Top 10 Strongest Gods In Noragami Ranked!

After putting in a lot of thought, we finally came up with this list of strongest Gods in Noragami. You won't believe who comes in number 3!

Back when Noragami aired in 2014, it became an instant hit! It had every element fans could ever hope for – comedy, romance, lots of fights, a tight plot, and characters that weren’t like other anime tropes. Needless to say, Yato became our favourite God in no time! But is he one of the top 3 strongest Gods in Noragami?

Apart from Yato, Noragami harbors a multitude of gods and mythological aspects. Each of them as formidable as the other. Fans often have a tough time gauging who is the strongest among them and who would win against who. They all are worthy of taking the crown. Now, when they pair with extremely powerful and loyal shinki (their weapons) who would go to great lengths to protect their gods and goddesses it becomes much more confusing!

We speculate the manga is far from ending, so ranking the strongest God from these few instances in the story so far is tricky business. So keep in mind that what follows involves a lot of guesses and conjectures which could change in the future.

Ranking God sounds wrong, to begin with. Topping off the fact that there is very little information we know about each deity. We did our best to collect as much information from both the manga and Japanese mythology as determining the 10 Strongest Gods in Noragami. They are ranked from the weakest to the strongest. Let’s go!

Strongest Gods in Noragami Ranked:

10. Okuninushi

Daikokuten aka Okuninushi
Daikokuten aka Okuninushi

Ōkuninushi (大国主) is one of the most significant deities in Japanese mythology, being the god of nation-building, farming, business, and medicine, as well as matchmaking. He was the first ruler of Nakatsukuni(The central land of reeds; the Land between Heaven and Hell).

He is the first God we see in the series who doesn’t require a Shinki to scare away the Heaven’s guards. The youngest of the “Eighty Gods” born from Susanoo, his rage is enough to bring turmoil to the Heavens. His bear-spider form was a concern for even the warrior God Bishamonten. And this has led to get him sealed once in the past too.

We actually don’t have any idea as of how much stronger his attacks are. That is why we decided to keep him at the bottom of the strongest Gods in Noragami. However, he is a potent God when it comes to matchmaking events. His influence on the Near Shore relationships is one of his strong points.

Okuninushi is a part of Father’s execution squad. This makes you think, he might be a formidable character for the upcoming chapters.

9. Arahabaki

Nana and Arahabaki
Nana and Arahabaki

Coming in at number 9 in the list of strongest Gods is none other than Arahabaki. During the Heaven’s Arc, we have come across a lot of new Gods representing the Heavens. Arahabaki however, falls in the grey area. He once fought against the Heavens, but now he is “Heavenified”.

Arahabaki in the folklore as well as in the manga belongs to the cult of local indigenous Gods called Emishi. His powers as an individual god are still unknown except that he possesses Shiigun. In his past incarnation, this Emishi God also possessed a blessed vessel who was named by Bishamon as Nana. She was a vessel the Heavens feared because during a war she left Heaven and Earth asunder.

Arahabaki’s current incarnation possesses numerous Shinkis. And this strength to bear the pain of so many spirits is a sign of a strong God. Although his prized possession of Shiigun is a special Shinki worth on an army, the damage it can cause to a warrior god might not be as astonishing. Having said that, we don’t know what his actual power is when he is in the zone.

From the current looks, the emishi seem to be a protector of a village. But, he has past experiences of a war which is concerning. On top of that, he is summoned by Amaterasu to hunt down the Crafter. All in all, Arahabaki looks like a formidable God. Rather a dark horse!

8. Kagutsuchi


Moving on to some action-packed deities, next up is Hinokagutsuchi. He is a real God straight outta Japanese Mythology. He was born to the central deities Izanami and Izanagi. And such was the impact of his birth that he burned her mother to crisp. That alone qualifies him to be in our list of strongest Gods in Noragami?

The fire God Kagutsuchi needs no Shinki if you ask me. He is an Almighty capable of breathing fire and produce fire attacks. The Fire Blast-like attack he used against Kazuma was a fraction of his capabilities. He might as well be as strong as Takemikazuchi.

During the Bishamonten Subjugation arc, Kagutsuchi faced Bishamon and almost burnt her whole. But it was not enough for the all-powerful warrior diety. His Shinki status is still unknown; and due to this he currently ranks lower. But, if he holds a vessel complementing his firepower, then he will be invincible. Because holy flames can engulf anything and everything.

7. Yato

Yato charging 5-yen in Noragami

Now now, before you start cursing for not giving the postion of strongest God, please hear me out!

Yato is our airhead MC whom we adore and fear at the same time. He gives the vibe of a strong God, but actually, he is only powerful when Yukine is with him. He took down Takemikazuchi’s rage to save the Near Shore. And, also rendered the Heavens and has been named Amagiri no Mikoto.

