Re:Zero: Who Is Pandora? Powers & Abilities Explained:

Pandora witch of vanity

Not an episode of Re:Zero goes by without making you scratch your head, searching for an answer. Episode 5 of Season 2 Part 2 was the same. We were introduced to the enigmatic and scantily dressed Pandora in the episode. While her identity and her motives are suspicious enough, it is her mind-boggling powers that seem to have garnered much attention from the fanbase.

Pandora came to the Elior forest with Regulus Corneas, the Sin Archbishop of Greed and the Black Snake, one of the three demon beasts created by the Witch of Gluttony Daphne. She was looking for the mysterious seal and the key to open it.

But who exactly is Pandora? What are her powers?

Who is Pandora?

Pandora is the Witch of Vainglory or Vanity. While nothing much is known about her, it is established that she is affiliated to the Witch Cult.

Well, we know what you’re thinking. How can a witch still be around if all of them were devoured by Satella over 400 years ago? The fact is, Satella devoured the witches of the Seven Deadly Sins. However, long before that, Vanity and Melancholy were also considered as Deadly sins and witches for these sins existed. They were later stripped off the Deadly Sins tag, but the witches continued to exist anyway.

Pandora Re zero

Pandora seems to be a high ranking member or a commanding member of Witch Cult, as she can be seen giving orders to Regulus Corneas. She is described as someone who had an inhuman and terrifying beauty, enough to make anyone who saw her tremble.

She is also believed to be the one who created the watered down version of Echidna’s gospel for the witch cult. This alone has led rise to many questions regarding her motives and what she is trying to achieve.

Appearance and behaviour:

Pandora’s shining platinum hair, long eyelashes with deep blue eyes and delicate and slender body stood out as the most striking features. However, her most unsettling trait was the sociopathic and selfish demeanor, which was hidden by her overly calm exterior.

Pandora would go to any extremes to achieve her goals. This is proven by her actions in Elior forest, as she wreaked havoc to acquire the key and unlock the seal. While her motives for unlocking the seal remain unclear, she does state that it was the Witch Cult’s greatest desire.

Pandora and Regulus

However, judging from her attitude, she could very well have ulterior motives. It also seems that Pandora is intent on using pawns to do her bidding. While she undid the actions of Regulus, she refused to revert Geuse’s action of taking in the witch factor because she wanted to make him follow her bidding.

She also seems to have a frosty relationship with Fortuna, which heavily implied that she had done something bad to Emilia’s parents.

Pandora’s powers and abilities:

While it has not been explicitly stated, Pandora can easily be considered as one of the most powerful characters in Re:Zero. She has the authority of vanity of vainglory, and a host of powers that comes with it.

Warping reality:

Pandora’s ability allows her to use the authority of vanity/vainglory to warp reality. She can rewrite incident in her favor as many times as she wants and is even able to negate her death. However, it is not known if any particular conditions need to be met for her to change reality.

Pandora  dies

Fortuna and Regulus killed Pandora more than once. However, she emerged seemingly unscathed after appearing to die. When a bewildered Fortuna questions what had happened, Pandora replies that she was simply mistaken. But, this was not the result of a mere illusion.

When Pandora erases Regulus from Elior forest, the world changed out of respect for her opinion. Reality was altered and history was overwritten in accordance with her wish; even restoring Petelguese’s arm. Pandora merely stated what she wanted and warped reality.

This is a very powerful ability for a person to have. However, the limitations of this authority has not been stated. Can Pandora revive people who are already dead? Can she kill people by merely wishing for it? Is she ALWAYS able to negate her death?

Altering memories:

This could be considered as something related to her ability of warping reality. Pandora is shown to be capable of altering the people’s memories. She depicted this power while erasing her existence Emilia’s memories after failing to complete her mission of opening the seal.

Pandora made sure that Emilia would not be able to remember her. This is a dangerous ability for a witch to possess as she can instigate major events but wipe out her involvement in them completely.

Commanding spirits and demon beasts:

The following part of the article contains spoilers for Re:Zero Season 2. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Pandora has the ability to converse with and to control the lesser spirits. She uses this ability to lure Emilia to the seal with the intention of making her unlock it. However, her plan fails as Emilia sticks to her promise with Fortuna.

Pandora also seems to have the ability to direct the demon beasts to certain locations. However, she is not able to control them or make them do her bidding. As seen in Elior forest, Pandora was able to direct the Great Serpent to the forest, but she couldn’t control the actions of the Kurohebi.

What are your thoughts on Pandora’s abilities? Do you think she has any limitations? Was she single-handedly responsible for inciting the freezing of Elior forest? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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