Re:Zero Reveals Culprit Behind Freezing Of Elior Forest!

The freezing of Elior forest along with Emilia's past itself was a mystery. But the identity of the culprit came as a surprise!

The incidents currently happening in the sanctuary and its trials are somehow tied to the freezing of Elior forest. Emilia’s wish to free the elves trapped in the ice is what made her agree to Roswaal’s idea of taking part in Lugunica’s Royal Election. And it is in order to win this election that Emilia has decided to liberate the Sanctuary.

The freezing of Elior forest along with Emilia’s past itself was a mystery. However, the latest episode of Re:Zero finally gives us an answer to these lingering doubts as Emilia’s first trial of the sanctuary came to a conclusion.

To answer in short; Emilia was the one who froze Elior forest along with the elves who resided there. Ironic isn’t it? But what pushed her into taking such a drastic step? It seems that a witch might have played a major role in it..

The following article contains spoilers from Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2. Read ahead at your own discretion!

A manipulative witch!

As Emilia faced her past, it was revealed that Pandora, the Witch of Vanity had attacked Elior Forest. Her goal was to open the seal in the forest.

Realising that Emilia was the key, Pandora tried to goad her into opening the seal. However little Emilia bravely chose to keep her promise to Fortuna and refused to do this. But Pandora being the cold witch she is, concocts a plan to make Emilia’s promise to Fortuna null and void.

And how did she do so? By manipulating Petelgeuse to kill Fortuna.

Well, if the person with whom you made the promise is not around, then the promise itself shouldn’t matter right? Pandora seems to have resorted to this twisted logic. This alone is enough to establish how emtionless she is.

But her wicked plan to get Emilia to open the seal ultimately ends up backfiring.

Emilia loses control

When Pandora and Regulus attacked the forest, Emilia assumed that it was because she broke her promise to Fortuna. She was burdened by the thought that even Fortuna would leave her alone just like her parents.

Not wanting to lose what she had, Emilia made her way back to the seal to see if she could help in any way possible. But what awaited her there was gloom and misery. Not only did she fail to help, but she ended up losing the most precious person to her.

Fortuna’s death came out of nowhere. Emilia eventually concludes that it was definitely Pandora’s fault that this happened. She had done the evil deed just to make Emilia break her promise with Fortuna. There is only so much a child can take.

Emilia no longer knew what to think or what to do. A bloodlust took over her and she struck down Pandora numerous times.

Emilia curses Pandora to die

But alas, the authority of Vanity somehow allowed Pandora to warp reality. No matter what Emilia did, Pandora would not die. But each time Emilia cast her ice magic, she pushed her body to the limits, until she no longer could control the mana that was flowing in.

The incredible amount of mana in Emilia would finally go berserk, warping the climate of the forest and causing it to snow. The strength of the snow eventually increased, freezing the entire Elior forest along with the elves who resided there.

It was a sad conclusion to a sad tale. Even though she realised she was the culprit behind the freezing of Elior forest, Emilia had still not given up hope on rescuing the elves who had become victims to her wrath.

However, was it possible to rescue them?

A vile lingering corruption

When Pandora trampled Fortuna and Geuse under her foot to recover the key and open the seal, the forest was being desecrated by the Black Serpent. The mabeast’s poison was strong enough to corrupt anything that it came in contact with.

What’s worse is that once the corruption starts spreading, there’s no way to undo it. We see this happening first hand as Archi painfully becomes a victim to the Black Serpent’s poison. Even freezing temperatures dd not stop the plague from spreading.

The elves of Elior forest have been frozen for over hundred years, all the while being contaminated by the Black Serpent. So even if Emilia manages to undo the freezing, it is highly possible that the bodies of the elves have been contaminated by the plague.

This could jeopardize Emilia’s goal completely. However, the half-elf decides to stay optimistic and says that she would not back down. She was determined to unfreeze the forest and then the see the result for herself. She wanted to wake them up and make them see the beautiful world that she and Fortuna had come to love.

With this renewed hope and the confidence of having overcome her past, Emilia proceeds to the next trial and inches closer to liberating the sanctuary. While she certainly did not have regrets over her choice of keeping the promise, Emilia certainly was gutted at what had transpired. But we are sure that she is more than capable of overcoming her shortcomings!

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