Best 15 Strongest Black Clover Magic Types Ranked

As a series whose cornerstone is magic, it goes without saying that there is a need to know what the strongest Black Clover magic types. Worry not, because we have got you covered on that front!

Strongest Magic Types In Black clover

Much of Black Clover’s plot relies upon magic, and hence, a variety of magic types exist too. They range from simple things like Water to more complex ones like Spatial. As a plot point, Black Clover magic types has reflected character development in quite a few instances; take Noelle receiving Undine, for example. So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise when we try to rank the strongest Black Clover magic types in the series.

So, the massive range of spells the characters use is as fascinating as the characters themselves. But what if we took away everything else and only looked at these Black Clover magic types?

Before the gears of your brain kick in at full speed, we can easily say that there’s plenty to discuss about these Black Clover magic types. Since we already ranked the all-time top 15 strongest Black Clover characters, we set out to rank the strongest Black Clover magic types this time.

Before we begin, let’s address the first name that popped up in your mind when you saw the title:

About Anti-Magic

There are several reasons why the following ranking of the strongest Black Clover magic types does not include Anti-Magic. The first reason is that Anti-Magic is not a magic type. Its name literally means not magic. 

Now, before you cancel me and/or click out of this article – hear me out. While the intricacies of magic aren’t as clear as we’d like, there are still some conditions we should look at. 

First, Anti-Magic does not have a grimoire to itself. If you are confused, don’t worry. If we take a look back at the Elves vs. Humans arc, we will find the answer. Asta’s grimoire is actually Licht’s Sword Magic grimoire turned into a 5-leaf one.

Unlike other Black Clover magic types that stem from a grimoire, Liebe himself is the source of Anti-Magic. Licita sealing him in the 5-leaf grimoire led the swords to be imbued with Anti-Magic. Moreover, we still don’t have an answer to the origins of Liebe’s Anti-Magic, or Asta’s lack of mana.

Anti magic

Speaking about mana, we come to the second point. Magic can only be used because of mana. How potent a person’s magic is highly depends on the person’s mana. But Asta does not have a single drop of mana, making it evident that he can’t use or possibly have magic.

Lastly, there are no mentions of any precedents of Anti-Magic in the story until now. Liebe is the only devil anomaly with Anti-Magic, unlike other devils like Lucifero’s Gravity magic. If Anti-Magic WERE a magic type and had a grimoire too, its existence would not be as much of a surprise to people.

In a nutshell, Anti-Magic cannot find a place in the ranking of the strongest Black Clover magic types. However, if Asta and Liebe overcome their limitations on Devil Union and come up with new attacks, Anti-Magic would rank the highest. For the time being, let’s look at the rest of the list.

Strongest/ Most Powerful Black Clover Magic Types

The first question is, how do we begin to rank these Black Clover magic types? Magic is a concept dependent on a mage’s mana, skills, experience, and situations. It is obvious that one cannot account for such factors.

So, for this list, the ranking is purely for a magic type and its spells independent of the mage. Thus, the list ranks the Black Clover magic types at their full potential and considers no discrepancies between attributions.

While all of us attempt to maneuver Black Clover’s power system, it is essential to remember that there are many uncertainties. We haven’t seen a lot of Black Clover magic types in action properly, and some haven’t had a showdown. In fact, some Black Clover magic types are more effective because of the person wielding them. So, we can only rely on assumptions & inferences.

Further, the power system is still under development; for example, Yuno’s getting his second grimoire in the last few chapters. Hence, estimating a uniform scale with incomplete knowledge about the full potential of Black Clover magic types is difficult. 

With that said, let’s get to the top 15 Black Clover magic types list!

15. Food & Cotton magic

Who better to kick off this list of strongest Black Clover magic types in Black Clover than our loli Charmy-paisen? With her magic, she is the embodiment of “do what you love and love what you do.” But when we keep aside Charmy’s love for food, we realize that her magic’s potential is spectacular.

We all know that magic runs on mana; more of it simply means more magic. And it is no surprise that anyone can run out of mana. However, Cotton magic can amazingly counter that; by spending mana to create food and eating it, a user can replenish their mana reserve.

Food magic

This feature implies that as long as the Cotton magic user has at least a bit of mana, they can always get back up on their feet. The magic also allows the user to shrink and levitate themselves and others.

While Cotton magic is powerful as a defense spell, on the other hand, Food magic is great on the offensive. It can create massive spells of wolves that can swallow all magic from the user’s opponents.

