Black Clover: What Happened To Nacht’s Brother?

The enigmatic vice-captain of Black Bulls, Nacht, has a few bones inside his closet (literally) - one of them being his brother, Morgen.

One of the most mysterious characters in Black Clover is Nacht. He popped out of nowhere, claiming to not also be the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls but also having extensive knowledge of devils, the Spade Kingdom, and the Clover Kingdom itself.

To top it off, he is a pragmatic person with extreme preferences in people and situations at all times. He hates Yami for being messy but likes Asta for his honesty and goodness. He even goes as far as chiding the Magic Squad Captains in a meeting with the Wizard King!

However, he proves to be a blessing in disguise (literally) because he helps Asta, the Black Bulls, and the Clover Kingdom prepare for their counterattack. He reveals little information about him, and it is evident that he has a few lingering shadows of the past.

This article attempts to untangle one of the knots from Nacht’s past: what happened to his brother and how his relationship with his brother changed him. 

Who is Nacht’s brother, Morgen Faust?

Morgen was a Light Magic mage who joined the Grey Deer squad of magic knights. He was great friends with Yami, who was in the same brigade with him. Yami was also friends with Nacht.

Black Clover revealed a tragic back story for Nacht with his younger brother, Morgen. Both of them were twin sons of the noble family Faust, but they were on the opposite ends when it came to attitudes.

Nacht and Morgen were polar opposites

Morgen was kind and orderly while Nacht was a selfish delinquent. Even their magic attributes were completely different. Morgen had Light Magic and Nacht had Shadow Magic. It even fits with their names because Morgen and Nacht mean morning and night, respectively.

But when we saw this story unfold, weirdly enough, it jumbled up their appearances. Right? Well, no.

Morgen had black hair originally and despite the current Nacht sporting the same, he had white hair in the past. Since they look exactly the same other than their hair, it was bewildering to get hold of the past and Nacht’s identity.

Nacht had white hair earlier

What happened to Nacht’s brother?

Nacht’s brother, Morgen, succumbed to death after fighting the devil Lucifugus.

The Faust family seemed noble on the outside, but they dabbled in Forbidden Magic secretly. Turns out, Nacht had a knack (okay, I agree it’s a bad joke) for becoming a devil host. He tamed four devils and ironically earned the title of the prodigal son.

On the other hand, Morgen joined the magic knights to protect the kingdom with his fabulous talents. He diligently worked for the greater good, until the magic knights found out about the Fausts’ secret.

Nacht dabbled in forbidden magic while Morgen joined the magic knights

Morgen had known it all along, but he tried to look away. He couldn’t anymore, though.

He interrupted his family amidst a very dangerous ritual to contract with a high-ranking devil, Lucifugus. They felt that Nacht could do it, but it was evident that the ritual was going out of hand – and turning fatal.

It did too; Nacht and Morgen’s parents were instantly killed. Seeing this, Morgen jumped into action in a jiffy. He broke the relic on Nacht’s wrist that facilitated the ritual.

Morgen saved Nacht

Certainly, there had to be repercussions of third-party interference in such a ritual. The backlash of his action was so massive that Morgen lost his life protecting Nacht. Before closing his eyes forever, Morgen expressed his lifelong wish to Nacht.

He had wanted to stand by Nacht and protect the kingdom with him.

How did Nacht’s relationship with Morgen affect him?

There’s no question that this incident completely flipped Nacht’s life on its head. He joined the magic knights and even became the Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls.

However, there is a deeper change in Nacht that we can trace. Perhaps he wanted to fill the place of Morgen so bad that he got his hair black and joined the magic knights. After all, in his eyes, Morgen was valuable and he was expendable. It was him who had made the Clover Kingdom lose a precious asset. 

Nacht's views

Morgen’s death also drastically shaped Nacht’s views. Even if he was a devil host, he also began hating people who used their powers to harm others, especially good people like Morgen. He was keen on good people getting what they deserve.

When his brother was alive, Nacht criticized his way of living. Unfortunately, it took Morgen’s death for him to realize that it was just his inferiority complex all this while. He was scared of standing next to Morgen in case he tarnishes his shine.

He admitted that he really loved his brother, Morgen. Maybe the reason why Nacht hates Yami is how similar yet different he thinks they are. They both have similar magic types and recklessness but Yami was still miles away from Nacht.

They even said the same line about surpassing their limits. Yami represented everything Nacht could (and should?) have been.

Nacht's past affected him

So, that was the sad story behind Nacht’s origins. I would love to see how Yami reacted to Morgen’s death.

And it seems that we will get their reunion soon too! What did you think of this story? Let us know in the comments.

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