How Many Devils Does Nacht Have? Identities And Powers Explained

All you need to know about the devils of Nacht, the strange Vice Captain of the Black Bulls, who showed up as an ace in the Spade Kingdom arc

When Asta felt he had lost all hope to rescue Yami, a figure in a cloak stopped him from plunging himself into death. Although he seemed pretty suspicious, he helped put some sense into Asta. He also decided to help him and the Black Bulls, despite his apparent hate for Yami.

This mysterious person called himself Nacht, the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls.

He stunned Asta by his powerful magic but also something else. What was so different about Nacht? Just like Secre, Nacht had wegs growing on his head! Not only that, but he also had a devil accompanying him. What we didn’t expect was that this strange person had more than one devil with him.

How many devils does Nacht have?

Nacht is a host to four devils. These devils are Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and another unknown devil. He unleashed his devils in their masked form at the Magic Squad Captains and the Wizard King.

Nacht's four devils

These devils seem to be a reference to the German story Town Musicians of Bremen. Tabata is always fond of making references to different tales, so it is no surprise the four devils’ appearances are based on the characters in Town Musicians of Bremen. In the story, a dog, cat, rooster, and donkey work together.

The traits and forms of the devils also seem to be like the characters of the story. Nacht made contracts with these devils by the Devil Binding Rituals. He summons these devils using relics linked to each of them.

It allows the devils to temporarily take form in the human world, which is otherwise not possible.

Devil relics

This is different from Asta’s condition. Nacht’s devils live in the Underworld but appear when Nacht summons them due to their contract. On the other hand, Asta’s devil Liebe resides in his grimoire itself. Asta doesn’t need to summon him because he already exists in the human realm. Thus, Asta and his devil’s situation is completely different.

Nacht’s devils

Nacht’s devils take a chibi form when he is not drawing powers from them. He uses the relics to summon the devils and draw their power. Until now, he is shown to be able to draw only one devil’s power at a time.

Nacht's devils

He can don various Devil Union forms as well, and each form gives him different abilities according to the fight. So far, we have seen three of these forms.


Nacht can use “Devil Union Mode: Canis” with Gimodelo. As the name suggests, this form gives a dog-like appearance to Nacht. It can even be called a witty form like the dog. It allows Nacht to create clones using the “Pack” spell. The clones look like dogs but have ki similar to that of Nacht. These clones are made of shadows and can slip into shadows when required. They don’t disappear until Nacht is defeated.


The next form gives a tough armor to Nacht. In “Devil Union Mode: Equus,” Nacht dons huge shields and a hard layer of shadow armor. This mode can even fend off Dante’s attacks. It also boosts Nacht’s physical resilience and can withstand Dante’s use of Gravity Magic.


“Devil Union Mode: Felis” is exactly what it sounds like. It gives Nacht a cat-like appearance and features. This form is also suitable for stealth purposes and fast movement because it has a ninja-like boost. It provides the power of Agility to Nacht, increasing his speed multifold. In this form, he can also dodge fast attacks.


We had guessed that Nacht’s fourth and last devil is related to the rooster from the German tale related to Nacht. It came true when Black Clover revealed that Walgner has a red rooster shaped-mask. Walgner’s union is the Union Mode: Gallus. Using the Crow form, Nacht can momentarily paralyze his opponents by a loud rooster-like noise.

What is Nacht’s own magic?

Nacht has the innate magic of Shadow Magic. He can use it as spatial magic to transport from one place to another. He also uses it to physically restrain people in shadows as well as slip in and out of shadows himself.

Another use of Shadow Magic is to immobilize people using shadows. A special spell also allows him to have a clairvoyance type of ability.

Nacht's shadow magic

His magical power is enhanced due to his contract with the devils, even allowing him to transport a group of people from the Clover Kingdom to the Spade Kingdom.

What is Nacht’s last devil form, and do you think we will see it soon? And will Asta also get more devils like Nacht? Let us know!


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