Re:Zero: What Is The Seal In Elior Forest?

The Seal in Elior Forest

In Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 17 ( Part 2 Episode 3) we are finally introduced to the much mysterious Seal which lies deep in the Elior forest.

The elven village, of which Emilia was a part of as a young girl, was apparently tasked with guarding the seal.

The seal seems to be of utmost importance and houses something ominous; because Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti (or Geuse) constantly seemed to be asking about its status to Fortuna, Emilia’s aunt.

So what exactly is this seal and what is there inside it?

What is the Seal in Elior Forest?

The seal in Re:Zero is a seemingly impenetrable double door that exists deep inside the Elior Forest. However, what is sealed by these double doors is not revealed in the series yet.

It certainly houses something bad because Fortuna does mention that if the seal is opening ‘again’, the world will certainly be destroyed!

The double door is located in a small opening which is surrounded by trees that were white in colour. Emilia noted that even the branches and the leaves of the tree were white, but it was not because of the snow.

The area of the seal gives an aura that is similar to a sacred place.

There was no structure or walls surrounding these doors; only a huge old lock located right in its middle with a keyhole.

One could literally go in circles around the door and not know what is situated behind it. It just stood there as if came out of nowhere.

When Emilia touched the door, she noticed that it was cold. The keyhole present in the double doors is roughly the size of Emilia’s hand.

Who is sealed in Elior forest?

Depending on how we look at the situation, either Satella, the Witch of Envy, or Hector, the Warlock of Melancholy, could be sealed behind these doors in Elior forest.

There are multiple reasons as to why we believe it is them.

Is Witch of Envy sealed behind the door in Elior forest?

When Pandora, the Witch of Vainglory, attacked the Elior forest with the Sin Archbishop of Greed Regulus Corneas, she claimed that her only goal was to unlock the seal.

We know that Pandora has connections to the Witch Cult and seemed to have command over it.

The Witch Cult’s sole goal was to somehow liberate the Witch of Envy or find a new vessel for her. And considering how opening the seal was said to be their greatest wish, it is possible that Satella was sealed behind the doors in Elior forest.

However, in Arc 6, it is revealed that the Witch of Envy is not sealed in Elior forest. So the only other option left that whatever is sealed there is something that would lead the witch cult closer to the Witch of Envy.

Pandora wnated the seal

When Pandora was unable to open the seal using Emilia, she mentions that she was one step away from her goal.

This again could support our assumption of something that is related to the Witch of Envy’s revival being sealed behind the doors in Elior forest.

But then again, Pandora is a loose cannon. It wouldn’t go beyond us to assume that she has her own personal motives in ordering the witch cult around, rather than releasing Satella.

So if it is not the Witch of Envy she is trying to release, then who could it be?

Is Hector sealed behind the door in Elior Forest?

There is an alternate theory that is surging in the fandom, that Hector, the Warlock of Melancholy, is the one who is sealed behind the door in Elior forest.

Hector was one of the strongest candidates in the world of Re:Zero before he mysteriously disappeared after his fight with Echidna.

It is possible that Echidna sealed him behind the doors so that he won’t get out and wreak havoc.

But if Echidna alone were enough to seal away Hector, then he doesn’t look like a threat which, according to Fortuna, would bring the whole world to an end right?

But, Echidna does state that she won’t be able to defeat Hector if she were to face him a second time, and that is one of the main reasons why she wanted to build the sanctuary.

And secondly, if such a powerful pawn were to fall in the hands of Pandora, she could certainly unleash hell on the world, if that indeed is what she wants.

Some people also have gone to the lengths of assuming Pandora could have been in love with Hector and wants to release him from his imprisonment.

Well, other than these two possiblities, there are theories that mention that the seal in Elior forest could be a doorway leading to the real world and also posts that argue that the seal houses a force that acts as a countermeasure to the authorities of the witch-cult or a force which is much worse and dangerous that even the Witch of Envy herself.

Who can undo the Seal, or unlock the door?

According to Pandora, Emilia is the key to unlock the seal in the Elior forest. The seal has taken the shape of a door because it can’t be opened without a key.

This is probably because of her unique bloodline. After all, Pandora does say that one needs to be qualified in order to have the key that opens the seal.

Emilia was initially adamant that she didn’t have the key as no one had given to her. But that was not how it worked. After being coerced by Pandora, she believes that she herself is the key.

And when she does so, a large old key appears in her hand magically. This key was only visible to her and not to Pandora.

Emilia and Pandora with the Key

The seal and the Emilia being the key could be one of the reasons why Fortuna and the Elven clan took great care to keep her out of trouble.

If Emilia were to fall into wrong hands, she could be used to unlock the seal. And if the seal indeed were to house an ominous entity like the Witch of Envy, then it would certainly spell disaster for everyone.

But then again, what remains behind the doors and why Emilia is the only person who can unlock it remains a mystery in the world of Re:Zero.

What do you think the seal in Elior Forest is? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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