Emilia Re:Zero

Re:Zero: Why Did Roswaal Make It Snow In The Sanctuary?

Roswaal in Sanctuary

There is absolutely no way that a Re;Zero fan views snow and rabbits the same way after going through what happened in the sanctuary. When it snowed in the sanctuary, there was this misconception that Emilia’s magic had gone berserk. It is only natural to develop that line of thinking right? So, it came as … Read more

Re:Zero: Is Minerva Emilia’s Mother?

Emilia Re:Zero

The mystery surrounding the identity of Emilia’s mother has been in the focus for sometime. Popular candidates that fit the role of her mother include Satella and even Echidna (how?). If you didn’t know already, Fortuna is Emilia’s aunt from her father’s side. But the latest episode of Re:Zero included a very emotional interaction between … Read more

Who Is Fortuna In Re:Zero? Is She Dead?

Fortuna Re:Zero

With Emilia taking the centre stage as she attempts to clear the Trials of the sanctuary, we are introduced to a new character who seems to have an important role in young Emilia’s life. Yes, we are referring to Fortuna, Emilia’s foster mother and also (ahem) Geuse’s friend. After Puck broke his contract with Emilia, … Read more

Re:Zero: Is Emilia The Witch Of Envy Satella?

Satella looks like Emilia

After her surprise appearance at the third witches tea party, a lot of details were revealed about Satella, also known as the Witch of Envy. Though she was responsible for the deaths of the witches, they did not seem to hate her, with the exception of Echidna of course. Furthermore, her obsession and totally unexpected … Read more

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