Why Does Beatrice Have The Witch’s Gospel In Re:Zero?

Seeing Beatrice possess a gospel has led many anime watchers to speculate that she could be someone sided with the witch cult.

Elsa Granhiert was wreaking havoc again and this time there was no Reinhard Van Astrea or Puck to save Subaru from witnessing some truly harrowing moments. Knowing that Petra, Ram and Frederica have died, an injured Subaru desperately approaches Rem’s room trying to avoid a manic Elsa who was stalking him like prey. Just as he thought he was about to die and trigger his Return by Death, Beatrice opens the gate to the forbidden library saving him.

Any normal person would have been happy to not have their guts spilled by a psycho killer, but not Subaru. Scared that his last checkpoint for Return by Death might have been changed and that he won’t be able to alter the dreary state of things, Subaru lashes out at poor Beatrice. Beatrice is visibly confused and hurt by Subaru’s behaviour.

This is when we see her holding on to a witch’s gospel as if it was her most treasured possession. Combine this with Beatrice reminiscing about “Juice” in the initial episodes, questions arise about the petite girl’s past and her motives. 

Seeing Beatrice possess a gospel has led many anime watchers to speculate that she could be someone sided with the witch cult. However, that is not true. The Gospel that she possesses is different from the one that the Arch-BIshops and members of the Witch Cult have.

The following part of the article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Arc 4 (The Everlasting Contract) of Re:Zero. Read further at your own discretion.

Why Does Beatrice Have A Gospel?

Beatrice holding the gospel given to her by Echidna
Beatrice holding on to her Gospel

Beatrice is in possession of a Gospel because she is actually a spirit who was created by Echidna, the witch of greed, more than 400 years ago. Before her death, Echidna formed a contract with Beatrice to guard the forbidden library, saying that she will be guided by the gospel that she gave her. Beatrice was asked to do so, until the day she would encounter a certain person in the forbidden library. But Echidna does not specify who the person would be or when that person would appear.

Though Beatrice tells Subaru that her behaviour towards him was based on the instructions written in the Gospel, it was a lie. Her interactions with Subaru were based on her own volition. And that’s because Beatrice’s gospel had not revealed anything new to her for a long time

Even so, Beatrice had stayed loyal to Echidna’s wishes for close to 400 years, diligently watching over the library and waiting for that person. To Beatrice, the gospel is her prized possession because it is a gift that her mother, Echidna, left behind for her. She felt that Echidna would guide her using the gospel and give her instructions as to what to do.

However, not getting any guidance from her mother via the gospel made Beatrice feel ignored and lonely. She was confused as to what path she should choose. The reason why Beatrice asks Subaru to kill her when she meets him in Roswaal’s mansion in Re:Zero Season 2 is because she was looking for a way to be set free, without having to break her contact with Echidna. She was so lonely waiting for “that person” that Beatrice was looking for a way to be released from her misery. In that loop, she is later killed by Elsa Granhiert.

Subaru figures out about Beatrice’s contract with Echidna and her misery after the third Witches tea party and vows to save her.

Just so that you know, the Re:Zero anime is following the Light novels (albeit a bit rushed), and the Light Novels, though based on the web novels, have significant changes in how the plot progresses. That said, the major overarching story and crucial events are still the same. 

What do you think about Beatrice being left alone for close to 400 years. Who could be the person that Echidna referred to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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