Noragami Chapter 95: A Boat Of Thoughts Floats Towards The Grave

In this new chapter 95 of Noragami Takemikazuchi and Ebisu is on their way to find Father's remains while an unknown fear crawls up to the Heavens.

Sooo, another month another cliffhanger. After the huge reveal of Mizuchi’s past and Yato’s burning determination to bring down the Crafter as the God of Calamity himself in the previous chapter, I see something new and dark looming in this chapter 95 of Noragami.

I have always looked at Noragami as a literary masterpiece, full of hidden meanings and foreshadowing. The author duo has already used the commonly used “Hanakotoba(Flower language)” to deepen the story material. And now they are actually involving pure ancient Heian-era literature into this fiction! Holy-moly.

While we predicted in the previous chapter review that Amaterasu will show up very soon, which she did, slowly and steadily we are also approaching the matter of what the Heavens did wrong to Father. This small frustration between Ama-chan and her Shinki is going to be the door to Father’s backstory, eh?

It is not that I don’t enjoy getting tormented by the amount of abuse Noragami already portrays or being traumatized by the dark secrets of the Heavens(hehe), I just hope the story’s climax be worth the build-up.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to discussing what went down in Noragami chapter 95.

Takemikazuchi And Ebisu Reach Tamatsuki

First things first, Adachitoka brought real poems into their fiction! What exactly are they planning to do moving forward? Do they not know how paranoid we fans get over these small details?!

Anyways, the chapter opens up with our voyagers Takemikazuchi and Ebisu set out to find the Crafter’s grave on the mountainous island of Tamatsuki. They have come down to Nakatsukuni, to find the Crafter thinking he was indeed a human who turned into a vengeful God if I remember correctly. And while they were confused about what “song” they should sing to find out the”mountain of camelia”, who knew Takemikazuchi will start reciting poems at a time like this!

Not gonna lie, we have seen a huge change in the dynamic between Ebisu and Takemikazuchi throughout Noragami. It started bloody bitterly in the Yomi arc and now even though Takemikazuchi keeps making those insensitive jokes, Ebisu has made peace with it. If you ask me, in Chapter 95 Takemikazuchi mistakenly became comfortable with Ebisu almost revealing his age and love for literature. That was really funny!

And so you wonder…that small conversation was just for comic relief, but no no no! The poem Kiun made Take recite is the key to discovering the forbidden land of “Tamatsuki”. Surely, Take’s elementary school lessons paid off!! Good job Kiun.

Kakinomoto no Hitomaru's poem Takemikazuchi recites

Now, the unsettling part of this discovery is that the poem actually exists in real life. And the man who wrote it is none other than Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, who was a waka poet and aristocrat in the Asuka period (548 – 710) of the Heian era(around 905).

You see, Adachitoka doesn’t throw around random literature or clues to just find a treasure island. And I doubt this is just a parody in remembrance of the great poet. In fact, the backstory of this man is enough to make me suspicious of this poem, especially the place where he died, Kamoshima-an island that does not exist anymore. To tell you the truth, it brings a chill to my spine with excitement and fear thinking that we are closing in on the end and that he is a possible connection to Father.

Amaterasu Found Guilty!

Oh, how we have longed to see this silver-haired loli’s face! Finally, she showed up. However, things aren’t looking very sun-kissed for her anymore. As if the sad eyes never lit up after her defeat at the Trial by Pledge. I wonder why

Surprisingly, an unknown net is trying to trap the Goddess. In the panel, Ametarasu seems troubled by a net entangling her which is invisible to others. And if my assumption with a hundred others is on point, then it is Hagusa’s righteous net. Except the colour seems to differ for some reason.

As you may already know, Hagusa’s net is able to touch the souls of others. We have seen it bring a change to human souls but what if it is so powerful that it can even try its hand at a God! Even more astonishingly, Heaven’s head Amaterasu Oomikami.

Since the Heavens were already proven wrong once, does it mean it can be proved wrong again? As Takemikazuchi once said, Yato was the one who “set the Heavens in motion” and now since the judgment has started it is catching up to each and every wrongdoer.

Amaterasu trapped in a net

And it is not me who is saying that, look at Ama-chan all flustered, looking at the net, and the first thing that comes to her mind “…I have done something wrong?” With that, she commands her Sacred Treasures to fix all the mistakes at once. That is because using the Heaven’s blindspot a man has come back from the Underworld; which is a disgrace for the name of the great Sun Goddess.

Thus starts the dilemma between Father and Amaterasu’s ideals, and opens the door for the assumptions to go crazy that Miss Silver-Head will have to pay for her sins for not doing her job properly. In short, Amaterasu might get reincarnated. I don’t know how I feel about it though…

Yato’s Dark Side Intensifies

Oh, Yato-sama finish this drama already! It already Chapter 95 of Noragami. Looking at the way Yato is swinging his sword, he could have slashed Father twice or thrice already you know. But know, this fight keeps dragging on…sigh

Whatsmore, as the Twitter user @kanotototori points out, Father is straight-up playing the “I gave birth to you, I fed you, I put clothes on your back, so you must listen to what I say” card on Yato, which is very reminiscent of real-life parental relationships.

But I thought Father didn’t believe in those “playing house” ideals. He once mocked Bishamon’s idea to treat Shinkis as her children. Now Father is acting almost the same way with Yato. I didn’t expect this from you Mr. Trash dad..tch tch.

Meanwhile, we have Yato paying no heed to Father’s excuses while he keeps up his heavy blows. But not heavy enough as a killing blow. I wonder why…@kanotototori explained it well.

Yato has lost his focus and he is becoming more like Fujisaki. The emergency of Ooharai went poof all of a sudden! We knew Yato to be someone who was against messing with the sufferers. Well, it doesn’t look like that anymore. We expected Yukine to act like this for what he has suffered, and to rescue the kid from more suffering was Yato’s job. Instead, he is having a jolly good time enjoying the fear and trauma Father is going through.

And I cross my fingers and pray( it won’t work it won’t work) that this anger and frustration taking over Yato will not endanger him from his wish to go home with Hiyori and Yukine at the end of the day.

I pray that the Heavens judge wisely and bring appropriate justice to the wrongdoers. And in the process will Amaterasu will be in trouble? What about Yukine? Who knows. Well, I hope you liked our review of the latest chapter 95 of Noragami. Comment down below if you have any more ideas and keep the discussion going!

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