What is the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu?

Detailed explanation on Rinne rebirth jutsu.

Do you ever feel like you wish you could bring your favourite character back to life? Well, Masahi Kishimoto, the author of the Naruto series, felt like it too! The Rinne Rebirth Jutsu is a reincarnation ninjutsu used through the Outer Path (special to Rinnegan users).

While there isn’t a lot of information about this forbidden technique, let’s try to understand this jutsu well. First used by Nagato at the end of the Pain arc, the Rinne Rebirth revived countless shinobis of Konoha. However, his body could not sustain the consequences of such a high chakra demanding jutsu.

How does the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu work?

The Rinne Rebirth or Rinne Tensei no Jutsu, as the name suggests it requires the user to have mastered the Rinnegan. A pair of Rinnegans are not compulsory. Upon activation, the King of Hell (a deity that rules over life and death) arrives from the Earth and releases the souls of the deceased one wants to revive.

It is said that one can even call a soul from the crossroads of life and afterlife.


While no exact details have been provided about the Rinne Rebirth or the Rinne Tensei no Jutsu, Nagato managed to revive hundreds of Konoha shinobis at the end of the Pain Arc, which undoubtedly resulted in his demise.

We’ve also seen Obito getting forced to use the Jutsu on an Edo Tensei Madara by Zetsu, who lost his eyes for a short period after being revived.
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The caster of the Jutsu inevitably dies. Their passing will not be sudden in most cases, as Nagato’s hair turned white due to over exertion and then passed away a while later. While most people may not be able to survive such a large-scale use of this Jutsu, it is safe to assume that Nagato’s Uzumaki lineage which granted him a higher life force than most people was a crucial factor in the success of the Jutsu.

However, we also witnessed Obito Uchiha perform this Jutsu and survive for quite a while and also provide support to Naruto and the others.

It would be safe to say that a person using this is selfless, as the use of this Jutsu guarantees one’s death. While we’ve only seen two instances of the use of this Jutsu, is it possible that we might witness more of it in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga sometime? Well, one can only presume!

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