Noragami Chapter 93.2: Will Father’s Past Finally Be Revealed?

After 10 years of endless nagging and theorizing, we finally get some revelation on Father’s past in the latest chapter 93.2 of Noragami. It’s almost Ooharai and the Heavens’ deadline will end any instant now. Yato and Kazuma are hastily fighting against Father and Hagusa, while Ebisu and the other gods are busy digging up the Crafter’s past endeavors.

With Kazuma as Yato’s Nora and Yukine as Father’s, the God and Shinki game has exponentially spiked up. Yes, a prevailing fear of Bishamonten ravaging Yato(again!) is lingering in the shadows but let’s focus on the present, shall we?

Father has always taught Yato “to take” from everyone and now it backfired him. Yato took away Father’s cover from the Heavens and ratted him to Amaterasu. Obviously, this rubbed him wrong and so Father drops his ace- hinting on the God’s secret. The very thing Yato was fearing the most for Kazuma Fujisaki let it out between the fight.

Since Yuuki is not Chiki, Kazuma was spared. So to avoid further damage, retreating through a dark underground waterway is the best option Yato finds logical in this situation. Thus, even though Yukine has conquered his past life trauma, it seems that his fear of darkness still prevails.

noragami chapter 93.2

On the other hand, we find Ebisu, Tenjin, Takemikazuchi and Kofuku rattling their brains to find the origin of the Crafter and the masks. Noragami chapter 93.2 took an interesting turn from all our speculations and presented a whole new range of confusion and suspicions.

Father’s Past

In chapter 89.2 it was first speculated by Ebisu that the Crafter is a vengeful spirit of a human being who turned into a God much like Sugawara no Michizane aka Tenjin-sama. But Tenjin clearly didn’t involve himself in such dark arts of painting masks, so the Crafter has to be someone else.

Tamatsuki winter song

In the recent chapter 93.2, from the documents left behind by a past incarnation of Ebisu for his future generations, we come to know that the Crafter belongs from an island of “Tamatsuki”. The clue was left in the form of “a winter night song” by a previous Ebisu.

We also find out that a previous incarnation of Ebisu had visited Tamatsuki before. However, Ebisu suffered a bad defeat and decided to never set foot on that island again. Ebisu also killed a large number of his Shinki on the day he died after returning from Tamatsuki. Tenjin guessed this was probably because the crafter used Chiki on the Shinki, revealing the God’s greatest secret!

But, what if Chiki was not even present there? What could have happened to Ebisu’s Shinki? What must have happened at Tamatsuki that Ebisu chose not to go there even though he had no qualms about going to the Underworld? The answers to these questions will not only reveal Father’s identity but also might save Yukine.

Hagusa Unleashes Berserk Mode

Naming Yukine ‘Hagusa’ was a bad idea altogether. Even Father cannot control this child and his hunger to know the truth of his past. Fujisaki named Yukine “Yuuki” to represent him as a Shinki who will bring change in the twisted world of Gods.

Yato has sold his Father to Amaterasu and now his wrath is engulfing him in the form of Hagusa. Sure, against Chiki, none of the Shinki can stand- not even Kazuma. But, Yato predicted that against Yukine he might have an upper hand. Both Kazuma and Yukine are hafuri. Even so, Kazu is more experienced and in the hierarchy, he stands above Yuki.

This is the strategy Yato went with to defeat Yuuki. However, Father’s ever-evolving Shinki is making Rekki eat dust. Hagusa is a special Shinki who transformed from a ‘human weapon’ to a Beast and finally into a black staff. Along with that, Yuuki is also capable of affecting the Near Shore directly with his “righteous net”. A net that brings changes in peoples’ hearts to stand against wrongdoings. A multi-tasking Shinki indeed!

But what none of us saw it coming was Yukine going out of control yelling “I am Haru!” In Japanese, Yuu(莠) also read as “Hagusa” literally means “what appears good but is bad”. This is a clear indication of what is coming next.

After knowing Haruki aka Yukine was killed by his own birth father, he made it his life’s mission to hunt him down and ask him the reason for his deed. Deep down Yukine still wants to be saved by Yato, and before that, he needs to find his real father. Hagusa becomes desperate in rage and enters berserk mode!

Haru seems like he will betray both Yato and Father in the process. There is also a chance that Hagusa points out, that his father might have died and has come to the Far Shore. But this won’t stop him from searching for his murderer.

Things are only getting complex. And at such an intense moment, Yuka finally reads tha letter that Yukine sent her before he died! We can’t wait to see what he might have written in it..


noragami chapter 93.2 extra

Is Noragami coming to an end soon? We do not know. But what we do know rather can speculate is that, Adachitoka will come up with Yato’s secret name. In one of our previous articles, by following the clue laid out here and there in the manga, we theorized how Yato can be Tsukuyomi. Now in the 10year anniversary volume, the mangaka was presented us with an obvious tip!

Not only that! This extra strip manga, indicates how Father is sad because Yaboku got followers and doesnt need him anymore. Is this a clue to the solution of Yaboku’s problem? If that’s so, the we can guess, even if Yato dies at Ooharai, Hiyori’s prayer can bring him back!

So, the game changes again. What if Haru’s father has become a Shinki? Do these extras really mean something? A new showdown awaits. What will happen to Father and Yukine? Let us know in the comment section.

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