Why Did Emilia Call Herself Satella In Re:Zero?

Emilia called herself Satella when she talked to Subaru in the first loop, but why did she fake her identity and pick such an ominous name?

Our introduction (or should I say introductions) to Emilia was quite erratic. Very meta, talking about introductions in the introduction, huh? Although she was an incredibly kind girl, Emilia called herself Satella when Subaru asked her name.

Not that we knew it was a false name until the next loop. The very person who had given Subaru the name displayed hostility towards it.

At first, it seemed like Satella was a random choice of a name off the top of Emilia’s head. Puck saying it was a bad choice just meant Emilia could not think of anything better, right?

But as the story unfolded, we realized that there was more to it. Satella’s name is a horrible taboo for anyone from Lugnica, and Emilia had the worst of it.

Even then, she chose Satella’s name. Why did she do so?

Speculating why Emilia told Subaru she is Satella

After more reveals in the story, we realize one thing: Satella and Emilia’s fates are pretty intertwined.

Emilia was not only a half-elf but also looked eerily similar to the Witch of Envy. This reason was also behind why people disregarded her, both as a person and a royal candidate.

So, why really would she go for such a name? Although it is not clearly put, we can make some speculations.

She wanted Subaru to not get involved in her troubles

The first possibility is what Subaru himself concluded as well. He believes that Emilia did not want him to know her identity because she wanted to keep him away from her problems.

When she ran into Subaru, she was not just a royal candidate but also one who was missing her royal insignia.

As we realize further in the story, being around a royal candidate is a tough job to handle. And especially when it comes to Emilia, everyone around her has to be wary.

Emilia tells Subaru she is a half-elf

People frown upon her; the Witch Cult wants her head, and the fellow candidates demean her – her life is an entire package. Add that to the fact that she has extremely low self-esteem and awareness about the whole affair.

It would make sense that Emilia did not want to involve Subaru at all so she could keep him safe.

Moreover, maybe she did not want Subaru to get involved in the fiasco of her losing the insignia. What good is a royal candidate who cannot even keep the official symbol safe?

But there is another possibility to think about:

She wanted to gauge Subaru’s knowledge

Subaru’s outfit and mannerisms were completely off for someone from Lugnica. It was blatantly apparent that he did not have much knowledge about the country or its workings.

So, by telling him she is Satella, maybe Emilia wanted to gauge just how much Subaru knows about Lugnica. His unbiased reaction to her appearance and name proved that he was not aware of the real Satella at all.

Subaru had no idea about Satella

In doing so, perhaps she also wanted to conceal that Subaru had come across a royal candidate. She really did not want him to know her real name.

It is pretty evident from how Emilia hid from people that she did not quite like exposure. Her real identity had only brought her anguish until now anyway.

Additionally, if Subaru DID know about Satella, it would only help her scare him away. Two birds with one stone, yes?

These two speculations are highly possible. They fit very well with Emilia’s character too. However, we can’t leave you without a tinfoil speculation, can we?

So, lastly, let’s discuss this:

It was the truth

The fandom has long been speculating that Emilia is Satella herself. So, what if Emilia actually told the truth to Subaru?

We have seen previously that Emilia has kind of lost control over herself before. And Satella’s crazed confession of love? Both of them amount to some credibility to this theory.

Satella looks like Emilia

I mean, if she is Satella, she probably knew that Subaru would die and she could deny ever saying her name is that. It will be such a good foreshadow if she is the one who summoned Subaru to her world, right?

Well, those were the reasons we could think of behind Emilia calling herself Satella.

Do you have a different reason? Or do you believe one of these is correct? Let us know in the comments!

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