AOT Chapter 138: Jean & Connie’s Fate Revealed

Jean and Connie are destined to go through every suffering together, even the latest one.


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Attack on Titan chapter 138. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Jean and Connie have been through thick and thin since the day they joined the Survey Corps. They saw their closest comrades (read Sasha) and superiors succumb first to titans, and then to humans.

Regardless, they still stuck to their objectives without faltering and looking out for each other in their own way.

Their determination was tested in the recent events when they had to take up arms against Eren, who was a close friend turned enemy. The reason? Eren had made Genocide his objective.

This was not an easy decision to make. But even so, Jean and Connie chose the bleak option of saving the world against huge odds. Call it the scout mentality.

After going through all this trouble (and some great character development, at least for Jean) you would expect them to have a good ending. Well, you end up wishing for a good ending even after knowing that this is Attack on Titan you are reading. And that’s where the problem lies.

The spoilers for Attack on Titan chapter 138 are making the rounds on the web. These leaks confirm what happened to Jean and Connie in the latest chapter. It is certainly not something that we foresaw.

What happened to Jean and Connie:

Jean and Connie were converted into Titans in Attack on Titan chapter 138. They are still alive as Titans, and there is still a slight possibility that they might turn back into humans IF Ymir decides to lift the curse.

Jean Connie Titan form 1024x601 1

But wait, how did they even turn into Titans you wonder.

In the previous chapter, Armin had transformed into the Colossal Titan to blow up Eren’s Attack Titan and put a stop to the Rumbling completely. However, Eren survived this explosion.

But it was not just Eren who survived. The mysterious Hallucigenia, which is the primary source of power behind the Titans, somehow managed to get separated from Eren’s Titan. This spine (or catterpillar) is the main culprit behind the titanization of Jean and Connie.

The Hallucigenia lands at the foot of Fort Slava and releases a gas that has the power to convert everyone present there into Titans. The Ackermans and the Titan Shifters are spared from the effects of this gas, however, Jean, Connie, Gabi, Karina, Annie’s Father and others get converted into Titans.

This is a very Isayama-like thing to do. Were we wrong to expect that something happy will happen at the end? Maybe we were. After all, Yams seems hellbent on opening that Sauna of his!

The pain is real:

What tears us up the most is Connie and Jean’s interaction moments before they are converted into Titan in chapter 138. With arms on each other’s shoulders, they contemplate the hopeless situation with a calm mind. It is horrifying and dark but also heartbreaking at the same time.

Connieand jean AOT chapter 138

Jean only wanted to live a normal life. He apparently wanted none of this. He and Connie would argue that he was guilt-tripped into joining the Survey Corps.

Maybe these two surviving all those near-death experiences, even during the Rumbling, allowed us to dream. A dream, that unfortunately wouldn’t come true.

Just when they thought they had won, reality (or the Hallucigenia) sucker-punched them. Connie noticed that the gas they were inhaling was similar to the one dispatched in Ragako. As both he and Jean grasped the truth, they heartily placed their trust in fellow Scout members to see things through.

One could argue that their deaths (why are we assuming they died though? Of course, they will live right?) would give no meaning to the character development that Jean and Connie got throughout the series. Jean especially.

He dreamt of living a happy life with Mikasa. After the recent events in the manga, fans began shipping him with Pieck. But none of these ships would apparently come true.

Unless Ymir turns them back into humans the next chapter.

That’s not an impossible situation. But one needs to question if Ymir really is in control now. Because, as far as we know it, the Hallucinogen was responsible for converting Jean, Connie and everyone else on Fort Slava into Titans.

If the Hallucinogen is killed, will the Titans disappear? Will they turn back to your humans? The chapter left us on yet another cliffhanger with everyone questioning what happened to Eren and reveling in the Eremika ship that kind of got confirmed.

Well, with tears welling in our eyes and a numb brain with no power to construct theories on the ending anymore, here’s us leaving you all with a picture to remind you of these three friends in Attack On Titan!!

Sasha,Connie and Jean

Sayonara bakayaro? If you don’t come back, we’ll surely be super heart-broken!

What are your thoughts on Jean and Connie being converted into Titans in chapter 138? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

  • Well.. Pieck doesn’t have that much time left to live so she might let Jean eat her so he would become the new titan shifter.
    And Reiner would probably let Gabi have Armored Titan’s power.

  • This stupid article spoiled me for the anime. I was trying to look when Jean and Connie were drunk in a previous episode, and was literally spoiled RIGHT in the Google Results. I assume it’s because they freaking BOLDED that they turn into titans, so Google showed that sentence in the results. I’m so mad. I should’ve read the manga a while ago, but still, this is so dumb.

  • I think that Ymir will let them live because its kind of obvious Gabi will live since Gabi and Falco have some type of relationship meaning if Gabi comes back then everybody else will.
    Boom everybody comes back and everybody will get to live a good life

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