Will Naruto Die In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

Since the inception of the Boruto manga, rumours about Naruto’s death or being sealed have been running wild. While Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto did say that he doesn’t mind killing off main characters like Naruto and Sasuke in the Boruto series if needed.

Since the Vessel Arc is in its final stage, chapter 52 of the Boruto manga showed off Naruto’s Baryon Mode. The fandom is running wild over this new power up. To know about the Baryon mode, go read our article on the Baryon mode in detail!

Keeping in mind that we don’t know what will happen to Naruto, let’s discuss all the possibilities:

1) Naruto dies:

Let me set this straight, I am completely fine with Naruto dying like this; it will be a hero’s death. It is also likely that Naruto and Kurama may exhaust their chakra as they’re going to do everything that they possibly can to stop Ishhiki from implanting his karma seal on to Kawaki.

The whole symbolism of Naruto’s form becoming more read from golden and Kurama’s direct comparison of this mode to the sun clearly shows that Naruto is a “red giant” right now; i.e. he’s emitting a lot of energy and will die off after he expends all of it, just like how a sun does. Hagoromo gave naruto the Yang seal, which is regarded as sunlight.

On top of that Naruto has always been a bright person, someone who has been compared to the sun and light before multiple times in the series and he guided the shinobi world to new light, which is peace. Naruto dying while protecting the shinobi world in such a glorious fashion is all that we could ask for; its something Naruto will be proud of.

If this happens, we can expect the whole ninja world to be devastated by this news. We can expect characters like Boruto and Sarada to go through huge character development/change and the fight with Isshiki/Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki to intensify to massive extents.

2) Naruto survives:

The first you might have is “how?”. After going through chapter 52 a few more times, there’s a chance that he can switch out of the Baryon mode. What happens in he does? I reckon that he’ll have an extremely shortened life, let’s say a few years at max; (which is great?). He would most definitely have lesser chakra and strength.

He could also slip into a coma how the fifth Hokage Tsunade did during the Pain Invasion arc. If the Seventh Hokage ends up in this stage for a few days, we can expect Shikamaru to ask Kakashi, the sixth Hokage to reacquire the position till the time Naruto recovers. Or maybe Sasuke, the shadow hokage, takes up his place (if he is alive that is)

The third and the worst-case would be Naruto being out of commission; he is unable to fight, spend chakra or even stand. While this will arguably be one of the saddest moments in animanga history if you ask me. Still, it would serve a great purpose as Naruto could focus on guiding his children completely and also rethink his choices and the situation he’s in and bloom a new perspective towards life.

3) Naruto gets sealed:

While this isn’t new to the series, the series itself has kind of trolled us in this arc when Naruto was sealed by Ishhiki. Now, who could seal Naruto in the future? Kawaki. He and Boruto will certainly go all out against each other soon in the series and if you remember the first chapter, Kawaki does declare that he’ll send Boruto to the same place as Naruto.

However, is this even possible? Yes! If we were to consider any of the three conditions mentioned about Naruto surviving, then he might be able to seal the Hokage after gaining the powers from his Karma seal.

All we can do for now is speculate till December 20. I don’t think that we will have a definite answer to this question so soon, however, we will definitely get closer to it. It seems like the Momoshiki manifestation in Boruto is complete and Isshiki has Kawaki as his time is about to run out. Let’s see what the original author Masashi Kishimoto has in store for us!

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