Black Bulls Vice Captain Reveals Why He Never Made An Appearance In Black Clover

And its because he hates one particular member of the Black Bulls squad!

Nacht, the vice captain of Black Bulls, was revealed very recently in the manga of Black Clover. He is yet to make an appearance in the anime. It is strange for an important charater as the vice captain of magic knight squad to be suddenly revealed so late in the manga. What exactly was Nacht upto all this time and why was he never seen at the secret hideout of the Black Bulls?

Well the reason for the same was revealed in the latest chapter of Black Clover manga!

Nacht has only ever been in the hide-out of the Black Bulls once. The main reason for him to stay away was because he hated Yami! Yes, you read it right. The vice captain of the Black Bulls hates Yami and that’s the main reason why he never visited hide out. That and he was acting as an undercover agent in the Spade Kingdom this whole time so he never really had the time to make an appearance.

Nacht reveals that he hates Yami
Nacht has no love for Yami

From what we have seen so far, Nacht is a pragmatic and logical person. Like Asta he is also the host of a devil named Gimodeli. Nacht has offered to teach Asta how to unleash and master the powers of the devil he houses in his body. However, he was wise enough to not let the headfast magic knight rush into danger. Nacht was sure that Yami would not die soon (and he admits that this fact irritated him) and offers to train Asta before they set out to rescue the captain of the Black Bulls.

With Yami and Vangeance captured by the Dark Triad, the other captains of the the Magic Knight squads call an emergency conference to discuss their plan of action. All captains are riled up and are motivated to enough to fight and take down the Dark Triad in order to rescue Yami and Vangeance. However, Nacht makes a last minute appearance, carrying Asta with him, in the turbulent conference and asks the other members to remain calm.

Nacht with Asta Black Clover

Nacht hates people who are not organised or pragmatic like him. And moreso, he doesn’t have any problem expressing his opinion to them with a straight face. However, knowing that he was undercover in the Spade Kingdom all this time, Nacht might have gathered enough intelligence on the enemies to come up with a plan to defeat them.

What could Nacht propose to the Magic Knight captains and Magic emperor gather at the conference? Does he have an ace up his sleeve? Also why was Asta brought to the conference of the Magic Knight captains? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!!

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