind her death as the curse affects whoever speaks about it.
  • Gordon’s family, the Agrippas, had made a pact with Megicula concerning curses centuries before Acier was cursed. No further details have been disclosed about this.
  • Vanica and Megicula infiltrated the Heart Kingdom and cursed the queen, Lolopechika.
  • In the Spade Kingdom Arc, Vanica once again fought against Lolopechika accompanied by Noelle, Secre, and Undine.

People affected by Megicula’s curse

As mentioned above, Noelle’s mother, Acier Silva, is the first person (known) to be cursed by Megicula. She was a valiant woman, always on the frontlines of battles and even more powerful than Mereoleona. Lolopechika is shown to interest Megicula as well and is cursed too. Megicula also causes Lolopechika’s plan to remove the curse on her belly with Secre, Noelle, and Undine. At the end of the battle, not only do all of them get hurt, but the Water Spirit Undine gets cursed too. Megicula is overjoyed as this is the first time it has cursed a spirit.

Megicula's curse on Lolopechika

Clash of two devils: Megicula vs. Zagred?

Zagred is the only devil the Clover Kingdom knights had fought with until some time before. He is the devil responsible for the massacre of the elves and destruction in the Reincarnation Arc. This devil has the power of Word Magic, which allows him to use words to attack opponents. If we see on the surface and compare Zagred and Megicula’s powers, it seems obvious that Zagred is stronger than Megicula.

It has been a long going debate about which one of Megicula and Zagred is more powerful. Lolopechika has the answer to that (Black Clover episode 129):

Lolopechika tells about Megicula

Megicula is stronger than Zagred! Lolopechika stated that only Arcane and Stage Zero mages stand a chance, if any, against the Spade Kingdom’s devil. Even though Lemiel, Licht, Asta, Yami, and Yuno were all required to beat Zagred, for starters, Megicula’s 100% powers are still an unknown.

Megicula managed to defeat Acier Silva and also Lolopechika, Undine, and Gadjah of the Heart Kingdom. The points to note are that Lolopechika has mana that flows throughout the kingdom, Undine is the Water Magic Spirit, and Gadjah is a Spirit Guardian who is as powerful as Julius. In the last fight with Lolopechika, Megicula also declared that it broke Arcane Stage magic. It is important to remember that Arcane Stage Magic was supposed to be the trump card against the Spade Kingdom.

Additionally, it is known that the Dark Triad are hosts to the top-ranking devils of the Underworld. So, Megicula is definitely stronger than Zagred. What do you think about Megicula’s powers? Isn’t there a lot of secrets to uncover here? Let me know in the comments!

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