Re:Zero: Emilia Channels Her Inner Subaru!

Emilia pulls off a Natsuki Subaru

In Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 16, we get a glimpse of what Emilia actually has to deal with in her trials. It is not just an unknown past that she has to overcome; but also a venom spewing Echidna. This explains why she broke down so easily and so often in the trials. But the Emilia that we saw in the latest episode is different. Her memories that were sealed away are slowly coming back since Puck broke the contract. Along with that, she has gained newfound courage to face the obstacles that lie in front of her.

And how exactly is she doing so? By channeling the inner Subaru in her!!

After entering Echidna’s tomb, Emilia once again challenges the trials of the Sanctuary with hopes of succeeding. Subaru’s painstakingly written words graffiti of encouragement did not go to waste for sure! For the first time, we are able to see Emilia’s POV of the trial. And it is here that we see a visibly irritated Echidna hurling insults at her. The witch was in no mood to mince her words. At one point, she even called Emilia the “witch’s daughter.” Intriguing? Yes!!

If it were Emilia of the past, she would have broken down and tried to reject everything that the Witch of Greed said. She would have cried in a corner, thinking about the cruelty meted out to her. But, Emilia has visibly changed. Instead of cowering in fear, she faced Echidna boldly. She asserts her stance to face her problems and fight on.

And she does so in a remarkable fashion!!!

Striking the iconic Subaru Natsuki pose, Emilia lets Echidna know that mere insults won’t hurt her anymore.

I won’t give in to the malice of a fellow witch. I am an insufferable woman after all!

Emilia’s retort to Echidna

Stating her name, she makes self-deprecating jokes with confidence and a straight face; something which only Subaru was able to do till now.

This is where her character arc really begins. From being a crybaby who relied on others, being a confident person understanding her flaws. And yet, she has decided to march on ahead. Is it because she has Subaru by her side? Probably yes. But it also shows that she has grown a lot.

By taking a leaf out of Subaru’s book, Emilia showed how much she respects him. Her exchage with Echidna also shows that she has come to accept herself with all the flaws, including the title of a witch. It is the moment which would won a lot of fans over to the Emilia camp, and supposedly one of the best moments from the latest episode.

We most probably might delve into Emilia’s past in the next couple of episodes and understand a bit more about her family and the incidents which led to the freezing of Elior Forest. Things are certainly getting interesting in Re:Zero!!

What are your thoughts of Emilia’s progress as a character? Were you surprised to see her pull off a Natsuki Subaru pose? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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