Asta & Magic Knights Have Three Days To Save Yami & Vangeance!

yami and vangeance black clover

The following article contains spoilers from Black Clover manga chapter 263. Read ahead at your own discretion.

Yami and Vangeance are currently under the custody of the Dark Triad in the Spade Kingdom. Thanks to the intel collected by Black Bull’s vice captain Nacht, we have an idea of what the Dark Traid are planning. In the previous chapter, Nacht arrived with Asta in tow to attend the emergency council of the Magic Knight captains.

In the latest chapter of Black Clover, Nacht divulges a great deal about what the Dark Traid are planning. It was revealed earlier that the Dark Triad are planning to open a door to the underworld. And in order to make that happen, they need to carry out the ritual of Advent of Qliphoth.

The core of this ritual would require sacrificial offerings. This is the reason behind Yami and Vangeances capture. As catalysts for the Advent of Qliphoth, Yami and Vangeance will have to die. However, this won’t take place until the ritual is completed and the Gate to the underworld is opened. From the information that Nacht was able to gather acting as a spy in the Spade Kingdom, he estimates that Yami and Vangeance have three more days to live.

So, the magic knights and Clover Kingdom have to positively invade the Spade Kingdom and rescue the two captains within that time frame. However, the situation is not going to be easy.

yami and vangeance manga

Earlier in the chapter, we see how Nacht was able to subdue the Magic Knight captains with relative ease using his devils. But even though he is extremely strong, Nacht admits that he won’t be able to defeat the Dark Triad on his own. Nacht seems to harbor a deep hatred for the Dark Triad. He brands them as scum who hurt others without a second thought in order to get what they desire. They have no sense of justice and are pure unbridled evil. However, even though the Black Bulls vice captain vows not to forgive them or let them go scot-free, his pragmatism makes him realise that he would not be able to defeat the trio of devil hosts on hiw own.

And so, he proposes to use Asta as the Magic Knight’s ultimate warrior against the Dark Triad. Nacht plans to build an elite force around Asta, who can defeat the devil and mount an assault on the Spade Kingdom. He intends to destroy the tree of Qliphoth and retake Yami and Vangeance before the gate opens.

Asta’s anti-magic would play a key role in the fight agains the Triad according to Nacht. Anti-magic holds the potential to nullify the powers of the devil hosts of the Spade Kingdom and would help Clover Magic Knights to defeat them. It needs to be seen who would be a part of the Elite squad that Nacht speaks of and how exactly they would launch an attack on Spade Kingdom.

The Dark Triad would be expecting a rescue of operation of sorts from the Clover Kingdom. But with the valuable intel that Nacht had collected over time, it seems that the Magic Knights would surely be able to overcome the Dark Triad and their sinister goals. We could also get to know a lot about devil hosts and their powers and other such secrets in the upcoming chapters of Black Clover.

Who do you think would be part of elite squad? Can Asta overcome his limits again and gain control of the devil inside him? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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