Noragami Chapter 94: Is Father Stronger Than Yato?

Adachitoka has a newfound love for Father and just doesn't want to take him off the panels(lol). While we are dying to know how the other Gods are planning to put a stop to this fight, all we get is another chapter that portrays just how strong the Crafter is.

The latest chapter 94 of Noragami has picked up right where it left off. Yet another chapter full of action and emotion! Adachitoka has a newfound love for Father and just doesn’t want to take him off the panels(lol). While we are dying to know how the other Gods are planning to put a stop to this fight, all we get is another chapter that portrays just how strong the Crafter is.

After Hagusa went on a rampage, we were expecting Father to lose control of him. But as it turns out, Father has completely grasped this odd Shinki in his entirety. Although Yuuki is formidable, he is still a kid. And the Crafter has full authority over him. As if he has always belonged to him.

Father owns Hagusa Chapter 94 Noragami

The control Fujisaki has over Hagusa shows when we see the long lost frightened face of Yukine. As if nothing changed even after he gave his all; as if his irresponsible father’s cursed abuse is still following Haru in this Far Shore. His painful face makes me wanna hide him somewhere peaceful. Adachitoka we demand justice, okay?

In this condition, all this poor adamant Shinki can do is put an end to this massacre by searching his birth father. Hagusa, is certain he will find him no matter what from wherever possible. Even though he is a kid, he has powers immesurable to others. And his righteous net is something no one can escape so easily.

Things are not looking good for Yato either. It seemed like Yato and Kazuma were made for each other, but looks like they are getting overpowered instead. Now, what follows is only Yato’s downward spiraling into a bottomless pitfall.

Did Kazuma Stumble Upon The God’s Secret?

Father is the grandmaster of manipulation. He always goes at his target in a roundabout way. He wants to pick a bone with Yato, however he is not content to directly go for him. Kotou Fujisaki wants Yato to suffer and the only poison he knows works best is breaking his Shinkis.

Without hesitation, not only Father revealed to Kazuma about his unrequited love, but also reminded Yato why he exists. Kazuma who is of course head over heels for Bishamon would react violently either way didn’t happen to fall for the bait. Yato had learned his lesson time and again, now didn’t take any chance with Rekki. Good thing he suggested earplugs. And Trash Dad totally fell for it! Serves him right.

Kazuma against God's Secret

Adachitoka’s gag approach to Kazuma stumbling upon God’s secret is a reminder that this manga has another appeal other than heartbreaking plotlines. The comic relief between such intense fights is bliss, not gonna lie. Nonetheless, what if Kazuma hadn’t had his earplugs on? Given that, Choki is a blessed vessel and his faithfulness for Bishamon reigns over everything, would he have remained unaffected? Something to think about, huh.

Is Father Unbeatable?

Well, by the looks of the current situation even though Kazuma is trying his best to bring down Father, it seems too much for Yato alone. Everytime you take off your eyes from the Crafter he returns undefeated. Although, Yato is technically his son, he is not even close to what Fujisaki alone can do.

The Word of Yomi is too strong even for a warrior god. Father has owned Yukine to the core and Yato is already in a confusion if he can get back his boy. Is this also going according to the Crafter’s plan? How far can this man see!

The only hope we have now, is Amaterasu. She is the all knowing God. I know, she will bring down the Crafter. She has to! All the readers including me are frothing our mouth every month just to see the parade she is bringing to kill just one individual.

Well, about the consequences that come with it…we’ll see. But, how much longer do we have to wait to see that happen I wonder. It’s already been three whole months since Ooharai was going to start and Ama-chan is still not letting the sun rise! Not fair.

Also, Hiyori’s condition is unknown. Is she really gonna die? Would Nora take a part in this mess too? Let us know in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “Noragami Chapter 94: Is Father Stronger Than Yato?”

  1. Theory:
    Yato is Tsukuyomi
    Yukine is Tsukuyomis treasure/imperial regalia “like the 3 treasues/imperial regalia Amaterasu has
    Hiyori is a descendant of Arahabaki’s clan

    • Thank you for the comment. Well, yes we also think Yato might be among the big three Gods of Japan. Adachitoka gave us a lot of hints which directs him to be Tsukuyomi. About the rest, I am not sure. we just have to wait I guess!


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