What We Know About The Steins;Gate Live Action Series


Hollywood has been on the lookout for interesting anime franchises to convert them into live action series. After Cowboy Bebop and One Piece, the latest anime to fall prey to this trend was the hit sci-fi time travel series, Steins;Gate

The reveal came during the live concert, Science ADV Live S;G, that was celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series. A teaser video was played at the concert which revealed that a live action series was in the works already.

The news was greeted with a mixture of joy and grief by the Steins;Gate fans. For once they were happy that their favorite sci-fi show was being recognized and in the limelight, however, the disastrous live action adaptations of anime in the past(think Death Note), made them worry that Steins;Gate is in line to face a similar fate.

That said, let us look at whatever information we have about the Steins;Gate live action series currently.

Which Production Company is handling the live action series?

According to reports, Steins;Gate live action series is being made under the supervision of Skydance Television. Founded in 200, the production company has a strong resume, with titles like Altered Carbon, Jack Ryan, World War:Z, Mission Impossible: Fallout etc. 

What will be the plot of Steins;Gate live action series?

The plot will be similar to that of the anime, where Okabe Rintaro a self proclaimed mad scientist and his friends in the Future Gadget Laboratory accidentally discovers a method of time travel through which they can send text messages to the past, thereby altering the present at their will. The plot gets more complex and psychologically thrilling as the series progresses and it is rightly ranked as one of the top anime of the past decade.

Has the Cast and creative team been announced?

No information has been released about the creative team or the cast of the live action series. As soon as we get news, we’ll be updating it here.

When will the live action series be available to audiences?

According to the announcement made, Steins;Gate live action series is already under the works. While a concrete date was not revealed for the series’ release, the announcement made during the 10th anniversary stated that the series will stream “soon” worldwide.

Where can you watch the Steins;Gate live action series?

Skydance’s Altered Carbon and 6 Underground have premiered on Netflix in the past, also Netflix also has the rights to the Steins;Gate anime series, which means that the Live action series will most probably be streamed on Netflix. If that’s the case, it will be available to a large audience and easily accessible.

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