Black Clover: Who Is Asta’s Mother? Is She Dead?

Asta was raised by Father Orsi and Sister Lily in the remote village Hage of the Forsaken Realm. He was surrounded by orphans, just like him, with whom he shares a bond closer than blood. Even though Asta and Yuno were abandoned at the church of Hage on the same day, the vast gulf between their innate magic remained a mystery to unfold.

The recent chapters shed a bit of light on both of their origins, one of the most important being the reveal of Asta’s mother. We see Asta’s mother in the flashbacks & memories of Asta’s devil, Liebe. Asta’s mother was the foster mother of Liebe, as well. So, who is this person?

Who is Asta’s mother?

In Black Clover Chapter 270, it is revealed that Licita is Asta’s mother. Asta highly resembles her. She was a seemingly ordinary woman in the village a weird body that absorbed mana and life force. Asta and his mother both have the same attitude towards people, ideologies, appearance, and approach to things.

The resemblance of Asta with his mother

What Happened to Asta’s Mother?

Asta’s mother Licita was killed by Lucifero as she tried to protect Liebe from him. Lucifero was trying to take over Liebe’s body so that he could exist in the human world without any drawbacks. Asta does not know this connection between his mother, Liebe and Lucifero.

Lucifero is currently lending powers to the Dark Triad’s Dante. This adds even more depth to the rivalry between Asta and Dante. But before we go into detail about Licita and Liebe, let’s take a look at Licita’a weird condition and what forced her to abandon Asta.

Licita’s weird body and powers:

Asta’s mother, Licita, was a woman full of love and compassion. But her body was the exact opposite. She had a weird body that absorbed mana and life force out of any living thing around her. For this reason, she was resented and shunned by the villagers.

Hence, she was forced to live on the outskirts of her village. However, all this did not stop her from being a kind and helpful person. Her magic was unique too. She could fit anything and anyone provided they’re mana-less inside something else. This ability allowed her to carry anything immaterial of its size, shape, weight, etc. But a question that kept jabbing at us was:

Why did Licita abandon Asta?

Licita abandoned Asta at the Church of Hage because otherwise, her body would have sucked out his life force. Even if Asta did not have any mana, her weird condition left her with no choice, but to abandon him to let him live. I can even connect Licita’s ability to Asta being the only one without mana. Maybe in the time Asta was with his mother, her body had already sucked his mana, leaving her with no choice but to leave him in someone’s care.

Licita saves Liebe

After she had abandoned Asta, she luckily came across someone else that gave her company. This person rescued her from being hurt by being all on her own. And maybe even helped her with her deep feelings of regret over leaving her son.

Licita and Liebe

On a random day, Licita came across a small devil child lying exhausted, waiting for his death. This devil had been bullied nonstop in the Underworld and then thrown to the human realm by higher-ranking devils. The humans ostracized him, and were scared of him even though he was harmless.

He was chased around despite having no ill intentions. When he had given up on his horrible life, Licita took him in. She adopted him as her son and named him Liebe. When Liebe asked Licita if she wasn’t scared of him, she just replied that both of them were hated. Her body didn’t allow her to be near anyone but since Liebe was a devil without mana, she couldn’t harm him.

Licita Liebe 1

Both of them found recluse and comfort in each other. They grew happy and cheerful; spending good times together. It was as if both of them existed to give a life purpose to each other.

However, this didn’t last long. The strongest devil, Lucifer, came to know that Liebe existed in the human realm. He wanted to grab this opportunity and started taking over Liebe’s body to wreak havoc in the human world. But Licita fought him before Liebe could fully be overtaken. She managed to ward off Lucifer, receiving a fatal wound in the process.

In her extreme regret over letting her son Asta go, she sealed Liebe in a five-leaf grimoire she had chanced upon. She told him to get bigger and stronger in the book before succumbing to the wound.

Licita Liebe

Asta and Liebe

The five-leaf grimoire ended up with Asta at his Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. Over the time, Asta figured out how to partly borrow the power of the devil.

In the recent chapters, Liebe was revealed in his true form for the Devil Binding Ritual under Nacht’s guidance. He is still a child, just like Asta. But, unlike Asta, he is full of malice and hatred for the devils (especially Lucifer) for his miserable life and the death of Licita. He wanted to kill them even if he had to steal Asta’s body for it. But Asta defeated him and made an equal contract with him. They also achieved the Devil Union form for beating Nacht and are training to prolong it against the Dark Triad.

Asta and Liebe 1

Liebe notices that Asta behaved a lot like his mother, Licita, before finally realizing that he really is her son. Asta thanked him with his heart, told him the same words of all devils not being evil, and even thought of him kindly. That added to their uncanny similar appearance made him realize that Asta is not some random kid.

He called it destiny to end up with foster brother. This probably also soothed his troubled heart that had accumulated negativity in all the years of being sealed in the grimoire. However, he did not reveal Licita being his mother to Asta yet.

Who can be Asta’s father?

While the identity of Asta’s mother came to light, that of his father still remains in the dark. There are multiple theories going around, so it will definitely be a huge reveal when it happens. It might even have some important implications in the plot if his father was a significant character.

A/N: So. I low-key felt terrible about the whole abandonment situation, and then Licita dying before even knowing her boy grown up. But I think Licita had no choice. I think Licita would be proud of the boy Asta has grown into. :’) He might be noisy, but he’s a very kind and hard-working person. I am also glad Liebe will be able to tell Asta about their mother someday. AND they can be cute dorky brothers together! We stan two good boys. <3

The Black Clover Manga is in the midst of the Spade Kingdom & Dark Triad Arc, while the anime adaptation will start the same arc probably in January. Here’s me waiting for that and when this year will finally end:

Liebe 1

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