Yato is a good match for warrior gods like Takemikazuchi or Bishamon, but he is not better than them. On his own, he is scared of Takemika’s thunder! Even with Bisha’s Ha-clan, he struggled a lot to take her down. And in Heaven’s arc, he subconsciously has attempted to kill her(it was actually Yukine). Then again she didn’t disappear. Could it be that he was not at his full potential?

But but against Fujisaki, he is definitely 100 years too early to pick a decent fight; even with his blessed vessel. Actually, the current Kazuma-Yato duo too needs work to take down the Crafter alone.

Though he is all hot and heavy stuff, his innate ability that we saw so far is only to cut ties at the cost of 5 yen. Other than that, there could be a dark power very similar to Hagusa’s righteous net lingering within him. That we only got a glimpse of during the Trial by Pledge event. Will we witness that again?

Yaboku was a God of Calamity out of his Father’s wish. His twisted nature of culling and enjoying was just the Crafter messing with the young deity’s mind. His strength and knack for a fight sprouts from that memory. What we experience now as Yato the Delivery God might be his real nature all along! Or, if he is revealed to be a powerful deity like Tsukuyomi, then his position in the list of strongest Gods in Noragami might change.

6. Takemikazuchi

Takemikazuchi and Kiun
Takemikazuchi and Kiun

You know what, Takemikazuchi no Mikoto could have easily been in a top 3 spot in the list of strongest Gods if Yomi didn’t exist. He is that powerful!

In Noragami, Adachitoka has portrayed Raijin and Takemikazuchi in one body. Since the times of Japanese Mythology, Takemikazuchi has served the Heavens as the General of the Subjugation squad. He is the wielder of the Thunder sword Kiun who never hesitates to put his Shinki in danger to get a blessed vessel in return.

Takemikazuchi is a hero and a terror. This Thunderhead can put Near Shore in danger if he loses his sense completely. His ill temper can even cost him his Shinkis!

If it comes down to Shinki battle though, Take might not have a chance with Kiun. Yukine’s sync with Yato is what makes them so formidable. Having said so, Yato when faced him with Kazuma Take was really lost without Kiun; because he was not in the position to use his thunder.

His mania for a fight with Yato proved how strong his own thunder is. And with Kiun, to full potential I am pretty sure, he would be unstoppable. Though he lost to Yato, the most probable reason for that might be him just being considerate. Otherwise, Yato was crouching down covering his ears until Yukine woke up to defend his Master!

However, will Bishamon be able to resist his Thunder? She defeated Kiun very easily with Kazuma, but can she confront Takemikazuchi’s temper? Maybe yes. Then what about Father? Well, can he take him down alone? That is something we are eager to see. Hmmm…

5. Father

Trash dad aka Kotou Fujisaki

Oh no. I hate this man for how interestingly twisted his character is. Not a chapter goes by without questioning Father’s real identity. Is he a God, a human or an ayakashi? WHAT IS HE! But there is no denying the fact that he is one of the strongest Gods in Noragami.

We had to break our heads over where to place Fujisaki senpai in this list (To be honest, a part of me wanted to totally exclude him from here, he is no God of mine, until we get to know his backstory at least).

It is still not confirmed, but The Crafter is a man who came back from Yomi with a Koto no Ha. This mere brush seems to be heftier than a sword and more concerning than Thunderface himself! Even Bishamonten had a hard time against Fujisaki’s strength.

Father is very much like Tenjin; a being who became a God as a result of a catastrophe. His vengeance gave birth to a God, Yaboku. And after receiving mortality, Father was able to employ Shinki. His toughest of all yet, Mizuchi the key to the transgression of God’s Greatest Secret.

As the chapters proceed, we see Father is actually very strong. Especially with Hagusa. He has taken an immense liking towards him. And Yukine too, is playing his part as an antagonist reeeally well. Trash Dad seems to fight better with Yuuki than Chiki!(Don’t mind please Nora chan).

The strength Father possesses is not in his arms. If you ask me his body is that of a skinny teenager. But the tactics he uses makes his physical attacks look scary. And Yato as I said before, does not hold the power to put him to sleep. Not even with any blessed vessel.

In Heaven’s Arc, he had a pretty good time messing with Bisha. However, Bishamon seems to have gotten the better of him. She seemed to have pushed him on the backfoot with Nana. But that was just for a moment. We really have not seen Father go all out. And when he does, there is an inkling that he would end up being in the top 3!

4. Bishamonten


All Hail Bishamon sama!! Bishamonten is the all in all symbol of pure strength.

Although in Japanese myth, Bishamonten was a male deity who hailed from India, Adachitoka switched genders to make this God more likeable (probably to flaunt their support for women empowerment). She is the most beloved beautiful fierce goddess with long blonde hair and an alluring body. Even though she is a permanent deity of the Seven Gods of Fortune, she is often considered an outsider by the Heavens.

But let me tell you my friend; if any god in Noragami has been true to her name through and through, its Bishamon-sama. She is the epitome of sheer willpower and raw strength.

