An Interesting Take On Sasha’s Last Words In Attack On Titan

sasha dead

With Episode 8, one of the most painful scenes in Attack on Titan has been animated. Sasha Blouse succumbed to bullet injuries after being shot by Gabi Braun.

While her last words were a perfect farewell to this courageous and bright character, a very popular theory has made its round which portrays them in a different way. What’s more, is that the OST vouches for this theory as well.

Manga spoilers ahead, read ahead at your own discretion!

Sasha’s last words: was it really meat she was calling for?

We all know about Sasha and her love for meat. However, there is another person that Sasha has particularly grown fond of. Its Niccolo, a former Marleyan naval soldier (now a PoW) who, in Yelena’s words, is a “master of Marleyan cuisine”. Can you see why she liked him?

Niccolo was your average Marleyan soldier with a hate for Eldians. However, as he saw how Sasha appreciated his cooking and looked at him beyond his race, he found comfort in her.

Kaya, the adoptive sister of Sasha (the girl whom she saved in season 2) sheds light on Sasha and Niccolo’s relationship. Turns out, there was a high possibility that they were in love.

It does make sense as it gets obvious as the story progresses that Niccolo felt strongly for Sasha.

From Sasha’s end, unfortunately, we would now never know the truth. However, we can assume that she probably talked about Niccolo with happiness, or else Kaya wouldn’t make a statement so bold.

Kaya telling Gabi and Falco, who are disguised, about Niccolo and Sasha’s dynamic.

Now to the heart wrenching part. The first half of Niccolo is pronounced the same as meat in Japanese- niku. This lead to many believing that this was a wordplay on Isayama’s end.

Furthermore, the fact that she died before completing her words has become a popular argument that she was, in fact, calling out to Niccolo.

Therefore, Sasha, in her last moments could be thinking about two things she loves: “niku”, and Niccolo. Makes sense?

While we could be reading too much into it, her relationship with Niccolo is a testimony to this. In fact, the Original Sound Track used in this scene is “Call Your Name”‘s more orchestral instrumental.

“Call Your Name” and using it for Sasha’s death

“Call Your Name” is the 15th track in the 2013 Attack on Titan Original Soundtrack album by Hiroyuki Sawano. To me, it seems as if the instrumental was made more melancholic to fit the scene.

Though only music, it was hard not to think about the lyrics. At the exact scene where Mikasa and Armin are sobbing over Sasha, these are the lyrics-

call your name
via Genius

While this song has been used in many different situations in the anime let’s discuss its usage in this situation.

If Sasha was truly calling out to Niccolo, then the lines “oh, where is my lover?/ And I got no power” allude to Niccolo’s belief that she saved him for war as seen below:

Our lovely Sasha had the capability of making anyone love her. ):

Never have I ever seen a ship sail and sink this fast.

Despite everthing, Sasha’s death was extremely emotional and painful. Now that the fandom is on a witch hunt against Gabi, do you think Sasha would be so bitter to a brainwashed, 12 year old if she were to survive?

On the other hand, in Jean’s words, this wouldn’t have happened if Eren did not put the Survey Corps in this situation. Regardless of your stance, remember Attack on Titan is based on the urge to understand different perspectives.

From saving a young girl with no ODM gear to dedicating herself fully to the Corps’ cause, Sasha was a capable soldier we all loved. Sayonara, Sasha. We hope you rest easy.

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