How Much Is The 50 Chia Seed Radius In DBS Chapter 79?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 features the clash between the strongest warriors in the Universe – Gas Vs Granolah. This battle is pretty unique in respect to Gas summoning up medieval weapons; while Granolah accurately predicts and dodges the former’s attacks.

Before it started, Monaito brought Oatmeel back to Granolah, thereby reuniting the two partners in a touching fashion.

Oatmeel reunites with Granolah
Granolah realizes that his life has meaning other than just revenge

And boy, has he got Granolah’s back in this battle! Oatmeel’s state-of-the-art scanner was able to detect the wrecking ball from above and 46 Kunais outside the dust cloud.

The accuracy of the measurements!

As great as the precision is, some fans appear unsure what the “50-Chiaseed radius” implies. And I’d be explaining about this today.

What is a Chia seed and how much exactly is 50-Chiaseed radius?

Chia (Salvia Hispanica), commonly known as Mexican chia or Salba chia, is a flowering plant in the mint family (Lamiaceae) that is grown for its edible seeds.

They are oval in shape, grey in color, and have a length of about 2 millimeters (0.08 in).

Now coming to the Chia seed radius which Toyotarou mentions in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, there are two ways to look at it:

The first is what I thought up after a considerable amount of research. The Kunais are basically surrounding Granolah in ALL directions, meaning all the 46 Kunais are not at a particular height from Granolah.

Imagine a cylinder covering Granolah along with the dust cloud. All of the Kunais are within the boundary of that cylinder but each of them is at different heights. You can notice this if you look at the panel closely.

Now the radius of a single chia seed is 70 nanometers. So taking a single seed doesn’t make sense. So we interpret it as taking the distance from each row. According to modern commercial Chia cultivation practices, farmers keep a row spacing of 0.7-0.8m (2.3-2.6ft).

Chia seeds and their cultivation
Cultivation of Chia seeds

So multiplying 50 to 2.3 & 2.6ft equals 115 to 130ft or 35 to 39 meters. And judging by the length of the dust cloud in the panel, 39 meters may not be so far off.

The second is the way Twitter user yessir167 looked at it. He says that “When farmers plant chia seeds, they grow & sprout…leaving 12-18 inches of space on each side…this allows the plant to grow in all directions”

So taking 18 inches and multiplying by 50, you get 900 inches or 75 ft. He concludes by saying “The 46 attacks (Kunais) from Gas were 75 ft away from Granolah”.

Final Thoughts

Well, the two interpretations don’t seem so far off (130ft and 75ft) so feel free to take whichever number you like, I guess.

The way Oatmeel has been locating objects outside of normal human vision with such precision made me sit and think “Well how does he do it?”

Again, after a little brainstorming session, I thought of the following answer :

Oatmeel might be using Sonar technology that uses ultra high-frequency sound waves to calculate the location of an object. We usually employ see sonar in submarines, but bats use it to draw a map of their surroundings.

Even in the Dark Knight, Fox uses a device that sends out “a high-frequency pulse and records the response time for mapping an environment.” Bruce immediately recognizes it as Sonar.

What Oatmeal could be doing is, send out sound waves in all directions, capture and analyze the response and separate the interference from the actual threatening objects ready to injure Granolah. All this in less than a second.

Basically, the high-frequency sound waves emitted by Oatmeel bounced back from the 46 Kunais and pinpointed its locations and it’s possible.

Speed of sound = 1125.33 ft/seconds
Distance of the Kunais from Granolah = 130 ft/75 ft
Time taken to send and receive the signal = 0.23 secs/0.13 secs

Oatmeel is a fast and calculative AI who may have been gifted to Granolah by an advanced technological race. We haven’t seen Oatmeel in the flashback yet so I guess we’ll see Granolah getting Oatmeel from a mysterious person. Without Oatmeel, Granolah would be lost in his desire for revenge.

What do you think of our calculations and interpretation of the 50-chia seed radius in Dragon Ball Super? Let us know in the comments below!

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