Who Is Fortuna In Re:Zero? Is She Dead?

Fortuna Re:Zero

With Emilia taking the centre stage as she attempts to clear the Trials of the sanctuary, we are introduced to a new character who seems to have an important role in young Emilia’s life. Yes, we are referring to Fortuna, Emilia’s foster mother and also (ahem) Geuse’s friend.

After Puck broke his contract with Emilia, the lid that kept her memories suppressed was no longer there. And because of this, Emilia was finally able to learn about her past and remember one of the most important persons in her life.

Who is Fortuna?

Fortuna was Emilia’s aunt and her foster mother. She is the leader of the elven village and the guardian of the seal inside the Great Elior forest. Fortuna was the younger sister of Emilia’s father. Roughly a hundred years before the current timeline, Emilia’s parents left her in the care of Fortuna. This was even before the whole of Elior forest was frozen.

Fortuna is noted to have silver hair and eyes that were as sharp as a beast’s fangs. She was one of the five most strongest ice magic users in the universe of Re:Zero. While her age is not specified in the series, she is said to have lived for a long time. She was well acquainted with Petelguese Romanee-Conti and seemed to have harbored feelings for him. Fortuna is someone who cared deeply about the people around her. She acted as an ideal mother to Emilia.

Since her parents were not around very much, Emilia looked up to Fortuna. In fact, Fortuna was not just a mother figure to Emilia, but her mother itself. Emilia was not sad that she had been left behind by her parents. Instead, she was happy that she now had two mothers to dote on her. Fortuna was strict and gentle as a mother. According to Emilia, even her strictness had a softness to it. She even loved Fortuna’s piercing gaze, as it was lovely and heartwarming.

The following part of the article contains major spoilers for RE:ZEro. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Fortuna consoles Emilia ReZEro season 2

What happened to Fortuna? Is she dead?

Yes, Fortuna is dead. She was killed by Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti. Pandora tricked Geuse with an illusion, which made him think Fortuna was Pandora. Not knowing that he was being deceived, Petelgeuse used the unseen hands on Fortuna, killing her. Fortuna’s death was one of the most gutting moments in Re:Zero. It completely changed Emilia’s perspective and turned her beliefs upside down; bringing about a major change in her character.

Petelgeuse and Fortuna were actually trying to protect Emilia and the seal inside the forest from Pandora. The witch of vainglory (or vanity) had attacked the forest with Regulus Corneas and her black snake in order to break the seal. And even though she tricked Geuse into killing Fortuna, her sinister plan did not succeed, as Emilia stuck to her promise of not opening the seal.

Why did Emilia forget about Fortuna?

Emilia forgot about Fortuna because Pandora trampled with her memories. Understanding that Emilia won’t help her in opening the seal, Pandora used her authority of Vanity or Vainglory to make Emilia forget everything about her and whatever had happened in the forest that day, including Fortuna’s death. This happened as the Elior forest was being frozen.

When Puck finally found and broke her free, he saw through Emilia’s memories. He realised that she would go in search of her mother and would only be pained when she found out the truth. In order to prevent Emilia from suffering more, Puck’s contract ensured that her memories of the past would remain suppressed. One part of this contract prevented Emilia from ever looking into mirrors or seeing her reflection because this would have triggered her memories of Fortuna. Reason? Just before Fortuna died, Emilia had put her floral accessory in her hair. It is the same accessory that she is still seen wearing.

Emilia and Fortuna's same floral accessory.
Same floral accessory in hair…

Fortuna is someone who played a major role in shaping Emilia’s beliefs and concepts about the world. Even though Emilia did not remember her, whatever Fortuna taught her stayed with Emilia for a long time. She subconsciously kept going back to her teachings and replicated her mannerisms in real life.

What are your thoughts on Fortuna? Were you heartbroken to know that she died, that too at the hands of a kind Petelgeuse? If you were, then feel free to curse Pandora in the comments section with us!!

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