14. Blood magic

Next up is the fearsome Witch Queen’s magic, Blood magic. It allows a mage to manipulate blood, as the name suggests. This magic primarily involves using one’s own blood and manifesting various attacks using it. The blood can turn into weapons, creatures, and even restraints. It is quite useful in cutting and piercing attacks in this manner.

Blood magic

It is also possible for a Blood magic user to use healing magic. They can also manipulate others’ blood to control their opponents to their will.

However, the user must cast their spell on the enemy to make it work. It is a difficult feat to achieve, and as is obvious, Blood magic is weak against Water magic.

13. Imitation magic

Imitation magic is pretty powerful as well. Its users can copy any magic attribute and use it as their own. The spells copied can match up to the original mage’s. Despite seeming the most powerful, it has a major drawback that we must address.

Imitation magic

The user of Imitation magic has to first touch the grimoire of the mage whose magic they want to copy. It might look easy, but it is a difficult feat to achieve against mages who have long-range attacks and hence it ranks 13 in our list of strongest Black Clover magic types.

12. Painting magic

If you ever doubted the power of art, Rill is here to prove you wrong. Painting magic allows a user to manifest any illustration they make using a paintbrush and palette. These illustrations can come to life and can transform into any element.

However, the magic heavily relies on the user’s imagination, creativity, and emotions. Happiness and excitement can boost creativity while anger can subdue it, directly impacting the magic.

Painting magic

Painting magic is also quite versatile and can counter most types of magic. That said, Rill’s Painting magic still has a long way to climb up the list. We have seen only a few instances of its use, so there are chances it could best other Black Clover magic types.

11. Metals magic

Next up in the list of most powerful Black Clover magic types is Metals magic.

As opposed to the natural Black Clover magic types of the Heart Kingdom, the Clover Kingdom has some modern magic types. These are powerful and innovative in their own way and include Metals magic like Dark Lord Sekke’s Bronze magic.

Mercury magic

The usability of different Metals Black Clover magic types differ ever slightly, but their basic features remain the same. The users of Metals magic can generate metals of their attribution at will in any state and shape. For example, Nozel could generate liquid Mercury as a poison and solid Mercury for defense.

Metals magic finds its place in the strongest Black Clover magic types because of how versatile it is. Usually, the mage can use it for offense, defense, and transportation. In fact, some of the Metals magic types can even reflect Light magic but fall prey to Fire Magic.

10. Shadow magic

Countdown of the top 10 strongest Black Clover magic types begins here! At number 10, we have Shadow magic – thanks to the latecomer, vice-captain Nacht. It is pretty easy to figure out what powers this magic has from its name.

The user takes the help of shadows and can manipulate them to their will. Much like Spatial magic, Shadow magic allows the user to travel between shadows, even those that are far away.

Shadow magic

The user can also make shadows appear physically to restraint someone, pull them into shadows, and transport a few people with them. It can also immobilize opponents who step into shadows. Moreover, it allows the mage to have a vision through shadows of a different place. Do not think anything weird, thank you! Shadow magic is an excellent means of stealth and guerrilla fighting.

Despite having such great uses, Shadow magic is still more of a support one. We have not seen enough of Nacht using it for fighting purposes, but we can assume that it would be easy for the stronger Black Clover magic types to counter it.

9. Elemental magic

Moving on, it is high time we talk about the magic of the two supporting characters of Black Clover: Noelle and Yuno. And that more characters, of course; gotta be politically correct.

Elemental magic relates to all the natural elements like wind, water, fire, earth, and lightning. As was the case with Metals magic, even Elemental magic types have some commonalities and differences.

Under Elemental magic, the user can generate and manipulate the element of their attribution at will. The magic can either manifest the element simply or in some special form. To make it clearer, Noelle can create water simply, but also use forms like Sea Dragon’s Roar. Sure, Elemental magic is quite well-rounded too, but it has two specialties that set it apart.

Noelle Saint Stage

One: Rune magic. A mage can use the Heart Kingdom’s special technique of relying on nature’s mana to boost their ability. This way, they can create even more massive spells without wasting their mana.

Two: Spirit magic. When an Elemental mage gets an Element Spirit, their spells and powers shoot up. The mage can also enter a basic combine mode or the most superior, Saint Stage with their Spirit. This list does not consider Spirit magic separately primarily because it has only ever manifested with Elemental magic until now. So, it is more of a power-up than a distinct type.

