Does Sasuke Die In Boruto? Considering Possibilities!

Sasuke uchiha dead boruto

People who observed closely enough might have noticed the obvious difference in the attire of a teenage Boruto who is facing off Kawaki in the flash-forward scene at the beginning and the Boruto we see in the rest of the series till now. If you recognized teenage Boruto’s attire, your heart might have missed a beat.

Why the hell is he wearing Sasuke’s cloak and using his sword? So has Sasuke died in Boruto manga? Now, there’s no need to go batshit crazy on this detail. Let’s keep a calm mind and consider all the possibilities.

What is Sasuke and Boruto’s relationship?

Sasuke has taken Boruto under his wing and is mentoring the young shinobi to make him a formidable fighter. It’s a normal sensei student relation. While many compare it to the relation that Naruto and Jiraiya had. This is due to similarities that many have noted between the pervy sage and the legendary Uchiha.

Both Sasuke and Jiraiya didn’t want to be hokage, they are training the shinobi after whom the show is named, they both protect the village from the shadows and are always travelling and as many say they would both meet their end in a similar fashion.

I’d say between Boruto and Sasuke is more like the relationship between Piccolo and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z. While shown to be a bit distant, it is known that Sasuke will eventually end up caring for his student. And here too Piccolo does end up dying protecting Gohan. The comparisons suggest that Sasuke’s death is inevitable. Or is it?

How did Boruto get Sasuke’s possessions?

We know that Sasuke gave Boruto his headband during the Momoshiki arc, and Boruto has kept it with him since. Boruto’s original headband was taken away by Naruto after he cheated in the Chunin exams using scientific ninja tools. 

But, during the fight with Kawaki, we see Boruto in possession of not just his mentor’s headband, but also his cloak and his sword Kusanagi. Many fans have used this change in attire to speculate that Sasuke is dead and has passed on his belongings to his student, Boruto.

Boruto in Sasuke's cloak using his sword
Teen Boruto in Sasuke’s cloak using his sword

So will Sasuke in Boruto manga?

As of the latest chapter, Sasuke is still alive in Boruto manga. He has battled Isshiki Otsutsuki, and might face off Kawaki and probably Boruto in the future. However, he is not completely safe as of the moment.

If you are reading the Boruto manga, you’ll notice that Sasuke has a lot of death flags around him. In the recent chapters, Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto were facing off against an imposing foe, Isshiki Ohtsutsuki, who managed to manifest in Jigen’s body.

While Sasuke managed to survive the battle, Borushiki; i.e. Momoshiki manifested in Boruto’s body, attacked him and destroyed his Rinne Sharingan in Chapter 53. This is some serious damage dealt, as destroying the Rinne Sharingan of Sasuke could also mean that all the characters may end up being trapped inside the dimension.

Borushiki should be able to match the super weakened duo at the very least, so even if he does not manage to kill both Naruto and Sasuke, he could certainly take out at least one of them for the time being. It is possible that Borushiki will kill Sasuke. In fact, Sasuke himself had promised that he would stop Boruto at any cost if Momoshiki ever took over his body. Maybe the rest of Sasuke’s belongings would then be taken off his body by Boruto after the fight ends.

If Sarada witnesses Sasuke’s death she would awaken Mangekyou Sharingan and then later use his eyes to attain Eternal Mangekyou sharingan, helping her realise her true potential in the series. The writers could just come up with some other creative ways to kill of the powerful shinobi in order to play with our emotions. It would break our tender hearts to see Sarada and Sakura be ripped off of their much loved Sasuke.

Is there any other way Boruto could have got Sasuke’s belongings?

Sure there is. Sasuke could have gifted them to Boruto for being an excellent student or for achieving amazing jutsu and chakra levels. Better yet, remember Rock Lee and Might Guy? They both had the same attire. What if Boruto decided to copy his sensei. Who wouldn’t? After all, Sasuke is uber cool in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations protecting the village from the shadows and killing off villains with a single hand.

While it is hard to imagine Sasuke just giving up his sword to his student, let us hope that this speculation comes true rather than us losing one of the finest shinobis we have seen in Boruto (of course he had his head up his ass in Naruto Shippuden though).

There have been similar theories about Naruto being killed off in Boruto series to aid the progress of the young protagonist and his friends to become powerful shinobis.

But why? you ask, why kill off the most famous characters and the heroes of the series?

We need to remind ourselves that the new series is about Boruto and his development as a shinobi (though he is already quite a formidable one). So Naruto and Sasuke, though past heroes and legends in the Narutoworld, are nothing other than plot tools in the hands of the Mangaka.

Boruto can only take the center stage, if the current strongest shinobis step down or die. While this is heartbreaking, it also seems like a real possibility.

Even Kishimoto had said that he would love to explore Boruto with more freedom and not really make the series dependent on past heroes like Naruto and Sasuke.

BTW, we would be looking into whether Naruto could be an antagonist in Boruto sometime soon. Do read it fellow Konohagakure nin and let us know what you feel!

  • They both die in the series. They made that clear in the first episode of boruto. He literally states that he is the last living shinobi of the hidden leaf. That tells you right there that he everyone dies in boruto. But there is always the possibility of them being brought back to life like pain did in shippuden. Boruto’s eye is the combination of the three others so his eye could have the ability to bring the dead back since the rennigan has the ability to do so in a way.

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