Bishamon in the series is shown to home a lot of Shinkis. Her ability to endure several ablutions and the death of numerous vessels did not kill her. It did not even affect her vitality in any way. Her beauty just enhances every single day!

Bishamonten is known as the strongest warrior God in Noragami and she lives up to that name. Her strength is so great, that she can go up against almost any God. Be it Yato or Takemikazuchi. Defeating Kiun with Kazuma was child’s play for her.

Her true strength lies in her undying will to punish the evildoers. She valiantly soared through Heaven’s attacks with Nana, just to go head to head against Father and Chiki. Bisha knew it could end her life, but she didn’t think twice before taking her chances. She is a warrior god down to her very last bone. And that makes come in at number 4 in our list of strongest Gods in Noragami, rightfully above Yato and Takemikazuchi!

3. Kofuku

Kofuku Ebisu-bimbogami
Kofuku Ebisu aka Bimbogami

Noragami is such a hilarious masterpiece because we have our loose canon Kofuku. She is the infamous Bimbogami who took upon the alias “Kofuku Ebisu” to cover her trail of misfortune.

Well, not gonna lie. To be completely practical here, I must say Kofuku easily could have grabbed the spot for the strongest God in Noragami. She holds Kokki, which can open vents and make bad luck rain down on people just like that. Ebisu particularly hates her to take his alias and use it for plummeting Japan’s economy! The Bubble economy period was Kofuku’s doing you guys.

If you find a pink-haired airhead, smiling with a poking fang, you are done for. It’s the Poverty God. Run. Her presence is a bad omen. Remember the Capyper Land disaster?

A God does not have to be a warrior to be great. What this cute-looking God can alone do is fatal against hundreds of warrior gods. They might die the most unpredictable and embarrassing death if you can imagine. Takemikazuchi had his share of bad luck by giving up on Yukine. I just hope she doesn’t make a meteor crash down on earth when she finds out about what Father did with her Yukki!

She comes in at number 3 in this list because her vents didn’t stand a chance against Izanami. Most probably, Amaterasu will also withstand her aura. Otherwise, she is bad news. Just once, if she decides to not like you, things will go down pretty fast. Good luck. Hehe

2. Amaterasu

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami

The Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omikami (天照) is the Highest Goddess who stands at the top of Heaven. She was born from Izanagi when he was purifying himself upon entering Yomi. We clearly do not know what her physical abilities are. But what we do know is that she is the law. So, she has to be among the top 3 picks.

Nothing goes unnoticed under her watch is what they say. Well, unfortunately, Father is an exception. Amaterasu carries the most powerful Shinkis who exists in real life as well. They are the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan; namely-Mikagami, Mitama, and Mitsurugi. As a matter of fact, the concept of Shinki has come from these treasures only!

Amaterasu is the supreme deity who has control over everything that exists. She can call any Shinki by their vessel name and trap them in a box not bigger than a Rubics cube. Even though she is the law, she has the power to entertain requests from other Gods such as Trial by Pledge. But what makes it unfair is that if a God loses a round in the trial, their Shinki is gone forever. Whereas, Imperial Regalias get to reincarnate.

Amaterasu is only #2 because she is the all-knowing God. Her Regalias are clearly not blessed vessels but they stand very high in the hierarchy than any Imperial Regalias. Even Kazuma was shocked to notice the difference in their status. He was easily overpowered without a struggle!

1. Izanami

Izanami no Mikoto
Queen of Yomi aka Izanami

Finally, we come to the much-awaited answer; Izanami no Mikoto, is without a doubt the strongest God in Noragami. She is the mother of all the powerful Gods the Land of the Rising Sun has prayed to. The creator of the holy land is always the host of an eternal banquet- “she who invites”; waiting for a soul to enter Yomi and stay with her.

Izanami, the Queen of Hell is literally invincible when she is in the Underworld at least. She takes the form of your loved one and invites you to stay with her. There is no way you can break free from that curse. No God alive can escape the clutches of Izanami and her domain without a “soul call”.

Ebisu, Yaboku the Calamity, and even Bishamonten the Warrior cannot put a fight with her. Rather struggling to escape from her will only trap you more. Her own son, whom she threw away couldn’t escape without tricking with her own minions.

Izanami holds the most powerful weapon that exists in the world- Koto no Ha. It gives the power to control ayakashis and even name them as shinkis. Ebisu and Father have spent ages to get hold of a single one. And when they did, it was a hard battle.

We placed the Yomi Queen even above Bimbogami because Kokki’s vents were overpowered by her. They couldn’t be kept open for long. The negativity of Yomi is too powerful for the Queen of Jinxes as well. It shows that Izanami had ultimate supremacy over Kofuku’s bad luck factor too.

Honorary mentions: Tenjin aka Sugawara no Michizane, Sakuyabime, Shinatsuhiko, Yatagarasu.

What do you think of our list of strongest Gods in Noragami? Did we place Father and Yato is a good position? Do you agree with our reasoning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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