8. Spatial magic

Next, let’s get that hattrick of vice-captains (oops) and talk about Spatial magic. This magic type is rare (quite rare, I suppose, with three Spatial mages in the story currently) and strong, too. Using it, a mage can manipulate space for transportation as well as attacks.

Spatial magic

The different forms Spatial magic can be used in, plus the advantages it offers in battles, make it one-of-a-kind. It has no bounds to its reach except that the user should’ve seen the destination first. But Zenon’s blessing of Spatial magic from Belzeebub told us more about it.

When it comes to a larger scale, Spatial magic can swiftly defeat an opponent. It enables a user to create a kind-of external mana zone cubes. Within these cubes, the user can trap the opponents and then control all mana and spells. They can negate all attacks and defenses while also providing multi-dimensional attacks.

7. Curse Warding magic

Curse Warding magic, or the magic of everyone’s favorite devil – Megicula – bags the 7th place of the strongest Black Clover magic types. This magic has the reputation of victimizing the best of mages – from Acier Silva to Lolopechika.

Curse Warding magic has the power to practically do anything the user desires, except probably killing the target directly. Using a curse, a user can not just wane a person’s life, but also give them abilities like resurrection.

Curse Warding magic

The mage can also kill their target from afar if they mark their enemy with a curse. Moreover, once the mage marks runes over a person’s head (who is their target), the mage can control them. The target will lose all will and even unleash magic as per the Curse Warding magic user’s desire.

Additionally, this magic’s most powerful spell is Decaying World which can be detrimental in battle. It essentially allows a mage to erase enemy spells, bind them, use curses, and weaken huge spells. Although some spells with very high speed or magnitude are impossible to weaken fully.

6. Gravity magic

Since we already talked about two out of three of Dark Triad’s devils, it becomes imperative to address Lucifero, right? Lucifero is the strongest devil in the Underworld, and his magic just might be one of the reasons why.

Gravity magic is simple in what it does: manipulate gravitational effect. But how it does that is surely interesting and something that sells it to be one of the strongest Black Clover magic types. A Gravity magic user can play around with one’s own as well as others’ gravity. It also gives the option of changing shape of anything to the user.

Gravity magic

By doing so, the user can decrease gravity to make entities float or increase gravity to make them heavy enough to slam them down. Moreover, increasing or decreasing gravitational force makes way for the user to decide the effectiveness of attacks. To add, the magic can also warp space to create small black holes!

5. Word Soul (Kotodama) magic

Word Soul magic bags the 5th spot on this list! It is a unique magic type that extends to a mage’s surroundings rather than just to themselves. With this magic, the user just has to speak a command to create any and all phenomenon or object. The magic can also create any element as the user desires.

Word Soul (Kotodama) magic

These manifested objects can also be controlled to the will of the user. Plus, they can be both physical and magical. The user can not only heal themselves using mere words but also control other people.

However, the user cannot command any living object to die directly or counter Dark Magic. In fact, Zagred quite easily countered all other magic spells including Elemental but didn’t have a chance against Anti-Magic and Dark Magic.

4. Body magic

What if a magic type allowed a user to take any attack but still regenerate? It is exactly what Body magic makes possible. Using this magic, a user can manipulate their body tissues to heal any attack that lands on them. The regeneration is almost instantaneous.

Moreover, a mage can also use Body magic to alter their physique, making it harder for the enemy to keep track. It also gives them the advantage of the element of surprise while attacking.

Body magic

The only way to stop a user of Body Magic from regenerating is to make them devoid of magic, it seems. However, if a person has infinite mana, they can use this magic as much as they need.

3. Light magic

Coming to the top 3 and the second-runner up has to be Light magic. This magic type is synonymous with blinding speed, but it is also much more than that. A Light mage can make any weapon or object from light in large numbers and use them as an attack or a feint.

Light magic

Light magic also has the ability to protect not just the mage but also other people. Moreover, it has healing properties that can be crucial during a long or difficult fight. Licht’s fight with Yami and with Julius were testaments enough to show how capable this magic is. 

2. Dark magic

The #2 spot belongs to the magic of none other than our Captain Yami. A crucial component of the Dark Triad’s evil plans, Dark magic is much of a destructive force. As the name says, a user can use darkness at their will and is related to the Underworld.

The user can absorb spells from other magic types, including Light magic. Additionally, the mage does not need to rely on a grimoire to use Dark magic to some extent. It can counter the high speed of Light magic by reinforcements using objects like swords.

Dark magic

Most importantly, Dark magic is effective against devils too. Its spells are pretty powerful too; be it the Dimension Slash: Equinox or the Black Moon. This wide range of spells serves as offense and defense both for the user.

