Fans Claim Blue Lock Is Real After Japan’s Historic Win Over Germany In World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022 sprang yet another surprise as Japan rallied to come back from a goal down to defeat their more proficient opponents, Germany, in the opening group stage match.

The outcome of the match was not something that was foreseen, and it created a storm of sorts on social media platforms.

From the match being likened to the battle between Quincy and Shinigami in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War anime to the Japan coach’s pep talk at half-time, if he gave any, being compared to Erwin’s rousing speech from Attack on Titan Season 3, anime references managed to find its way into the historic win.

But, tweets from fans claiming Blue Lock is Real, outshone all of these references, and became a trend on its own. In fact, Blue Lock began trending so much that the manga’s illustrator, Yusuke Nomura, dropped a celebratory illustration on his twitter handle expressing his surprise. You can check out the visual by clicking the link below!

Well, the comparisons were bound to happen considering the manner of Japan’s win. They were clinical in front of the goal, finding the back of the net twice from the meagre chances that they created in the match. Japans’ second goal in particular was said to be very similar to some goals that are portrayed in Blue Lock manga!

This matched the ideology that is presented in the Blue Lock series, where the goal was to mold an elite striker for Japan, by pitting almost 300 of the best forwards from the country against each other in a battle royale sort of situation (think Squid Game).

The fact that Nomura had collaborated earlier with the Japanese Football Team only added fuel to the fire (check out the details of the collaboration in the article below)!

Hordes of fans jumped on the bandwagon, with tweets that read “Blue Lock is Real”. We have picked out some of the best tweets from the lot for you!!

An interesting crossover of Chopper crying meme with Blue Lock is Real.

Now, coming to an important question that you might have in your minds:

Is the Blue Lock real?

In the series, Blue Lock is a project designed to create the world’s greatest egotist striker, which involves 300 aspiring and best strikers from Japan competing against each other in a prison like facility.

If you are wondering where the Blue Lock is real, then the answer is quite simple, it’s not. The facility is not something that exists in reality in Japan. To be more precise, there is no evidence yet which points to its definitive existence. In fact, even the methods that are displayed in the series are often ridiculed by many.

However, fans and soccer afficionados often argue and even agree on the concept of egoism for a top striker, which forms the central theme of Blue Lock.

Do you think that the Blue Lock is real? Let us know your thoughts about Japan’s win and Blue Lock’s influence in the comments below!!