Noragami Chapter 90: Can Yato Save Hiyori and Yukine?

Hiyori Iki noragami

The following article contains spoilers from Noragami Chapter 90. Read ahead at your own discretion!

While Yato’s fate was left hanging by a thread in the previous chapter, it is Hiyori Iki who seems to be in considerable danger in Noragami chapter 90. And its connected to her previous encounter with Fujisaki (Father) and his phantoms.

Hiyori and Nora were on the lookout for Yukine. They wanted to talk some sense into the rogue shinki and make him stop fighting Yato. While searching, they come to the place where Yukine was abandoned by his father in a drunken stupor. It is here that Hiyori grasps the shocking truth behind Yukine’s death. Before leaving, Hiyori notices a letter which Yukine had written to his sister in his final moments. She and Nora use this letter to track down his sister’s home.

Hiyori wanted to deliver the letter to Yukine’s sister in person. Even though Nora opposed the idea, she tags along with her. However, to their surprise, they encounter a phantom (ayakashi) instead of Yukine’s at the home. Nora suggests that Father and Yukine might have been here already. Hiyori realises that the stakes are high admits that she made haste. However, she refuses to give up on the search.

But it seems that her body does not agree with her mind, and after having a chance encounter with Yukine’s sister, Hiyori faints.

Hiyori faints Noragami chapter 90
Hiyori faints

What happened to Hiyori?

Hiyori has not completely recovered from the injuries that Yato’s father and his ayakashis inflicted on her. Her tail (which is also her lifeline) was bitten, which made it impossible for her astral body to manifest again. She almost died in that attack. Hiyori has been under the care of her family since the attack. But her condition still hasn’t improved. Also, since she can’t manifest her astral form, there is a limit to what her physical body can take.

However, while searching for Yukine, Hiyori has clearly overstrained her body. Running around so much with Nora has put her in grave peril. Judging from her expression after Mizuchi’s (Nora) warning, it seems that Hiyori knows the consequences of her actions are going to be pretty harsh. Even so, she decides to continue moving forward.

We sincerely do hope that Hiyori has only fainted like in the past, and nothing life threatening has happened to her.

Nora warns Hiyori Noragami chapter 90
Nora warns that Hiyori’s body can’t take much anymore

She is not new to these random bouts of unconsciousness, especially after the attack. We see that she faints similarly in the middle of her work in chapter 85. In the same chapter, we see that her body has literally become much more weaker.

Hiyori has come to realise that she loves Yato. And after listening to her Grandmother’s advice, Hiyori decided to be honest with her feelings. She’s realised that she’d rather spend time with the one she loves the most than worrying about the rest of the world. This realisation could be causing her body to move away from the physical realm and edge closer towards the far shore. However, if she edges any closer to the far shore, it would mean certain death for her. That’s only an assumption though.

At this point, Hiyori seems unfazed. She only wishes to save Yukine and meet Yato once again. And after her conversation with Yukine’s sister, she is certain that there are still people out there who care deeply about his wellbeing. This will spur her give one final push to complete what she set out to do. However, if she continues to exert herself, she would certainly die.

It seems that Yato is the only one who can save Hiyori from going overboard at this point. But his status too is ambiguous. While the situation points to the option that he is safe, even after being stabbed by Yukine, there are some theories which say he could have reincarnated. And if indeed he did reincarnate, would he lost all his memories of the past? Are Hiyori and Yukine both beyong saving? Our questions will probably be answered when the next chapter of Noragami drops!

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