JJK Chapter 163: Deception, Confrontation, And Rejection

JJK chapter 163 was another good chapter before the next week's hype and it takes us through Itadori and Megumi's unexpected encounters!

JJK chapter 163

HA, so Akutami really did trick us in the last chapter by confusing us. Or maybe we were reading too much into the story, huh? At any rate, JJK chapter 163 was a great end (or start, if you prefer) to the week.

That is until we reached the end of the chapter and came to know something. Jujutsu Kaisen will be on a break again next week. *heartbreak noises* We will have to wait for an exciting chapter for two weeks, again.

As someone who follows both Black Clover and Jujutsu Kaisen, “break” has almost become a trigger word to me. xD Perhaps the only crossover I see between these two series is their breaks. Ouch. Hopefully, both the mangakas are healthy!

With that done, let’s begin our rundown of JJK chapter 163!

The liar wasn’t really hiding, after all

From the previous chapter, the entire fandom had started speculating who the liar was. Was it Amai pretending to be a friend from the past? Or was it Remi, the sharp tongue modern shaman? Some people even believed both of them were lying!

JJK chapter 163 revealed that Remi was the one deceiving Megumi, her so-called knight. She wanted to lure Megumi to a shaman named Reggie. And remember all those receipts or talismans (??) hanging at the back? Well, guess what; they are Reggie’s clothes.

Remi tricks Megumi to meet Reggie in JJK chapter 163

Wasn’t that the biggest twist of the chapter, now? Just kidding, or not.

Remi being the liar was not a huge shock or surprise, really. At least not in the way it was meant to be. From the get-go, fans with eagle eyes had recognized a certain feature that gave Remi away.

Her hair was in the obvious form of a scorpion. There is a popular fable about the scorpion and the frog, making people connect the dots and figure out that Remi had no good intentions from the beginning. Not so subtle this time, Akutami-sensei?

You might call me a sadist, but I was actually hoping that both Amai and Remi were both lying. It would have been fun to see them ending up at random places and running into Higuruma while looking for each other. So a bit disappointing, I suppose?

But at least the reveal was very cool! It reminded me of that one effect movies use a lot; when two people open two doors, and they find two different things. It surely gave me an adrenaline rush. Coming back to poor Megumi.

Megumi is angry

With the clock ticking over his head, Megumi was not pleased with these developments AT ALL. His death glare at Remi was perfect, and Remi sure as heck doesn’t know what’s about to hit the “super strong” Reggie-sama.

Never knew I needed emo boy in anger so much as this chapter made me realize; I really need angry Megumi saying urusai animated ASAP. F in the chat for Reggie and Remi, though, only if they knew they were up against a Ten Shadows user.

Now that we have talked about Megumi, let’s also talk about our MC a bit too.

All hail Itadori!

The last time we had seen pre-shaman Itadori in a flashback was too long ago. Ozawa gave us a little insight into student-Itadori, but that was it. It is always nice to see how other people perceived Itadori, and JJK chapter 163 was no different.

I was wondering why, despite being a side character (and cannon fodder, at best, I’m sorry), Amai was getting a flashback. Well, it turns out it was for Itadori, so it’s all good. xD We go back to Itadori’s Tiger of the West High days, to see that Amai was actually part of a delinquent gang.

Amai's days in a gang

He was one of those people who joined a gang even though they couldn’t fit in. For people like him, it is to bully or to be bullied, frankly. And he even scored a few benefits for himself by being even in the lower rungs. It was almost an ideal-ish way of surviving for him.

Until Itadori showed up. We knew from the introduction of the story that Itadori was built different. No, like literally – with Kenjaku being his mother and whatnot. Even in middle school, Itadori had immense physical strength that surpassed normal expectations.

Uh, basically, Itadori beat the delinquents up on his own. The panels for the entire fight are SO COOL? Not to mention how scary Itadori looks in the last panel with Amai.

Itadori and Amai

This incident reminds me of Itadori teasing Megumi for beating up other kids in his middle school days when he had done that himself. LOL. I bet Megumi is in for a surprise, too.

The good news is that Amai was actually not tricking Itadori, albeit it did seem he had something to say to him. What was that sorry for, Amai? I am worried for Itadori now, even though he is pretty strong. Even Amai was surprised Itadori trusted him enough to just rush into where Higuruma apparently was.

Is it confidence Itadori has now that made him dive into fights without hesitation? Or is it blatant disregard for himself? It is pretty sad if it is the latter; I hope Itadori can value his life, too, instead of just thinking of himself as a cog in the machine.

Theatre and lawyers seem a bit different

Moving on! We meet the star of this chapter (literally) in an odd manner. Higuruma was lying in a tub filled with water at the center of a theatre’s stage. Surprised? Itadori was, too. It turns out the new ossan was just experimenting with stuff.

So sweet of Itadori to actually remember when he bathed in clothes when Higuruma asked. It is moments like these when Itadori makes us giggle and adore him a bit more than before! xD

Talking about that, I am also loving Higuruma’s presence in the story quite a bit. His almost-maniac comments and expressions are on point; in a way, he gives us the contrast of a shaman who could not care less about shamanism.

Higuruma is pretty fun

In fact, Higuruma and Megumi are two sides of the same coin, if I had to say. They both have similar morality, although Higuruma kills in the process while Megumi saves. One is evil, the other is good.

To elaborate on the point, we already know what drives Megumi to be a shaman. He is not a hero, so he does not care about fairness. The world IS unfair, especially to shamans, so he can at least use his power to save people he wants to, unfairly.

On the other hand, Higuruma wants to punish one and all equally. He wants justice to be true and blind and laws to never bend for anyone. Thus, he also wants to see the laws of the Culling Game through, as he told Itadori. We already knew he wasn’t going to be an easy person to convince for the cause.

Higuruma doesnt want the Culling Game to end

What’s next? Obviously, some fights. Megumi will probably clean the floor with Reggie and Remi, just like Itadori’s first two opponents. The problem lies with Itadori’s fight against Higuruma. Will he lose to Itadori so soon? Probably not.

If anything, Higuruma is not going down just yet. He represents to Megumi what Mahito did to Itadori, even if to a lesser degree. He got a pretty descriptive backstory that set him up as an anti-hero, if not an antagonist, for the story. Surely, there will be some interesting interactions between Megumi and Higuruma.

How did you find JJK chapter 163? And what do you think will happen next? Let us know in the comments while we wait for the manga to come back!

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