Why Did Kazuma Become A Stray In Noragami?

The concept of being a Nora or stray is always looked down upon in the world of Noragami. But Kazuma, Bishamonten’s blessed vessel, become a stray? Truly unfathomable! That said, what might have triggered Kazuma to become a Nora leaving his master’s side?

To answer in short; Kazuma became a stray to take down the calamity known as the crafter. He chose to become a stray and help Yato defeat the crafter and save Bishamon too in the process. Read on to know why he chose this outcome!!

Bishamon’s revenge

After the Yomi Arc, the previous Ebisu was replaced. But before he died, Ebisu confessed that he wanted to live. As Ebisu died under Bishamonten’s watch, she made it her life’s mission to make the Crafter pay for his deed. In the meantime, word had gone out that the Crafter is Yato’s father.

Now naturally, Father too became aware of his new foe, Bishamon. When Hiyori challenged Fujisaki (body being possessed by Father), he went all out with his manipulative chaos. He brought havoc in Iki Hospital and controlled mortals to create a storm. Things only got worse from here on. Following the storm, Bishamon and Yato came to fight against Fujisaki. And in the process, Father touched Bishamon with Chiki, which broke her Shinki, Tsuguha.

Chiki attacks Bishamon

The Crafter was very much intimidated by Kazuma’s intuition and Bishamon’s strength. So to bum them out, he instilled his ace. This was his way of warning them to stay away.

Yato was well aware of what was Tsuguha’s fate. Veena also knew what she must do to protect her family. Still, as a God trying to cling to a thin strand of hope she believed her Shinki will be saved.

But, once the past memories that are held back by a Shinki’s name start flowing, they can’t go back. The ultimate result is death. And just like that, Tsuguha transgressed God’s secret and turned into an ayakashi stinging Veena. Kazuma was quick to notice and he acted on his Guide’s instinct. He finished off Tsuguha and saved Veena- as per protocol.

A thirst for revenge flooded Bisha’s mind. However, she was warned by Yato to stay clear from his father and chiki, because even Kazuma would break against him. And so, Bishamon chose Nana to be her disposable shinki against Father. This is where the rift between Kazuma and Veena’s relationship widened.

Kazuma’s Resolve

The idea of shunning him and taking upon an innocent disposable Shinki had raised confusion in Kazuma. He slowly began to lose his calm and started to look for ways to defeat the crafter on his own. His intention was to support Bishamon, but there was no way that she would let her beloved guide be harmed. And she couldn’t reveal the real powers of Chiki to Kazuma.

Kazuma’s misgivings only grew after this. He became so determined to take down Father, he once used “Roro[articulate]”– a spell to sing the truth on Yato, a god. The spell only came in handy on Yukine to find out, that the Crafter is hiding amongst mortals.

However, when he witnessed the fall of Bishamonten in the Heaven/High Treason arc, while fighting Father, Kazuma decided to put an end to the massacre the Crafter has made. He realised that Father used Ebisu and Bishamon because they both were close to uncovering his identity. And so, in his own twisted way, Kazuma believed he was Bishamonten’s only hope to bring down the Crafter.

Kazuma chose to become a stray to kill the Crafter with Yato’s help and to protect Veena and the others. While he was rejected the first time, he made sure that Yato would accept him as his Nora the second time.

In short, Kazuma has always kept Veena’s life first over anyone else’s. Even if it means killing a fellow family member with his own hands. He won’t mind giving up his life if it means the Crafter can be killed.

Kazuma becomes Yato’s Nora

Actually, it was not so easy for Yato as well. He knew that appointing Bishamonten’s guide as his own Shinki, will again lead to a new disagreement among the two drinking buddies. But he was in serious need of a Shinki, who was willing to die for him. You see, risking Yukine’s life was not an option for Yato, just as risking Kazuma’s life was not an option for Bisha. Oof, the parallels between the two and the irony!

Yato and Kazuma

Yato promised Amaterasu Omikami that by Ooharai-the Great Purification, he will bring his father’s head to her. As you know, it’s not that easy to track down Father without risking. And to confront the Crafter no ordinary Shinki will do. Yato went to Arahabaki to borrow Nana. But, the Emishi god thrashed him and drove Yato away to make such a vile request.

Since Yukine learned that Father was Yato’s lifeline, he is opposed to crossing swords against him. Hiyori too tried to drive away Fujisaki herself and almost went to the Far shore permanently while doing so. For these reasons, when Kazuma declared himself that he wants to be Yato’s Shinki, he was both hopeful and terrified.

Nonetheless, that is not all the reason why Yato didn’t want to bring Yukine along. Yukine once almost got under Chiki’s strength and cracked his name. In fact, he kept feeling a jolt and flashbacks from just a slight crack that occurred. Yato noticed something was wrong. So of course, he completely shunned Yukine and took upon Rekki to be his desired weapon. But that would then lead to the straining of relationships between Yato and Yukine. The cycle just wont stop!

Yato named Kazuma Kazune(暦音) and gave the instrument name Rekki(暦器). Guess what? Rekki became the perfect weapon for the God of calamity. A divine garment shaped as a tracksuit that differs slightly from his original attire, a long scarf around his neck, boots, and a pair of gloves. A katana-shaped shinki that can transform into a bow and arrow when the katana and its scabbard are combined.

Yato still thought he would use Kazune as a bow mostly to avoid direct contact with Chiki. As you might know, Kazuma once bowed down to Hiiro, a stray. But, soon he found out Mizuchi has been released. Father took Yukine as his new Shinki. And if Shinkis’ status is what gives them power, then Kazuma might just beat Yukine!

Do you think this is the correct way to bring down the Crafter? Will Bishamon forgive Kazuma for such an act ? Let us know in the comments down below!

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