The only drawback for Dark magic is that it takes some time for the user to perform their massive spells. This flaw makes Dark magic fatally weak in the face of the strongest magic type from Black Clover:

1. Time magic

Time Magic is the strongest magic type in Black Clover. Time to act surprised!

Well, if we didn’t see it coming. Julius, the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, is in a league of his own. Although it’s a bit sad that Julius cannot use Time magic at its full potential, for the time being, we did see its ins and outs in his fights.

Time magic is fearsome because not only does it allow a user to see a few seconds into the future, but it can also steal time. Without any contact, Time magic can take away an opponent’s time for the use of the wielder. It can also freeze and reverse time in a fight, rendering any opponent or their attacks useless.

Time magic is #1 in the strongest magic types of Black Clover

Time magic also allowed Julius to almost come back from death because it can be stored. Moreover, it gives a very high speed to the mage that can even give a tough competition to brute force. In fact, a Time mage can literally turn their opponents to dust by stealing their time.

So, Time magic rightfully earns the title for the most comprehensive and formidable magic in Black Clover until now!

Honorable mentions

As we discussed earlier, Black Clover’s power system is ever-evolving. And with the surprising and sudden power-ups, it becomes hard to see some Black Clover magic types in action fully. And hence, they couldn’t find a good place in the ranking on the basis of power scaling.

Nonetheless, we can estimate that the spells of a few such Black Clover magic types are powerful. Naturally, we decided to compile the honorable mentions of the strongest Black Clover magic types!

Dream Magic

Before diving into the technicalities, I would say that Dream magic is something I have been waiting since forever to witness more of. But, quite frustratingly, that never happens. The last time we saw Dream magic was when Dorothy told Noelle about Megicula.

Since the sleeping captain appeared on the battlefield, it was exciting to wait for her developments with Dream magic. Instead, we directly witnessed Dorothy in the throes of defeat at the hand of Morris and Lucifero. Sad.

Dream magic

This lost chance, if availed, could have possibly made us rank Dream magic on the list of the strongest Black Clover magic types. The magic is very enigmatic because it enables a mage to manifest a space cut-off from the real world.

Everything inside this realm relies on the thoughts and imagination of the user. The only way to get out of the realm is to defeat the spellcaster, and if one takes too long, they can never wake up. There are no limits of Dream Magic except that the user cannot control another person’s mana but can generate any element they desire.

Modification magic

Speak of the devil! The duo of Morris and Lucifero was pretty ephemeral. However, within this span of time, they managed to defeat Dorothy’s Dream Magic, as we said before. Well, thank heavens the Black Bulls could take down Morris, or it’d have been bad news.

Modification magic allows a user to change the structure of any entity. It can provide the user additional abilities by stitching grimoires together and even interfere with intangible concepts like fate.

Forbidden magic

The use of positive mana gives rise to all the Black Clover magic types we usually see in the story. But there also exists negative mana, from which comes Forbidden magic. It is not very common in Black Clover, except for the devils.

Forbidden magic

Since it is associated with the Underworld, Forbidden magic overrides all rules that normal Black Clover magic types follow. Its spells have a very wide range and massive power. It even ignores nature’s rules like death.

Evidently, it can do almost anything but at the cost of the souls of the user and victim(s). This magic also affects the user’s original magic, and magic stones can amplify the spells. Humans who use this magic type grow a pair of wegs. We saw a few spells of Forbidden magic and they were strong enough to make this magic find a place here.

Fortification magic

The newest reveal of Black Clover magic types is the Fortification magic. It seems that Grey’s magic is something else entirely, instead of Transformation magic.

It can change the structure of objects and work against powerful spells. Moreover, it can even heal a fatal wound. Even if we are yet to see what Fortification magic brings to the table, we can safely say that it has great potential.

World Tree magic

Last but not the least, we have William’s magic. This magic is in honorable mentions of the strongest Black Clover magic types because it is the most effective when other mages support it. World Tree magic takes a bit of time to manifest its mammoth trees. In this duration, it is important for the user to be safe and the enemies to be distracted.

World Tree magic

However, once these trees take their form, they capture and restrain enemies. The trees also soak up the enemies’ mana, rendering them unable to fight anymore. Further, the user can also heal people even if they are on the verge of death.

Well, that was our take on the strongest Black Clover magic types. What would you change or keep the same? Let us know in the comments! Also, check out our ranking for the Black Bulls according to their strength and magic. Until next time!

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